Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weeeek - NEWS

[Lots of fangirling ahead]

That above is distracting me from studying Accounting. It makes me smile like an idiot, bob my head to the tune like a music junkie (haha... which I am, btw XD ), and makes my heart beat faster. Darn. I have a weakness for JE pretty boys in suits, and Weeek is one of NEWS' best songs ever (no surprise there, GreeeeN - which is an awesome non-JE group - wrote the song).

Smart thing they have going on too. Since Weeeek was used in the series of CMs NEWS did for Russ-K, listening to the songs inevitably makes you want to rush to watch the CMs again. Not to mention the fact that the CMs themselves are very good, since they're dressed in very cool clothes (well, they should be as Russ-K is a clothing brand) I wouldn't mind seeing on actual guys-on-the-street, and have some crazy antics in them.

Even the Limited Edition version of the single comes with the Russ-K style abbreviation for the members (YM [Yamashita], KY [Koyama], MD [Masuda], etc)

Anyway, NEWS' PVs generally come off looking cheap and a little fake. No change there for Weeeek's, but the guys goofing about (in suits!! ^^) pretending to be salary men more than make up for it. Just one question: Mr Director, were you trying to make Shige stand out? His suit is at least a few shades lighter than the other five's =p

P/S: Kei-chan is sooooo adorable with his hyperactive jumping about. He can't seem to stand still ne XD I melted at the part where he straightens his tie and then waves ^^

And I still want Tegoshi's stylist!! Haha... honestly, he seems to be getting more and more stylish, from clothes to appearance. He's got the confidence and slight arrogance to pull it off too, knowing he has one of the best voices in JE. I especially love the part towards the end where he slings his coat across his shoulder. So kakkoii!! =p

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