Friday, July 31, 2009

Jeng, Jeng, Jeng!

~ Quiz time XD

What does.....

Peter Jackson

Adele's 20th Birthday

Extraterrestrial Diplomacy


....Share in common? * ?_? *

Hehehehe.... the answer is:

Nuffnang's awesome enough to organize a Premiere Screening for District 9 on August 12th, the very day this gal saw the world! ^^

And well, y'know how Star Wars, Dune, Mars, UFOs... are some of my favourites :D

Hehe, if you'll ask Bernie, she'll have you know that at one time I'll jokingly tell people I was from Mars, lol.

So yeah, I guess this is one movie that would be great to watch.

Who knows, with advancements in interstellar exploration, one day we might really be living with aliens in our backyard and have to deal with alien-human diplomacy.

Useful movie to watch right? ;)

For more info, teleport over to this magical http XD

P/S: Nuffnag's having some tech difficulties. Will post up direct link to the contest blog post once I've got access to it Posted :)

P/P/S: All pics belong to their copyright holders.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So many tragedies/deaths and near tragedies lately. Everyone, stay safe k? ^^

One of those is Felipe Massa's injuries from a freak racing accident.

As a Ferrari and Formula 1 fan, it's very sad and heartbreaking to know that he may never get to race again, especially since the accident wasn't his fault.

Thank goodness he's out of danger now and narrowly escaped death. Bless him.

Pics credit to their copyright holders

All the best, Felipe. Viva la Ferrari! ^^

I'm both excited and wary at the prospect that Schuey's going to replace Massa for the rest of the F1 season. what to expect..........? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry amigos for the short MIA T.T

Busy busy Sunday (Sagano buffet lunch @ Renaissance + Juso Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang in the evening/night)

.... Today 8a.m. lecture and two other classes until afternoon, assignments dateline getting closer.... *faints*......

ilovesanckfood is making me feel a lil better, lifting the gloomy grey clouds.

Sumimasen, I'll get around to visiting mi amigos' blogs soon and replying to cbox messages. Swamped with club stuff, hw, pre-assignment prep, and assignments itself.

If you're in for a little cheering up, Strawberry Anarchy might help too :)

All the best! This isn't a hiatus XD

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Strawberry.Bytes

This weekly section's one of my favourite parts about blogging@ Ichigo Ramen ^^

The inspiration this time's actually thanks to Jess ;)

Theme is.... Quizzes ^^
The strawberry-nista chose some of the more fun/quirky/weird/interesting ones, hehe.

Do the results reflect my personality? What results did you get? Feel free to comment and share ^^

You Are Bermuda Shorts

You are sophisticated and classy. You always dress, speak, and act appropriately.

You have a natural sense of style, and you always look good.

You are a thoughtful, careful person. You always try to think before you act.

You are very modest and humble. You may have a high opinion of yourself, but you don't let it show.

Who Should Paint You: Salvador Dali

You're a complex, intense creature who displays many layers.

There's no way a traditional portrait could ever capture you!

You Are a Banana Smoothie

You are friendly and popular without even trying to be. People just like you.

You are easy to be around and never offend everyone. You're quite mild.

You have a warm demeanor, and many people find you to be inviting.

You are sympathetic and kind. You have a soft spot in your heart for everyone.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks to Nuffnang's Premiere Screening, I brought my godmother to TGV 1U yesterday night for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past ^^

It was my first Nuffnang screening, so I wasn't very sure how to collect the tickets, and for a moment I panicked and wondered if I really had been invited for the show, but luckily everything turned out alright XD

P.C. Ichigo Ramen's Reviews

The Case

So, how was the movie? W-ell.... if you really have to watch it, there's nothing to lose ^^

While not particularly good, it's no hardship to sit through the entire movie as it's rather fast-paced and entertaining.

The jokes can get cheesy and overtly sexual though, so just a little warning for the sexually adversed XD

Besides, there really are some gems of a momment. Teehee.

Surprisingly, with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner in the lead, the best acting and scenes come from those involving some of the supporting cast.

We especially loved Noureen DeWulf's Melanie - the no nonesense, long suffering assistant to McConaughey's Connor Mead :)

Another surprise was Emma Stone's sometimes annoying but funny Allison Vandermeersh, Connor's ghost of girlfriends past.

Michael Douglas is also credible as the womanizing and very much dead Uncle Wayne, who is a (wicked XD ) father figure to Connor.

Lastly, Kasey Russel and Devin Brochu are simply adorable as the young Coner and Jenny Perotti. Hehe, there'll definitely be an "aww..." moment when the two youngsters light up the screen ^^

Look out for a sexay Christina Milian as tween popstar Keelia as well =D

Time After Time
, one of the songs featured in the movie :)


Overall, 5.5/10. Doesn't matter if you don't watch the movie, but doesn't hurt as well to give it a go =)

P/S: The I *heart* Nuffnang can badge is cute ^^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's all these bureaucracy, red-tape and paperwork that makes life so complicated.

Little wonder I've never ever wanted to be a real-life secretary or have an ordinary desk job, sifting through stacks of paperwork =.=

... but enough ranting! ^^

Need to keep up the optimism and survive the new semester!

Oh yea... I don't know who you are, but to the kind soul who found my student ID on the first day back to uni when I misplaced it, and turned it in to lost and found..


You honestly made my day, after walking all around campus looking for it, sore legs and all.

Was just so relieved to see the student ID card again. Thank you, little miracles ^^

P/S: Just wanna clarify, the delish pics are not a publicity stunt ya right XD even though it's proven to be well-liked :)

I love desserts, strawberries, and it goes well with the weekend theme and design of the blog. I really appreciate everyone's support ^^

The request for less pink desserts have also been registered *wink*

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Strawberry.Bytes

^ Something to 'cool down' the awfully hot temperature and haze these days =)

I just discovered Bunni: how we first met, and I'm so so addicted.

It's cute, easy yet still challenging to play (perfect for casual gamers), and suitable for both guys and gals ^^

Go, go, go.... check the game out XD It's really fun and hard to stop playing. IMHO, it's lots more fun than that silly Restaurant City =.=

JayisGames has done a really good review and analysis of the game if you'll want more info =)

P/S: Update from KF. "The Bunni Bunni game make me so busy". La la la XD

Nang/Dang (0.0!) this post on innit @

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I've got a new timetable! Whee! It's much better as the 6-8p.m. class on Monday has been changed to 8 a.m. on Wednesday ^^

To celebrate, here's one song I really like. Listen to the lyrics ;)

Lenka - Dangerous and Sweet

Oversensitive, ditto.
Berry deary bloggy,

I'm sorry for abandoning you these few days T.T

Every waking hour has been devoted to trawling Klang Valley's shopping malls (hey, it's MEGA SALES), family time, being unproductive, driving, psycho-ing for the new semester, and reading!

Oh, I wish I had more time to devour the books calling out so sweetly like a siren's song. My reading list currently is this...

I could almost swear mine's similar - crease at the side and all - except mine's more worn out as it's from a thrift bookshop ^^

Typical case of bought it bcoz it was a rare find, then tossed it aside for awhile, and now I finally appreciate it, after some years.

Completion: 85%

From the uni library XD

The first few lines reeled me in, so it was a GO! Check out the book on loan for free, hehe.

Completion: 0.01%

Recommended by KF due to the Inkheart movie. I've neither read nor watched Inkheart, so curiosity and love of fantasy lured me =P

Completion: 0.099%

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Without really realizing it, my hols are ending soon :(

Just checked my timetable and it's darn yucks. Which biz student has lecture from 6-8 p.m.??

Econs students get really bad slots for lectures lo. Thought last sem's 5-7 lecture bad enough. This is ridiculous >.< Do they think we're insane and have really good concentration...?

*click to enlarge*

I'm taking a 3rd year law subject *shivers*. That's why had to change my timetable. Originally, I was given this:

Pls note that the above one is outdated. Latest is the one as shown in the first pic.

Fellow Monashians/MAOU members/etc, ya know what time to set lunch or dinner dates with me.

Oh ya, the right nose pad from my glasses broke off on one side. Luckily can still wear, just that need to drop by the shop to get a replacement tomorrow.

Talk about bad luck. Hopefully results day won't turn out the same way, lol *swt*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Strawberry.Bytes

To be honest, I couldn't really decide what to include in this edition's Weekend S.B., but after some thought... this week's theme is Dave Days' parodies! ^^

Q: What are parodies?
A: In this case, parodies poke fun - or comment on - an original piece of music.

Q: Who is Dave Days@davedays?
A: He's a (cute XD ) amateur comedian/musician on YouTube, who sings and also does - funny! - parodies.

Q: Why is Dave Days gaining momentum on YouTube?
A: Dave is acknowledged by his fanbase for his humour, love of Miley Cyrus, distinctive green shirt, (some say) good looks, singing voice, and his bond with another YouTube amateur comedian - Chris Carter@iamchrisc, who regularly appears in his videos.

Q: Which Dave Days parodies should I watch?
A: Adele personally likes...

Miley Cyrus - 7 Things Parody

To fully appreciate the song, get lyrics here

Beyonce - If I Were A Girl Parody

Lyrics here

Like what you see/hear? :)

I met Jo yesterday! Whee! Hehe, I really do miss you, k? Paperdoll's like having my own room and 2nd family at Tropicana City Mall ^^

So proud of the shop and it's lady-in-chief XD

Next... my new "can't get ya outta my head"...

Because of a very mafan and picky guy named Gary (jk, anyway he doesn't read blogs so wtv XD ), I'm now addicted to Gadis Gaga's Paparazzi...

Because the optical shop where Kevin and I waited for him for donkey years to adjust his new G glasses kept playing Gadis Gaga's songs.

Lol, they must have known it's their customer's current fav ;)

The lyrics of Paparazzi eerily... is easy to relate to though XD Reminds me of when I was 'stalking' someone. No wonder I scared the poor guy off Adele for probably... forever =P

If you're interested in the lyrics, check out the video on it's Youtube page @ Lady Gaga's Paparazzi

P/S: Look out for Weekend Strawberry.Bytes coming to Ichigo Ramen again later in the day ^^

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's the season to bid farewell and welcome back the ones who've spread their wings over vast expenses of land to far away places across the sea.

I'm sorely missing one partner in crime, but another has return for the Summer - while I'm enjoying my tropical Winter break... so much for the ironies of life.

Jo once said to me that she hates goodbyes, because she's had her fair share. It really does seem that the older we get, the more we have to part with family/friends/lovers/plushies XD

Wait... plushies?! Yeah, I'm random like that. Project: Clean-up room has started! Haha... I'm not gung-ho about it. The idea of moving my plushie collection to the new pad doesn't seem very feasible, logistically and space-wise.

But... I don't want my plushies to lose their homes :'(

Ahh......... the drama continues.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekend Strawberry.Bytes

Lately Facebook's Word Challenge is my addiction. I'm really slow at arranging and forming words though, so I'm only ranked as a salesman, hehe. Dare you take up the challenge to beat my score? =P

Ohh! Everyone in the MAOU family is playing Cabal these days, except the other half of the twin sisters! (me XD)

It's not that I don't want to la, but 2GB is seriously a huge file to d/l onto my laptop + with the crappy internet connection, Zeus knows how long it'll take.

So....... I'm testing out Free Realms instead! A twist to the MMORPG genre, it promises to be more than just a fighting game.

The other plus point for me is that no big, messy downloads! Just download a plug-in (appears under Firefox's Extensions section after d/l) and voila... ready to play ^^

Let ya know how it goes once I've started getting into the game! =)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Dreams some people, dreams are everything in life. I knew that was what defined me as well once upon a time. It was my dreams, or nothing at all.

Then reality caught up and I lost hope in life. What was the point when all I ever wanted life to be, could not be?

Until now, this girl is trying to find her footing. Friends have gone on to pursue their own interests or at the very least, reconciled themselves with the inevitable.

In her heart she is envious, dreaming of the interiors of museums she will never pace, the historical sites and artifacts she can only hope to live long enough to see. The award winning books she might never pen, the fashion shows that will not miss her presence, the films she may never direct or star in... the dream life that is not hers to lead.

On really bad days, I still cry for that Adele, the one who feels trapped in the conventional direction she tried so hard to avoid taking.

However, she and I both know that it's ok, there is still hope and balance between dreams and harsh reality.

"Big girls don't cry". They just focus on the moment and work towards a vision of the future.

The knowledge that perhaps, just perhaps, there are some of those long cherished dreams and a future to look forward to... keeps me going.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I first got to know of this contest through my friend Bernie, a dear ex-classmate of mine, as her design is one of those in competition currently. (entry #26, it's real cute and cheeky, typical Bernie ^^ )

However, apart from being a bag print design contest, this is essentially a breast cancer awareness movement from gin & Jacqie, supported by Emmagem and various other corporate sponsors.

Sadly, as a young women myself, and having lost an aunt 5 years ago to breast cancer, I'm one of those people who do not take enough measures to be proactive against the big C.

I've seen the devastating effects with my own eyes - mastectomy, loss of confidence, hair loss and overall weak health, among other complications caused by breast cancer.

Yet, all these thoughts are pushed aside by the assumption that breast cancer is a middle-age concern. It doesn't happen to a 19 year old.

However, each step now is a step forward to protect the future self of the 19 year old. Plus, I've got other female relatives whom I can't bear to see them go through the pain and turmoil of breast cancer, or any other form of cancer.

Thus, I really appreciate the the contest website has links to breast cancer awareness sites, as well as true stories from cancer survivors and caregivers.

Having the design contest is a push in the right direction, as it promotes breast cancer awareness among youths who will grow up to be the next generation of survivors and warriors against the life-claiming disease.
You might have noticed, amidst all the flurry over M.J.'s death, I've yet to mention it even once on this blog.

In fact, I've tend to avoid speaking about it as well offline. Apart from not being a huge fan, I'm still, kinda well, in shock.

To me, M.J.'s the sort of person whom you don't expect to die. He's just Someone, who occasionally appears in the news, and then isn't heard from again until the next big splash.

Right now, it feels that way. Reading news reports about his death seems more surreal than sad. I wonder if that's how some people reacted to James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and J.F. Kennedy's death?

In a way, they're immortal. To people like me, they're not 'dead'. They're just going away for a long time. Seeing the words RIP or death, alongside the name Michael Jackson, is just unreal. Like a scene from a bad movie.

Thus, none of that tribute business here. Just a highlight of my fav M.J. songs. It's not the standard Heal the World, Black or White, and Man in the Mirror either.

Smooth Criminal

I love this song. From the catchy beats to the dance routines and 1930's club shoot-out. *love*


For the mom. She's the one who loves this song and introduced it to her gal =)

Beat It

One of those songs you never forget.

And finally...


The one song that will always be associated with Jackson 5.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Strange things happen in a strange frame of mind" - Adelina, Musings of an Ichigo Ramen

After my molotov cocktail of pills for various medical conditions, especially the recent dastardly triple threat (runny nose + cough + sore throat), I craved for the two boxes of goodies in my fridge >.<

Boxes of Forbidden goodies, because they happen to be a chocolate almond-ish slice and the new chocolate brownies/fudge from La Manila - dangerous territory for a sore throat.

But... to a flu patient deprived of the sugary sin of chocolate... those two boxes were paradise!

So, shame-faced and sneakily moving the boxes unnoticed to my room, I dug in =.=

*licks spoon* De-li-cious! =9

...But serves me right if I'm too unwell to enjoy tomorow's gourmet Japanese buffet at Tenji@Solaris Mon't Kiara XD
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