Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wheeeeeeeee! Finals are OVER! It feels so good that I can be Adelina again. Seriously. Even breathing seems easier now. This whole year, I just haven't been myself.

Haha.... really though. The real Adele loves fun and relaxation. She's lazy, doesn't pay attention during subjects she deplores, does only absolutely necessary homework and then only on the day when it should be passed up, and would consider skipping a few classes that she doesn't particularly enjoy.

On the other hand, I think I've been quite a good girl this year ^^ Try having to fulfill TER90-95 expectations (not like I'll be able to in the end though), justifying the RM20,000+ spent on your education and university entrance burdens and I guarantee you'll become a teacher's pet XD Oh, and try to have NUS as one of your 'I want to study there' universities =p

Well, I think I'll probably switch back to hardworking Adele once I step into uni.... but while that is at least 3-8 months away.... this Adele shall inject more gaiety into her life ^^

Oh, but there's something still bothering me. I still feel sad, and can't be really happy until it's resolved. I still haven't approached 'him'. Don't get me wrong... I am very happy that I got to see him for quite a bit today and am grateful, but it's still from a distance. Essentially, I don't know him and he doesn't know me. What if he's not at Corroboree tomorrow? I don't want today to have been the last day I got to see him.

But then........ even if he's there (I'm afraid that he won't!!! >_< ), tomorrow's absolutely the last day and last chance I'll have ne!! With so many people around, how can I even be sure that I'll be able to get near to him?? And how can I be sure I won't be a courage-less idiot again?? Sigh.

I hope it's true what they say about desperate people being able to do desperate things (but then again, don't want to be so desperate until it's scary XD )

I feel so shallow. Today at Taman Sea, I saw a guy washing his bicycle by using his hands to scoop water from a puddle (it rained earlier) and then splashing said water onto his bicycle. Reminds me really of how fortunate I am. That really sobered me up and made me squirm.

I could have been born in Bangladesh or something similar instead where they don't even have clean water to drink. To worry about matters of the heart and how I'll look at corroboree tomorrow seems so trivial.... just a rain drop in the ocean of human sufferings.

P/S: This is one of my favourite Koyama mag articles, translated. Reason for it being a favourite are the photos from his personal collection and his comments on them =p

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