Thursday, November 08, 2007

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Omigosh... There are Skittles flavoured Lip Smackers! Two of my absolute favourites! Where can I get some? XD

Hehe... well, you know la, I go weak in the knees when my eyes catch sight of Skittles. My mum used to have to ban me from buying them because of the liberal usage of colouring that makes each skittle look so tempting. Guess that's why I still rarely buy myself Skittles, especially since now they come in tiny little fun-size packaging instead (I want those big, huge bags! =p )

But, one good thing, the sour ones are so syiok! Nothing beats the original, but the sour variant comes dangerously close ^^

And... erm.... I have a soft spot for Bonne Bell's lip glosses, even more so if a particular tube of gloss has the words 'Lip Smacker' printed on it.

So... the ultimate love affair - Skittles flavoured Lip Smackers ^^

Btw, 15 years of Math has come to an end! I'll probably only be looking at Statistics after this. But... I think I'm going to miss death by Math torture learning Math. Perhaps I am a sadist XD

Actually, I can't really explain the joie de vivre I'm currently feeling. I'm probably not going to do that well in Math, and maybe even fare badly in it. In fact, the whole time, my mind was going 'come on, just 60+/141... that's all I dare hope for at this point'. And I couldn't sleep last night as well.

However, once in the exam venue... I started to feel calm. Perhaps it's because it rained this morning. Rain just has this really soothing effect on me, as if it's washing away all the negative emotions and thoughts inside. And after handing up the paper, it was such a wonderful feeling, like soaring! Maybe the venue had good feng shui too XD

And... I hate to admit this, because essentially I've made up my mind that he's not the one and I'm going to give up (again!), but I was secretly happy to see him. Gah! Baka!

And there is something Adele has to do.... I feel quite bad about it. The next time (or next next time, don't know why it's so hard for me to smile when I'm nervous >_< ) I see 'her', I will let out a curve of the lips that's from the heart (but pleeease don't let it be after a particularly worrisome/bothersome/just plain bad day when I would be half-hearted even with my closest friends)

It's just that, I guess I keep wondering 'What is she thinking about me? Is anything out of place? Oh gosh, please tell me I haven't been a klutz and fodder for more gossip' most times when I see 'her'. Actually, most times when I see the others in that clique as well. But Adele will try... so there.

Just please let nothing about me be out of place, like spinach between my teeth or something =_=

Oh, and I've made an observation. Unfortunately, most of the time, the guys I hang out with are probably more friends than anything else. Explains why 3/4 of my life has been as a single half. Sigh... the problem with moi is if it was a guy I was interested in (like 'him'), it'll probably be a 'liking from afar' thing. Even mummy is suspicious of 3/4 of the guys I hang out/have hanged out with. There was this time she thought I had a crush on Gary! Sorry Garykins, you're really nice and all, but you're not really my type although you are 99.9999999% my type when it comes to close friends XD

Anyway, 3 more papers to go! Adele fighting! XD Hehe... but well, at the end of the day and no matter what happens... LIFE GOES ON~!! ^^

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