Wednesday, November 28, 2007

*sings* I'm leaving on a jet plane.... well, not exactly a jet plane (I just happen to love that song ^^ ) but I'll be heading to Melbourne in the land Down Under from 4th to 31st December, with the possibility of being there until 9th January.

Not too sure if I'll be able to blog or even get my hands on an Internet connection while I'm in Melbourne, so there may not be updates here.

Oh, and please watch and enjoy The Golden Compass on my behalf ^^ I won't be able to catch it on the silver screen, but but looks like an awesome film... and believe me, film adaptations of beloved books usually go straight to my 'I don't even want to set eyes on the trailer' list. So cheer on Lyra, Pan, Iorek, Roger, Serafina Pekkala, Farder Coram, Lord Faa, the gyptians and all those lovable characters for me XD

Sunday, November 25, 2007

TVXQ/DBSK was awesome last evening!! Everything was just right, and the guys really gave their all to make sure it was one concert that'll remain etched in the memories of those present.

Thank you Max, Yunho, Micky, Hero and Xiah! I had a blast!

And I take back what I said about Balloons being overrated... performed live, it was really fun! ^^ I truly screamed myself hoarse... that was how good the guys, the stage presentation and the effects were XD

Please come again soon! =)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I feel so warm and fuzzy inside ^^ Haha... well, kinda... since I am still a little sad and nervous about a certain issue that's on my mind. But the warm and fuzzy feeling's actually in a way connected to that. Makes sense? I'm guessing not... hehe.

Me being Adele and Aaron being Aaron, since he's in the know about the main character in 'the issue', I decided to message him on msn to talk it out.

The poor guy, even though being sleepy and all, knew me well enough to sense that it wasn't my usual frivolous bugging XD

And knowing me as well as he does (is that good or bad? XD ) ...

Tn3m3pnA//A A +3lqub ~` ( ( <+> ) ) `~ says:
there's something else bothering u
Tn3m3pnA//A A +3lqub ~` ( ( <+> ) ) `~ says:
dun mask it by telling me the plot and stuff

When I fed him a long-winded story about a certain thing that happened during prom - which is connected to 'the issue' and which I actually wanted an opinion about as well XD - he knew that it wasn't actually the main reason for my blues =p

Thank you, Aaron with a double A ^^ Talking it through and getting your advice made me feel a lot better and that little bit more courageous, knowing that I have your support and that you were nice enough to care =)

But I don't think you read my blog do you? Oh well... you know already that I'm thankful ^^

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Haha... I'm getting lazy (and tired fingers XD)


@ Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel
6.30 p.m. - 12 midnight

70+ tables.... and guess where were K2's two tables? 68 and 69 respectively! XD So of course, we were right at the end of the ballroom. Apart from not being able to see the stage that well, it was actually good, because the back was where it was most ideal to snap piccus =p

^ My table. The 'dark wilderness' at the back is actually the front of the ballroom where the satge and everything was. The two guys were our table mates from E4.

And actually, the ballroom was pretty darn hard to find, because you have to use the elevator that is at the other side of the hotel lobby... hidden away in a corner in another wing, and take it to the 15th floor although finding which floor wasn't a problem. Luckily there was a security guard to assist me.

Anyway, I got there LATE!! >_< Was initially supposed to arrive by 7, but instead left DJ at 7 and got to the hotel at around 7.40...

^ Candid-ness. Er Kai was holding my camera and he decided to experiment with it XD
Yin Fong on the left and Pei Zhe on the right.

^ Tze Yin, Yin Fong, I and Pei Zhe. They look so gorgeous, ya? ^^

I don't think anyone at our table ate much, as we were rushing here and there to snap pics, as well as going in and out of the ballroom. We definitely missed dessert, as the ballroom's lights were dimmed by that time in preparation for 'makeshift clubbing' and we just didn't fancy staying inside. And a few times. by the time we got back to our table, there were already a few dishes awaiting us =p

^ Cheers =) I like this pic ^^

But I love the organizers for not serving Shark's Fin Soup. Thank you! It's rare that I get to drink the soup during Chinese dinners because shark's fin is a no-no with me ^^

^ Jana (cute white dress ^^ ), Tze Yin (another cute dress, this time in black ^^ ), Jia-Li (nice sparkly details near the hem), Pei Zhe (loved how she converted the black dress she got at Taipan), Yin Fong (another dress I adored, and your hair looked nice gal ^^ ), me (bad angle)

^ Full length view of everyone's gorgeous gowns (and shoes! =p )
Debbie, Melanie, Grace, Jana, Tze Yin, Preeta, Jia-Li, Pei Zhe, Yin Fong and moi ^^

^ Bestest best friends in K2 =)

^ Moi, Yin Fong, Tze Yin, Preeta (nice dress design ^^) and Pei Zhe

^ Me, Yin Fong, Melanie (mum said her dress was nice ^^ ), Tze Yin and Debbie (she looked very pretty too, that I almost couldn't recognize her XD )

^ I, Yin Fong, Cassandra (looking good ^^), Grace (lovely purple gown), Yin Fong and Pei Zhe

^ The one from Sandakan and the 4 gals... haha... in other words, us gals and Michael =p

^ Haha... I actually really like this pic XD The guys are: Tat Ren and Ren-yi... one with lots of hair and the other nearly hairless... but he and Carynn look cute together XD

And now for the duets XD

^ Editor-in-chief, Shyan
Like most other people I've known this year who were not in my class, he's part of the yearbook gang XD

^ Sue Wye Luun aka Luunie Sue XD Only person I'm close with from Samad days that is also doing SAM. He looks so adorable here.

He said his special girl was there that evening too, but I still don't know who she is =p Try googling him and you'll get a bunch of Scrabble related links... haha ^^

^ Dong Yang aka Sleeping Beauty XD Looking smart... Mrs Soh said to him: Wear like that la to class =p

^ Ren-yi. So cool right... his brown suit =p Also somehow ended up being my disco dance partner for the evening XD

^ Ok-la, something without me in it XD Ren-yi and Michael doing the 'cheers' thing

^ Eric. I was in the same tuition class as this guy for years but didn't know him until SAM started, sad right? XD

He looked different (in a nice way) that evening too. Called him at 4.45 and he was at the hair dresser's. So that was what he was doing to his hair =p Almost didn't recognize him. Instead, I initially thought Michael and Ren-yi were asking some guy from the next table to snap a picture of them ^^

^ Yin Fong ^^ This girl made my day. While we were walking Tze Yin to her car, she slipped her arm through mine and said that she would miss me. I wasn't expecting it and was so touched =) We have to go ice-skating soon, k? 'll miss you too, and you looked really nice that evening.

^ Tze Yin. My IT project partner and out of the other 4 girls, probably the one I'm most similar to. Hot little black dress ya? XD

^ Pei Zhe. Still think she's a sweetheart ^^ Gonna miss her and Tze Yin too. I really liked how she altered a plain simple black dress, and added a short coat and a purple blouse to create her 'look' of the evening. Very original =)

^ Michael. Haha... one of those people I seem to be able to be myself and have proper conversations with, not to mention actually having things to talk about =p

^ Sulfya. One of the first few people I met on the first day of college ^^ Also on the Ed Board. And also looked gorgeous that evening. My smile is......... >_< ^ Hannah ^^ Hehe... all things sweet and nice.

^ Eu Vin. Pretty weird pic, but it's the only one I have of him, so sorry ya.

This guy's a natural at making friends XD Haha... Knowing how 'cold' I am to people I'm meeting for the first time, I'm still impressed that we got acquainted right on the first day of college, even though we weren't in the same class or anything. Just happened to have class orientation at neighboring classes and were hanging out at the corridor =p

^ Shan Min and I. She looked very pretty ^^ Almost could not recognize her as well, if not for her trademark bright sun-shiny smile =)

^ Another pic of us two... this time not in the washroom XD

^ Esther. This gal is a super-patient Math peer teaching teacher ^^

^ Ka Mun. Smart gal who's part of K2's Economics class and also the Ed Board, same department too XD

The Star Groomers/The Lecturers ^^

^ K2 and Ms Yeap (math) minus Sutesh, Dong Yang and Wei Kiat (who didn't attend)

^ Us girls and Ms Yeap... she looked different too that night =)

^ This one's with Jana who looked angelic that evening ^^

^ Mrs Soh. Wonderful Economics teacher. It's partly due to her that I like Economics ^^

^ Ms Alicia Foo (accounting). Like the way she tied her shawl ^^ I think she's the lecturer who's subject's homework I don't complete the most, apart from Math XD

And the DANCING! Haha... well, since I still haven't got permission to get a taste of clubbing, the ballroom's disco area doubled as my make-shift club =p

Almost everyone in K2 had already left for supper or something, and the remaining ones who wanted to dance were only Ren-yi and I, and later Tze Yin... so we hit the dance floor and got 'high' (actually only Ren-yi and I la, Tze Yin was kinda shy XD)

Couldn't resist it la, they were playing all these groovy dance music... and I like techno, bhangra, house, dance-able hip-hop, all those hip-shaking sound bytes... and that was what the in-house DJ played XD Nuts right? Dancing in killer high-heels. I think I looked quite ridiculous, couldn't even hip swirl properly and legs hurting like mad.... but we paid to have fun.... so to Timbuktu with what others think =p

But really, haven't danced like that since Tekam Super Camp's Dance Night ^^

^ Yin Fong and I ^^ This was how dark the ballroom got at one point

^ The gal =)

I went to sleep at 4 a.m XD First of all, came back close to 1, and make-up and contact lenses took forever to 'deal' with. Then had ginseng soup at 3. Apparently, I wasn't the only one still awake. Messaged Wye Luun at 3.15a.m. and to my surprise, got back a reply from him =p Soon after, sleep beckoned =)

Fin! Finally completed! This post seriously took forever to do, what with uploading the pictures and all ^^

There are a few more pics, like the one with some members of the Ed Board and with Wai Yen... but yet to receive those. So perhaps some other time.

Later days! =)

The Run-Up

:: Dress [x]

I LOVE my dress! Granted, it doesn't really hug my figure and the satin actually makes me look 'big'... but the sewn on sparkly stuff (can't resist shiny stuff XD ) and the unusual cut of the skirt.......... LOVE!

From Just's Wardrobe at DU. Price: secret, but cheaper than what you'll expect XD Considering how much I've heard others pay for simpler designs, I think mine was quite worth it. Plus may be wearing it again for my Australian cousin Kevin's wedding.

:: Cinderella ^^ [x]

Recognize me
? XD Many couldn't until they noticed me looking at them or when they got a closer look. Hehe... this was taken after corroboree, so my hair's already a bit messy and my make-up kinda messed up from dancing =p

I think the pic above is the most Japanese-idol-magazine-like one of me XD

2 p.m. - Arrived at Kelana Jaya
4 p.m. - Hair finally done. Was supposed to have more curls at the back, but because I did treatment for my hair in addition to curling it, the whole thing took longer than expected and I was running late for my make-up appointment.

Was originally supposed to tie up a little of my hair to the back, but it didn't work out so changed it to a pinned at the right side style instead, with sprays of gold and glitter (notice the right side of my hair in the pic) . I personally would have liked more curls as well, but I'm overall happy with this look ^^ Reminds me of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte's heroines.

Contact Lenses
4.15 p.m. - Went to Taman Megah to try on contact lenses... so darn nervous >_<

It was the first time I could successfully wear contact lenses, hence my non-bespectacled look!! XD Oh happy day! Actually, since my pair of contacts only arrive today, the shop had to increase the power of the temporary contacts to ensure I don't see double because of my high astigmatism. Thus, I couldn't make out too clearly faces and objects that were of a distance away from me.

And my left eye is super sensitive, so it took more than the 4 or 5 tries (for the also sensitive right eye) to get the contacts in properly. I was tearing up due to the stinging pain, and I felt so sorry for the girl assisting me. She kept having to try over and over again. But finally all was well... except that I think the left one wasn't too properly in place.

And it's not because of the make-up that my eyes look bigger!! Haha... they've always been that size, just that behind glasses they look smaller XD

4.35 - Collected corsage from McClient Florist in SS2... mum and bro's gift to me ^^ what to do, didn't bother looking for a date although I almost asked 'u' whom I hinted to about it although I don't think 'u' realized XD

African daisy with baby's breath, and a nice pink ribbon to fasten it onto my wrist. Here's a secret: Ssh... but mum folded the stub of the stalk and the flower broke off, but it was nothing a spot of super strong elephant glue couldn't fix =p

And the florist was right, the corsage does look nice in pics ^^ Made a very pretty accessory as well. My only other bracelet was a very charming string of musical notes, on my right hand. The corsage was on the left.

Only trouble was the ribbon was quite thin and hard to tie, so the corsage was somewhat loose on my wrist. Oh, and we were teasing Ren-yi about it and he seriously thought my 'G4 friend (Wye Luun)' gave it to me XD

5 .15 - Arrived at Subang Parade for make-up session

Argh! It was a nightmare going from PJ area to Subang Jaya and back again to PJ area because the traffic congestion was worsened by the rain. That's why I was late for corroboree and didn't get to mingle around before the event even though I really wanted to get there by 7.

Anyway, make-up was at the Lancome counter (mum's a very loyal customer XD ) and the lady was nice even though we were late for the appointment ^^ She did everything well and very fast... took only 45 mins in all.

But it was so hard to sit still and not move while she was applying the make-up. Being in Parkson Subang Parade, the make-up counter was also located in such a way that anyone going by could take a look at the process as well. So altogether felt a little weird.

First time I've worn so much make-up in my life. Normally my face just goes naked XD

Part 2 coming up. Does this compensate for the lack of visuals on Ichigo Ramen? ^^
Haha.... corroboree's over. Now getting the thick layer of make-up off me XD So leceh.....

More on the evening's happenings some other time. It's kinda late now and Adele is sleepy =p But feel somewhat flat.... after all the anticipation and merriment, now it's all over.

And no, I'm not sure if I saw him. Not sure because my temporary contact lenses don't actually suit my eyes, so I couldn't see that far. So basically I saw someone like him near one of his classes tables...... but I can't be sure. I guess it's time to forget? Sigh. It hasn't really sinked in deep enough yet for me to get seriously depressed. I think it'll fully hit me tomorrow.

Anyway, saw pretty much everyone else that I personally know, as well as those that I don't personally know but see around college =p

Apart from my class bunch.... there was Wye Luun (haha.... mum saw the pic and said he looked like a small, adorable boy XD ), Eric, Hannah, Sulfya, Shan Min, other members of the Ed Board, Eu Vin (I *think* that's his name, I keep forgetting >_< ) and quite a few others as well.

Later days!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wheeeeeeeee! Finals are OVER! It feels so good that I can be Adelina again. Seriously. Even breathing seems easier now. This whole year, I just haven't been myself.

Haha.... really though. The real Adele loves fun and relaxation. She's lazy, doesn't pay attention during subjects she deplores, does only absolutely necessary homework and then only on the day when it should be passed up, and would consider skipping a few classes that she doesn't particularly enjoy.

On the other hand, I think I've been quite a good girl this year ^^ Try having to fulfill TER90-95 expectations (not like I'll be able to in the end though), justifying the RM20,000+ spent on your education and university entrance burdens and I guarantee you'll become a teacher's pet XD Oh, and try to have NUS as one of your 'I want to study there' universities =p

Well, I think I'll probably switch back to hardworking Adele once I step into uni.... but while that is at least 3-8 months away.... this Adele shall inject more gaiety into her life ^^

Oh, but there's something still bothering me. I still feel sad, and can't be really happy until it's resolved. I still haven't approached 'him'. Don't get me wrong... I am very happy that I got to see him for quite a bit today and am grateful, but it's still from a distance. Essentially, I don't know him and he doesn't know me. What if he's not at Corroboree tomorrow? I don't want today to have been the last day I got to see him.

But then........ even if he's there (I'm afraid that he won't!!! >_< ), tomorrow's absolutely the last day and last chance I'll have ne!! With so many people around, how can I even be sure that I'll be able to get near to him?? And how can I be sure I won't be a courage-less idiot again?? Sigh.

I hope it's true what they say about desperate people being able to do desperate things (but then again, don't want to be so desperate until it's scary XD )

I feel so shallow. Today at Taman Sea, I saw a guy washing his bicycle by using his hands to scoop water from a puddle (it rained earlier) and then splashing said water onto his bicycle. Reminds me really of how fortunate I am. That really sobered me up and made me squirm.

I could have been born in Bangladesh or something similar instead where they don't even have clean water to drink. To worry about matters of the heart and how I'll look at corroboree tomorrow seems so trivial.... just a rain drop in the ocean of human sufferings.

P/S: This is one of my favourite Koyama mag articles, translated. Reason for it being a favourite are the photos from his personal collection and his comments on them =p

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lol.... I totally have no clue what I'm doing looking up the address of one... ahem... *very special* ramen shop and blogging when Accounting - which I'm blah at XD - is on Tuesday =_= ;

Oh well.... said special ramen shop is *ta-da* Koyama's family's ramen shop- main branch (see? I learned something new [like it's going to help me score in Accounting =p ] ... it's actually a chain of shops, not just one like I've always assumed ^^ )

Anyway, I was searching for the address for ages, and it's good to finally have it =)

小山慶一郎-直營店 ラーメン屋「龍太郎」

*sings* It's in Kanagawa XD Kanagawa-ken Sagamihara-shi Soubudai 1-24-9 to be exact. Haha... maybe that's the reason why I seem to have a soft spot for Kanagawa?? =p

I think the shop's named Ryutaro (but that's just me and my beginner-level Japanese , so no guarantees =p )

Anyway, word-of-mouth states that the ramen and hand-made gyoza (by Koyama's very own mother ^^ ) there is really good. The specialty's shouyu (soy sauce) ramen, which is one of my favourites, actually.

Hehe... I think it's every Kei-chan fangirl's dream to eat at the main shop where his mother supposedly is at very often.

Anyone lucky enough to be heading for Kanagawa in the near future? ^^

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh, I happen to have also missed two November NEWS birthdays... Otanjoubi Omedetou, Ryo and Tegoshi!

Scans: Vendy (yup, she's one awesome gal! ^^ )
Source: pacific album Limited Edition Booklet

3/11 - Happy belated 23rd birthday, Ryo! Hope you had a great birthday, and no one mistook your age for 22 (like poor Kei XD ) Despite your sharp-tongue and love for erm.... boobs, you're really quite sweet sometimes ne!

NEWS is back and releasing stuff again, and Kanjani 8 is getting increasingly popular, so you'll be very busy again. But daijobou, us fans will always be cheering for you. So give it your best shot, ya? ^^

Are you still a big fan of Leah Dizon? =p Anyway, you've got the distinction of being the NEWS member my friends recognize the most, due to the popularity of Ichi Rittoru no Namida (1 Litre of Tears) in Malaysia... haha XD

P/S: Although I still feel like murdering code (your solo) every time I hear it, I think it's really cute how you substituted 'I Love You' with 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah...' instead =p

11/11 (I know, such a nice date... how could I forget?? >_< ) - Hehe... anyway, happy belated 20th birthday! Whee, this bday's extra special as you're now an adult! Able to drink, drive, etc legally now ^^

Anyway, that picture doesn't do you much justice does it? Hehe... but you still look good in it ne, and yesh........ I want your stylist! =p You've just really grown both outside as well as inside since you were drafted into NEWS while still a relatively new and unknown Jr (and only 16!)... which actually says a lot about your lovely voice! ^^

All the best, Tegoshi! Hope you'll continue to enjoy success with both NEWS as well as part of TegoMasu, and in your personal life. You're one smart cookie, getting accepted into Waseda Uni =)

P/S: I think it's really adorable how you idolize and admire Yamapi so much. I do too actually.... I have a feeling he isn't so innocent.... but he's just so dedicated, hardworking and professional, isn't he? ^^

Weeeek - NEWS

[Lots of fangirling ahead]

That above is distracting me from studying Accounting. It makes me smile like an idiot, bob my head to the tune like a music junkie (haha... which I am, btw XD ), and makes my heart beat faster. Darn. I have a weakness for JE pretty boys in suits, and Weeek is one of NEWS' best songs ever (no surprise there, GreeeeN - which is an awesome non-JE group - wrote the song).

Smart thing they have going on too. Since Weeeek was used in the series of CMs NEWS did for Russ-K, listening to the songs inevitably makes you want to rush to watch the CMs again. Not to mention the fact that the CMs themselves are very good, since they're dressed in very cool clothes (well, they should be as Russ-K is a clothing brand) I wouldn't mind seeing on actual guys-on-the-street, and have some crazy antics in them.

Even the Limited Edition version of the single comes with the Russ-K style abbreviation for the members (YM [Yamashita], KY [Koyama], MD [Masuda], etc)

Anyway, NEWS' PVs generally come off looking cheap and a little fake. No change there for Weeeek's, but the guys goofing about (in suits!! ^^) pretending to be salary men more than make up for it. Just one question: Mr Director, were you trying to make Shige stand out? His suit is at least a few shades lighter than the other five's =p

P/S: Kei-chan is sooooo adorable with his hyperactive jumping about. He can't seem to stand still ne XD I melted at the part where he straightens his tie and then waves ^^

And I still want Tegoshi's stylist!! Haha... honestly, he seems to be getting more and more stylish, from clothes to appearance. He's got the confidence and slight arrogance to pull it off too, knowing he has one of the best voices in JE. I especially love the part towards the end where he slings his coat across his shoulder. So kakkoii!! =p

x-posted to: Ichigo Ramen on Vox
Adele has just heard some good NEWS (pun fully intended XD ) ~! Haha... icky finals have made things so hectic that the release of NEWS' new single and album passed me by on the 7th without moi even having a clue about the releases =p

Daddy.... are you going to Singapore anytime next month or in January?! I can't wait to get the Taiwan Edition from Singapore (since it's a given fact that Malaysia won't have it *glare* )

Anyway, the single is weeeek (yes, I had to count the e's to check I got it right, there are as many as my name XD ) and the album's pacific. Well, half the group likes islands especially Pi, so I guess it's not too weird. What's weird is having an album titled 'pacific' coming out in Winter. And nope, they're not in Hawaiian shirts or half naked in swim trunks (I wish! =p) for the cover picture, but in Autumn styles. So.... oh well, JE's eccentric anyway XD

P/S: Antic Cafe's single Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without a 'Name'~ sounds uncannily like a hodge pot of their other songs, but I'm glad Antic Cafe still sound like Antic Cafe despite not having Bou around and getting two additional members ^^

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm starting to like the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari/Colourcloud Palace. It was confusing initially as I didn't watch it from the first episode, and it features very complex relationships among the cast of characters, since it's set in an imperial setting. I'm appreciating it more now though, and it's got awesome OP and ED themes.

By the way, is the header picture showing up on your browser? Perhaps it's just my internet connection being snail-like, but lately I've had to refresh a few times just to get the picture to show up.

I'm a little bugged, since this blog's layout is deliberately minimalist so as to not distract straying eyes from the content, thus the header picture is actually the main feature of the design.

So if the header picture's not turning up for you as well, please bear with me for awhile until finals are over and I'll have more time to spare to tweak about with things.

Domo Arigatou gozaimasu =)
I stayed up till 2 in the morning to complete Imadoki! and up to volume 4 of The Tarot Cafe. Madness! =p

Haha... Imadoki! was just so addicting that I absolutely had to read until Volume 5 (the last one in the series) to know what happens in the end to Tanpopo and Koki. And I was wrong! It wasn't all fun and laughter throughout, as Koki 'inheriting' a fiance really complicated things somewhat. Not to mention the fact that his fiance's a scary gal who's mission in life only seems to be marrying into the Kugyou family XD

But it was a good, light read that produced quite a few chuckles... and it had a great ending! So Adele's happy ^^

Now, I've got to wait until I chalk up 25 posts at Esthetique's forum in order to continue with The Tarot Cafe, so it seems like I'll have to put the series on hold till after the Accounting paper. It's a great manhwa though, with very detailed art and intriguing story lines... so it's definitely worth a read.

Esthetique's forum is also turning out to be quite alright. I've been away from the forum scene for awhile, and apart from Shoujo Crusade, I've never actually joined an animanga forum before, so wasn't quite sure what to expect. But it's starting to seem like an alright place to hangout at.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I know I shouldn't, but I'm taking the day off from studying to catch up on manga and manwa instead.

Currently, I'm reading (and loving ^^) :
  • Imadoki! Nowadays! Volume 2 (Yuu Watase)
  • Tarot Cafe Volume 3 (can't remember, sorry.... I'm bad at recalling Korean names)
Both are courtesy of Shoujo Crusade's forum. I love that site, with it's selection of great scanlations and scans + cute forum layout design.

Imadoki! Nowadays! Volume 1 is actually one of the few translated manga volumes I own in hard copy, so I'm really glad to continue with the story in volume 2.

I'm surprising even myself though. Usually, when I feel very heartbroken, I avoid shoujo mangas at all cost... but Imadoki! is so sweet and funny that I can't really resist.

Meanwhile, Tarot Cafe is darker and the story has more depth, with its supernatural elements and all... and it deals with sacrifice, loss, etc which is more akin to my current mood. I started reading volumes 1 and 2 before finals, so moving on to volume 3 now.

Sigh.... I'm still feeling a deep dull ache within me. By next week, if nothing between me & him changes and the relationship between us is still less than acquaintanceship, I might never get the chance again to get to know him or even to talk to him.

And even if I do, it could be a looong long time from now. Even if he's not interested in getting to know me, I want to know........ so I won't regret not having done anything and not having the guts to change things.

It's ridiculous! We live in the same area just a few kilometers away, took the same bus to college, have a few subjects in common, and have mutual acquaintances.......... but we don't even acknowledge each others' presence.

To make matters worse, I'm feeling more and more insecure about yesterday's economics paper by the minute.

Adele DOWN (it's a Nobuta wo Produce thing) >_<

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Presenting........ the long overdue photo post ^^

Friends (*heart* you guys! ^^ )

Tze Yin's Bday at Secret Recipe =)

IT website project partners - C.A.T. =p

Yummy food at Sushi Groove 1 Utama

Wye Luun @ Sushi Groove

Kevin @ Sushi Groove... this was his farewell outing =_=

Bernie and I at Sushi King, Cineleisure ^^

Last day of college:

Ren-yi and I, with Mrs Soh's home baked cupcakes

Note from Mrs Soh ^^

Pei Zhe and I... she's such a darling - sweet and nice =)

Oops.... random pic of moi XD
Note to self: Must tidy up room after finals!! =p

Close to home:

Stepdad's Bday: Zuan Yuan@ OneWorld Hotel

Bro's Bday: Oriental Pavilion at Jaya31... love the teddy bear cake! ^^
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