Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh, I happen to have also missed two November NEWS birthdays... Otanjoubi Omedetou, Ryo and Tegoshi!

Scans: Vendy (yup, she's one awesome gal! ^^ )
Source: pacific album Limited Edition Booklet

3/11 - Happy belated 23rd birthday, Ryo! Hope you had a great birthday, and no one mistook your age for 22 (like poor Kei XD ) Despite your sharp-tongue and love for erm.... boobs, you're really quite sweet sometimes ne!

NEWS is back and releasing stuff again, and Kanjani 8 is getting increasingly popular, so you'll be very busy again. But daijobou, us fans will always be cheering for you. So give it your best shot, ya? ^^

Are you still a big fan of Leah Dizon? =p Anyway, you've got the distinction of being the NEWS member my friends recognize the most, due to the popularity of Ichi Rittoru no Namida (1 Litre of Tears) in Malaysia... haha XD

P/S: Although I still feel like murdering code (your solo) every time I hear it, I think it's really cute how you substituted 'I Love You' with 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah...' instead =p

11/11 (I know, such a nice date... how could I forget?? >_< ) - Hehe... anyway, happy belated 20th birthday! Whee, this bday's extra special as you're now an adult! Able to drink, drive, etc legally now ^^

Anyway, that picture doesn't do you much justice does it? Hehe... but you still look good in it ne, and yesh........ I want your stylist! =p You've just really grown both outside as well as inside since you were drafted into NEWS while still a relatively new and unknown Jr (and only 16!)... which actually says a lot about your lovely voice! ^^

All the best, Tegoshi! Hope you'll continue to enjoy success with both NEWS as well as part of TegoMasu, and in your personal life. You're one smart cookie, getting accepted into Waseda Uni =)

P/S: I think it's really adorable how you idolize and admire Yamapi so much. I do too actually.... I have a feeling he isn't so innocent.... but he's just so dedicated, hardworking and professional, isn't he? ^^

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