Saturday, November 24, 2007

I feel so warm and fuzzy inside ^^ Haha... well, kinda... since I am still a little sad and nervous about a certain issue that's on my mind. But the warm and fuzzy feeling's actually in a way connected to that. Makes sense? I'm guessing not... hehe.

Me being Adele and Aaron being Aaron, since he's in the know about the main character in 'the issue', I decided to message him on msn to talk it out.

The poor guy, even though being sleepy and all, knew me well enough to sense that it wasn't my usual frivolous bugging XD

And knowing me as well as he does (is that good or bad? XD ) ...

Tn3m3pnA//A A +3lqub ~` ( ( <+> ) ) `~ says:
there's something else bothering u
Tn3m3pnA//A A +3lqub ~` ( ( <+> ) ) `~ says:
dun mask it by telling me the plot and stuff

When I fed him a long-winded story about a certain thing that happened during prom - which is connected to 'the issue' and which I actually wanted an opinion about as well XD - he knew that it wasn't actually the main reason for my blues =p

Thank you, Aaron with a double A ^^ Talking it through and getting your advice made me feel a lot better and that little bit more courageous, knowing that I have your support and that you were nice enough to care =)

But I don't think you read my blog do you? Oh well... you know already that I'm thankful ^^

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