Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I know I shouldn't, but I'm taking the day off from studying to catch up on manga and manwa instead.

Currently, I'm reading (and loving ^^) :
  • Imadoki! Nowadays! Volume 2 (Yuu Watase)
  • Tarot Cafe Volume 3 (can't remember, sorry.... I'm bad at recalling Korean names)
Both are courtesy of Shoujo Crusade's forum. I love that site, with it's selection of great scanlations and scans + cute forum layout design.

Imadoki! Nowadays! Volume 1 is actually one of the few translated manga volumes I own in hard copy, so I'm really glad to continue with the story in volume 2.

I'm surprising even myself though. Usually, when I feel very heartbroken, I avoid shoujo mangas at all cost... but Imadoki! is so sweet and funny that I can't really resist.

Meanwhile, Tarot Cafe is darker and the story has more depth, with its supernatural elements and all... and it deals with sacrifice, loss, etc which is more akin to my current mood. I started reading volumes 1 and 2 before finals, so moving on to volume 3 now.

Sigh.... I'm still feeling a deep dull ache within me. By next week, if nothing between me & him changes and the relationship between us is still less than acquaintanceship, I might never get the chance again to get to know him or even to talk to him.

And even if I do, it could be a looong long time from now. Even if he's not interested in getting to know me, I want to know........ so I won't regret not having done anything and not having the guts to change things.

It's ridiculous! We live in the same area just a few kilometers away, took the same bus to college, have a few subjects in common, and have mutual acquaintances.......... but we don't even acknowledge each others' presence.

To make matters worse, I'm feeling more and more insecure about yesterday's economics paper by the minute.

Adele DOWN (it's a Nobuta wo Produce thing) >_<

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