Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day!

First up, International Trade Law. Ok la, this is one of my fav subjects and I think I can do it. Hope they don't spring super duper hard questions on us though, or else I'll fall flat on my face.

5/11 - Screen Theories and Techniques. Another unit I like... but Andrew's marking it so, ehehehehe....... no comments XD

9/11 - Managerial Economics. Notice how I always whine about my economics-related exam papers? =.=

16/11 (last one!) - Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange. Refer to statement above.
I know, my 1st exam paper starts on Thursday... wth am I doing blogging at this insane hour?! XD

*mock posh tone* It's passion for sharing + blogging + aesthetics, my dears =P

Sasha Vintage updated with an awesome collection - My Fair Lady! ^^

It's a theme that pays homage to classic elegance ala Audrey Hepburn, so you know it's going to be good if lace and demure wardrobe staples are your cup of tea ;)

I'm eyeing a particular piece that'll dig a hole in my bank account, but it's so pretty! XD

Go check out Sasha Vintage now! Just don't reserve/buy the Bow-Wow Bf Blazer before I do, hehe.

P/S: Plus point - owner Sasha Lian is very nice and pleasant! :)

P/P/S: I've officially gone nuts and bought the blazer! XD

I don't believe in paying PosLaju's high postage rates, but me caved in for this... Look at that beauty ^^

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avalanche - Marie Digby

I'll be the first to admit I'm no fan of Marie Digby, not because I don't like her - I'm just not that interested.

I don't know when Avalanche was released except that it's off her 2nd album, as I first heard the song on the radio.

It entertained me for a brief few minutes while I was annoyed that I was late for MUSA's appreciation dinner, battling the rain and rush hour traffic XD

The radio's what actually makes driving so enjoyable for me, singing aloud in the car with no one else to listen to your off key tunes ;)

Avalanche is one of those songs lah, good for chilling out to and it'll definitely appeal to the young crowd. I know I would love this song to bits if I was, say, 15 =P

Just like how I would be crazy over Hannah Montana's Best of Bost Worlds *grin*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hehe, couldn't resist sharing the above picture.

Truth is, my room's lighting is the total opposite of the "emo bulb" now. It's a new tube of daylight fluorescent lamp... it feels like I'm sitting under the sun minus the heat.

Except that I am emo-ing over exams. Just as well the lights are like a smack in the face (and eyes *ouch*) to be optimistic XD

(I love natural daylight, btw ^^ )

Kit's sent over my package today! ^^ Probably receiving it in a couple of days' time. Zeus grant me the strength to actually read my lecture and tutorial notes instead of those enticing novels =.=

Btw, you've got to check this out!

I'm not gonna spoil the fun by giving away too much, so just head on over and explore.

It's really interesting. Trust me ;)

Ta-to for now. Going for a complimentary beauty treatment later in DJ, and getting my hair cut... maybe XD

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You guys and gals, seriously, the chatbox messages make me wanna cry (in a good way la, k?) :)

Chee-v kor, Mr Anderson, Stephanie, Sara, and many more... thanks for not giving up on my blog even when I did.

Tadaima! (I'm back)

KF pretty much forced me to update XD

... And I came back and realized the last post was a really misleading cliffhanger.

So here's a new one =P


I found out Lady Gaga once did burlesque... wohoo! Makes sense, as she shows off some burlesque-ish moves in Eh Eh's video.

I love the vid! It's so colourful! XD

Purposely put a link instead of embedding as that version of the video is one of the clearest I've seen, with lyrics at the sidebar.

I also finally made the leap and bought preloved/books online! ^^

Quite a number of books coming by post... *bliss*. I love getting goodies in the mail :)
Books 'N' Stuff

Kit's having a clearance sale bcoz she's moving house, and I got some reads from her.

.All pics by Kit.

The Stone Menegarie, The Dragons at War, and The Once and Future King are pretty much standard stuff for me - magic, fantasy, etc XD

Kiki Strike got astoundingly good reviews on Amazon ;)

Susuk as I'm plain curious, lol.

Right now I'm pretty much waiting for the parcel to arrive, hope everything will turn out alright. Kit's been nice to deal with though :)

I'm such a hoarder. I'm moving house too by December, and exams are very near.... but I'm considering it as a pre-post exam treat =P

Wohoo Adele, hehe.

Ok la, this post's stretched wayyyyy too long.

Ciao for now! Finals in 8 days' time.

Gee >.<
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