Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks dear for 'volunteering' to be the first to look at my results sms XD

Thankful that I got to be there for you too =)


I'm convinced. Miracles exist =P

I'm so glad I didn't yield to the pre-finals stress and trauma, and sat for all my exam papers. Giving up and dropping out for a semester would have been one the biggest mistakes I've made.

Unexpected results. Lol... honestly thought I'll get through uni without a single High Distinction. Thanks everyone for the support =)

And because of that...

My average increased to 71.25! XD

Hang in there and all the best, for those who are disappointed with their results.

There's a silver lining to every dark cloud =)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


[Us foodies and kakiis sharing a yummy meal of Melaka's famous Sate Celup]

A (good) picture is worth a thousand words, and every picture tells a story.

This picture may be simple, but to me and the other "hands" in the picture, it's worth all the words in the world as it represents the relationship we share - as each others' kakiis ^^

We are by no means similar, each from different parts of Malaysia and with different tastes and preferences. As seen in the picture, us 9 girls even have different ways of holding the lidi (stick)! XD

However, just like the circle we've formed with our hands, our friendship has strengthened into a bond of unity throughout the 4 day PJ-PD-Melaka-PJ roadtrip we embarked on together.

In the process, we realized that despite our differences, we do have similarities which make us gel... such as a love of food that saw us reveling in the mouth watering delights Melaka had to offer.

Hence, the picture of me sharing a "close-knit" dinner with the angels, a.k.a. kakiis, in my life. Sometimes, it's a shared moment like this which serves as a reminder of how lucky it is to have buddies to ride the ups and downs with =)

Thanks Yi Qing, May Zhang, Pei Rong, Yen, Emily, Sze May, Su Sean and V for keeping the circle of friendship, and making it a great time ^^


As good friends are for keeps, the crazy cool Kakiis - Friends++ Connected social network utility makes keeping in touch so simple that there's no simply excuse to neglect your pals.

With Kakiis, you're able to group your friends into 'circles' and have fun interacting with your friends within the circles, as well as conveniently share videos and photos with one another. No more mass emailing everyone those post-exam holiday pictures ;)


Kakiis and Nuffnang have also teamed up to organize the 'A Moment With Your Kakiis' contest that has set the blogosphere buzzing.

*clickety click* to celebrate friendship and win yourself some really cool prizes =)

I'm SUPER hyper! XD

I found one of my fav "it's so passe and cheesy, but oh-so-catchy" songs on YouTube~!

Aqua's Dr Jones. Brings back memories? ;)

Gotta love those 90s, bubblegummy techno europop beats. Best thing is... GOSH! It's so great to sing-a-long to. Me likey ^^


The new Nano looks great, aye? ^^

I still love it in green, but... now there's my fav colour - purple! Photobucket

Orange won my undying love as well. It's so fresh and, and... life brightening =D

You'll likely want to walk alone while loving your Nano (it's sooooo sexy, I love my 2nd gen to bits), but at least with the sun shiny orange you'll (almost) never feel blue ;)

*pls do excuse the pun on Liverpool* Photobucket

And... I still think red's the most fashionable in Nano-land ^^

Looks aside, the new Nano has got great features too. [Shake] fans (the bf's one ^^ ) , rejoice. With the new Nano, just give the lil' beauty a shake to automatically shuffle your music. Cool or what? Photobucket

Wait.... there's more. Go take a look at all the cool things this Nano can do @


Saturday, November 22, 2008

If you've yet to listen to Beyonce's If I Were a Boy, it's worth giving the ballad a slice of time ^^

I'll be the first to admit that I'm usually all for fast paced songs (I'm loving Katy Perry's Hot N' Cold), but I daresay If I Were a Boy's a song all gals who've felt that they're loving the man in their lives too much would be able to identify with.

The gals (and some of the guys) would know what it's like staying up all night and hurting inside. Now you have a song to emo with and sing your hearts out to XD

YouTube :: If I Were a Boy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wheeeee! ^^

Had a great time with the girls in PD, A Famosa Resort and Melaka Town.

9 of us - we laughed, we shared, we did crazee stuff, we ate (and ate and ate XD ) and shopped till we dropped Photobucket

It was real fun!

I've some piccus of the trip in my cammie, will post up soon. Most will come from Yi Qing's when she uploads. Look forward to it! ;)


Soooo soooo pretty yes? *nods* *glares at those not nodding Photobucket*


I finally blinged my DS up too! Of course not anywhere near as nice and professional as the pics la, but for RM6 and considering it's my first time doing, I think my efforts turned out well ^^

But.... it's not a done job yet. Still have to touch-up, and add blings to the sides.

Just that I didn't buy enough packets of the blings, and I can't find the type I want anywhere else (bought in Klang), so work is on hold.

I'm so addicted to prettifying my gadgets Photobucket that now I even want to do my phone XD

Hehe... was constantly looking out for crystal stickers in Asian Avenue with the bf yesterday, until he also commented that I'm really into it liao. Uh-oh =P


Another new-ish (although not so new already) addiction of mine is blogshops.

Explains why I've been pulling out my trusty (read: old) tape measure from the sewing basket to take my measurements.

Probably I'm still into blogshop hopping and checking out the goodies on sale because my first purchase, from Bouncing Bananas, was a good experience ^^

I bought the one right on the left (Maroon + Black).

Apart from a not very noticeable tear of the lace at the top part after 2 washes, I love the dress. As it's above knee length for me, it's a great semi formal cocktail-ish dress Photobucket

And for RM40, even my mom who's skeptical about online shopping, said it was worth it XD

I'll be getting a pair of tights from Ministry of Clothes too on Thursday. It's their much talked about Miss Jenny! The gals behind MOC are quite nice people. Friendly and willing to help Photobucket

Will be getting a top from Luscious Lips on the same day too. On sale and quite worth the price I think, that's why getting it although a bit not my style. Would look good for a casual day out though once paired with a waist clincher.

And also, this book from a forumer on LWY

It's a Diana Wynne Jones! Normally I wouldn't buy this although I want to read it because books are expensive these days, and it's rather thin. But now I can own it - in good condition somemore - for RM5, second hand.

I love digging up second hand books on LWY XD


I'm looking for a part-time job! ^^

Hols are really long this time, until the first week of March, so I've to "cure" my restlessness Photobucket

So far I've went for one job interview, but the shop decided that they did not need any more extra help after all, so I'm still jobless XD

Nvm though, coz I'll be attending two more interviews at places that sound great to work at, so we'll see how it goes ^^


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Going off to PD and Melaka for a trip.

Will be back on the 9th. See u then ^^

Saturday, November 01, 2008

>.< Sleepy but can't sleep mode. Really scared about Monday's Marketing paper.


I am super addicted to 九十九次我愛他 (I love him 99 times) XD

It's the OP of the Taiwanese drama You're My Destiny/Fated to Love You which my family has been watching =P

The lyrics are so cute ^^

I keep thinking of the male in my life when the chorus goes into the 九十九次我愛他 part ^^


By 元若蘭

全滴在他 剛才牽過我的手
橫衝直撞 我的心像一顆躲避球

如果有教授 我一定要努力修

多想帶著雷達 到他夢裡 仔細調查
也想拿起掃把 在他心底 洗洗刷刷
不專心的念頭 哎咿哎咿 都清除啦

九十九次我愛他 少了眼皮會亂眨
每天念著他的名字 哎咿哎咿 一句不差

九十九次我愛他 少了頭髮會分岔
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