Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I feel good today ^^ Well, I always get a 'high' when I feel that I've been productive and have actually achieved something in fact, I think I have it in me to be a work-a-holic =p

Well, I battled laziness and actually took the (early) morning bus to college today to enforce voluntary detention on myself at the library. Erm... I DID come back early at 2 instead of 4 p.m. but... apart from my worrying lack of interest regarding anything Math related, I managed to cover the whole of Elasticity as well as Microeconomic Reform today (Economics).

Also covered were some accounting SAQs and I did attempt a few Math questions. If I had stayed at home, productivity would have stabilized at a few lines of Economics at the most.

Tomorrow's plan:
  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Math... sigh
I just wish I got to see 'him' like I did yesterday. According to Gary, the poor guy apparently missed his stop yesterday afternoon (I didn't go back by the bus yesterday) and they were already nearing Gary's condo when 'sleeping beauty' awoke. Uncle then had to turn back, with Gary still on board, causing Gary to have to go on an 'extended tour' of PJ XD Understandably, Gary was really annoyed. But... 'he' is so adorable =p So tired was he that he couldn't wake up and missed his stop XD

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I managed to catch about 20 minutes or so of KBS' Entertainment Weekly yesterday night, and boy am I glad that I did! ^^ Hehe... in that span of time, I got to catch F.T.Island participating in a charity marathon with some other celebs, as well press clips of the temporary re-union of Sechskies (my guilty indulgence it's like admitting you like LFO, Backstreet Boys and Dreamstreet XD ) to commemorate the release of member Jaywalk's solo album.

My favorite part?

Reporter (to F.T.Island before the marathon) : Were all of you good at running in school?
F.T.Island member : ('.....' type of expression) We're still in school

Priceless XD

For the uninitiated, F.T.Island is a pretty new all male Korean band (I've lost count how many have debuted this year) with the members aged 15-17. They play their own instruments though and critics have in general been pretty kind on them since they can actually put together a pretty decent act XD

Erh... they remind me of LEAD (Japanese male band, although of course LEAD are older now), except that F.T.Island's more talented *runs from LEAD fanatics* XD

Gok Miri Mannaboki by F.T.Island XD Adorable song, pretty boys and cute PV ^^

It took me a while to warm up to F.T.Island, and even now I'm still not a fan... but I think I'm slowly going over to the dark side island's side =p

Random Useless Facts:
a) Won Bin and Jong Hun are sooo tall XD
b) It's not true that there are no cute Korean guys in PJ, as there's one in Gary's class who speaks ENGLISH and apparently he's smart as well... except that he's also somewhat short and only 16 =p

Exits: F.T.Island (Wikipedia)

P/S: Adele shall give herself one more treat before brainwashing herself for finals - I'm off to d/l and read the latest scanlated chapter of Rockin' Heaven ^^ Sawa&Ran = <3

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I did mention in the previous post that today was the last day of SAM. Well, I've got a confession... what I'll actually miss the most is having classes to attend and assignments to complete (I know, I'm an assignment-holic XD ), as well as really dedicated teachers such as Mrs Soh (economics).

When I become a mother, and should I ever become a teacher/lecturer, I would like to be one that is in the mould of Mrs Soh. To quote Yin Fong, "I really admire Mrs Soh because her students respect her and she's a good teacher". If she weren't my lecturer, I can't be certain if I would like economics as a subject as much as I do now. Indeed, the supply or Mrs Soh's in the market is perfectly inelastic. She treats each and every one of us as her own child, getting herself concerned about every one of us. Plus, she bakes yummy chocolate chip muffins for us ^^

I'll try my very best to get an A for econs!

And also... Ms Geetha. Haha, surprised? Well, frankly speaking, I guess most if not all except me K2-ians aren't too fond of her. Erm... I've liked most of my English teachers and Ms Geetha is therefore no exception. Yes, she isn't too motherly (probably because she doesn't have any kids) and she may not be the most outgoing teacher on Earth... but I feel that under her, my English has further blossomed.

She's always been very encouraging (I wouldn't have entered the short story competition if it wasn't for her), is discreet (well, I think so lah, apart from the fact that every K2 lecturer shares info about the class among themselves XD ), shows the class interesting stress relief videos ( =p ) , is helpful when I bug seek her advice on how to improve on my English scores, and believes in me enough to think that an A20 in English is achievable by moi. I'll try hard to have that elusive A20 in my grasp! ^^

And there's also Ms Yeap. She's NOT the easiest teacher to get along with, and Math has always been my weakest link, but I know all the tears and sweat she put me through were for my own good. I wish we get along better and that our class could have had a better relationship with her, but at times I really do think she's one great teacher although it would be nice if she had used a different approach tactic when it came to us

But any teacher who can withstand the abuse of reading our so-called anonymous and not-too-flattering comments, while not taking it out on us, deserves a thumbs up in my book XD

A big thank you to Ms Alicia (Accounting) and Ms Sue (IT) as well. I had a phobia of acocunting when I first started SAM but I've slowly started to warm up to accounting although I'm still not good at it >_< partly due to Ms Alicia's careful efforts. Ms Sue has also been a very mother-like figure who believes in me as well... and therefore, it is also one of my wishes to score an A for IT to show my appreciation.

To speak the truth, I was quite miserable the first few days of college, and this year isn't one of the most memorable schooling years I've had... but in retrospect, being thrown into a whole new environment away from my comfort zone was a much needed learning curve.

I learned to grit my teeth and cope, and to look beyond the surface. I've made a few friendships that although may not be as strong as the bond I share with my ex-Samad classmates, might have a lasting chance after all. And although I initially felt that I didn't fit in, I think I've found my niche market XD .

Yin Fong, Tze Yin and Pei Zhe... thanks for making me 'open up' ^^ I'll treasure memories of our long lunches, and how sampat we were laughing over everything and anything. Jana, thanks for lending me your notes, and for being there whenever I had to consult someone regarding college stuff. As for Michael and Ren-Yi, you're both the two guys I'm closest to in K2. Thanks for all the help and memories.

This year, I also became friends with a Math tuition mate I've had since form 2 but never spoke to until this year. As he lives just a few rows away, he became my bus mate in addition to being my IT course and Ed Board mate, . Thanks Eric for everything. You've teman-ed me, you've helped me out and you've been a great friend who's always there to lend a helping hand.

As for all my Ed Board friends, especially those in the features department with me - Shyan, Jie Huei, Shan Min, Ka Mun, Hannah and Melanie - I've had a great time working on Winanga Li with you guys. One of the things that kept me sane this year was the yearbook and the sense of family we had that was present during meetings and yearbook related activities. This friendship has extended beyond the confines of the board, and I hope to keep in touch with you guys.

Thanks to my K2 classmates as well, who've shared the ups-and-downs of being a student in K2.

All the best in the finals and in the future to each and everyone of you who have graced my life with your presence this year, no matter how significant or otherwise. Take care! ^^ Hope to see at least some of you during the exam period as well as during prom.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm temperamental. Uh-huh. I can manage to feel both emo and warm at the same time.

The emo-ness can be blamed on the fact that today was the last day of SAM. Not to mention that finals is in 2 weeks. And that I probably will never get the chance now to know the guy I've been crushing on from afar for months.

On the other hand, I'm happy because my friends and I had one last final class lunch together (I like Ms Yeap's taste in food, her recommendation was spot on XD), and it was fun hanging out in Taipan with the girls I cherish the most in K2, looking for the prom dress. And thank you Tze Yin, for rushing to get me back to college on time to catch the bus ^^

And... I'm glad I got to see him on the bus home. Now that was totally unexpected and if he was the one who got a shock yesterday (according to Gary), then I'm the one who got 'shocked' today =p he looks real cute asleep, which he's always doing on the bus XD

Lol... If he ever stumbles across this blog which is highly unlikely, it's darn obvious who I'm referring to - but life's too short to 'act cool'. At least for just this once.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raise your hands, fellow hallyu fans who agree with me that Lee Jun Ki is one of the sexiest Koreans on the face of the Earth XD

This guy sings (quite decently XD ), acts (love his acting ^^ ) and manages to look prettier than the gals. His character in 'My Girl' was so sweet as well. If I were Joo Rin (female lead character in My Girl), I'll jump at the chance to go out with Jun Ki's character XD

Not convinced? =p Well, pictures speak louder than words. So here goes:

Hehe... there's cute Jun Ki, cool Jun Ki, killer-stare Jun Ki, dreamy Jun Ki, don't-I-look-adorable Jun Ki and 'love' Jun Ki =p

Anyway, I guess this qualifies as my long overdue pic spam post as well? ^^

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Minna-san, tadaima! ~ ^^

Just a short post, since I'm reaaally tired (although it seems that all I did on my one day away form college was catch up on sleep) and am supposed to be getting ready to go out for dinner.

Only 2 more days of college left ne. Feel a little sad that my one day self-declared break had to be this week and not next.

Anyway, I took pics... but since posting pics will kinda give away where I went... I'll consider and rethink the consequences XD (gosh... I sound like I went to assassinate someone, don't I?! =p )

Monday, October 22, 2007

[Listening : Savannah Woman - Wheesung (Groovy! ^^ ) ]
[Mood: Stressed ]

Whee! I seem to have some after finals plans. Tentatively, I'll be catching up with Bee (yes girl, it's been ages since we last spoke to each other let alone meet) and with the Samad gang XD

Anyway, I know my blog is kinda perpetually devoid of piccus (I'm trying my hand at annoyingly kawaii spelling XD ) - especially of the personal variant - so here are some.

At Auli's Raya open house. Bernie, Wye Luun, Ayub Hadi (only part of him though =p ), Nurin, moi, and Gary. Pic's very somewhat dark, but you can still make us out... I hope XD

Click Click (a.k.a. sorry, but I just love posing in my kebaya)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Evermore - Light Surrounding You

I see you by the water
Your toes dipped in the sand
I thought that it was over
I thought you'd understand
But the feeling is returning
the time has made us change
And I understand if you don't
Wanna talk to me about it tonight

'Cause I see the light surrounding you
So don't be afraid of something new

Time was overtaking me
And I guess I was confused
They were all inviting me
But I wish I had refused
'Cause I've been there before
And I've seen it all
And I believe in you

And if you never had my heart
I would've never called you back
At the start that night
So I want you to know

That I see the light surrounding you
So don't be afraid of something new
'Cause I see the light surrounding you
So don't be afraid of what you're turning into

Blue-eyed sun shining on me
In the morning
Can't help but feel a little cold
Thinking of you

'Cause I see the light surrounding you
So don't be afraid of something new
'Cause I see the light surrounding you
So don't be afraid of what you're turning into
No, don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Cos I see the light
Cos I see the light
Cos I see the light surrounding you

Evermore is probably one of the handful of based-in-Australia bands I'm able to name off-hand =p Blame it on the fact that Light Surrounding You was such an uber hit when I was in Melbourne that I kept hearing it until I caught the Evermore bug as well ^^

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lol... I have a feeling that at least 8 people in K2 will be sitting at one of the tables nearest the tail-end of the ballroom during prom as... *gasp* we've yet to book our table XD

Actually, it's not a very nice thought since well, it'll be fun to be in front and in the middle of all the happening things ne. But oh well... I guess we'll see. If all else fails, there's still Wye Luun (haha... just kidding. Even if I do go find you, it's just to kacau you say hi =p )

I feel almost tempted to go through my previous posts and reflect on what I've written, just because I've discovered that Wye Luun read/reads (which one is it? past or present?) this blog.

Auli's Raya open house today was great! It's been awhile since I last saw Auli, and much longer since I saw both Nurin and Ayub Hadi. Two people were conspicuously missing though - Jen because of AS finals and Kevin because he's all the way in Russia and they make such a cute 'couple'. Really makes me miss 5A and English Society days XD I sound like I haven't seen them in years, kan? =)

Maula invited his form 4 friends, and Auli's dad's Samad classmates were there too... so there were 3 different Samad classes at the gathering. The Class of 80-something (sorry, I forgot >_< ), the class of 06 (that's us ^^ ) and the class of 08 (Maula's gang XD ) . Haha... during the photo shoot, Ayub went "Hidup Samad!"... it's amazing and very heartening how many past and present Samadians have fond memories of their days at Samad (even though people still ask "Bukankah itu sekolah gangster?" =p ) And... Auli has a chocolate fountain! Isn't that so cool? As usual, we crazy kids managed to derive more than a few laughs from antics involving the chocolate fountain XD And there was this really nice but sweet =_= terung belanda drink which tastes like a mixture between passion fruit and peach. I'm the only one among Bernie, Gary and Wye Luun who likes it.

We've got to hang out again soon, k? After Wye Luun and I are done with icky finals. I'll go nuts during the loooooong holiday without some company XD

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

*hits head* Today (or rather yesterday since it's passed the 15th in Malaysia, but I guess it's still the 15th in certain parts of the world) was Blog Action Day. I actually signed up, but since I never got a confirmation e-mail, I assumed my participation form went to the magical online shredder... but turns out Ichigo Ramen is actually listed as one of the gazillion (okay, I exaggerate) blogs that unitd for a common cause - highlight issues regarding the environment by blogging about the environment in whatsoever way on October 15th.

Gomen ne, my fellow Blog Action Day bloggers... therefore, I will blog now, in the very next post.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

The Environment. How much attention do we actually devote to something that is such an integral part of our life? Are we even aware (or do we just prefer to be ignorant) of how much damage our daily actions cause the environment in which all living beings depend on to ensure the continued sustainment of life?

The things we take for granted such as a comfortably air-conditioned room, the refrigerator that keeps perishables fresh for a longer period of time, and even just getting into a car and driving to the nearest kopitiam for breakfast... all these have become so imprinted in our daily life that we hardly take heed of the fact that our actions constantly contribute to the deterioration of the environment.

Well, one might say, all these 'new-fangled' notions about protecting the environment may be well and good in Western countries in which they originated... but most of the steps formulated in order to minimize damage to the environment isn't really applicable to Malaysians.

Well, here are a few simple lifestyle changes the average Malaysian (and yes, even a Malaysian teen) is able to make in order to 'go green' and do their part in slowing down the process of pollution, global warming and other ailments in which the environment - as an unwilling patient - has to bear.

  • If you're just purchasing a packet of crisp, a canned drink or other small and easily portable items such as magazines and newspapers... decline using a plastic bag to store your purchase in. You're probably going to be taking it out of the bag soon anyway.
  • Re-use clean plastic and paper bags. Used plastic bags could double as garbage bags (that way, you save on buying new plastic bags) and paper bags are great for crafts as well as for putting gifts in.
  • High quality drink cartons, once cleaned and dried, can be cut up to make attractive and practical bookmarks. Cartons which have an inner foil coating are also to an extent waterproof. Pretty product boxes may also be used. Just punch a hole, string a ribbon through and voila... you have yourself a homemade bookmark! ^^ (Adele: This comes from personal experience and isn't just lifted lock, stock and barrel from a craft book)
  • Try to walk or cycle to close destinations. Petrol fumes pollute the environment. It's also a good way to save on ever-rising petrol prices, and you get a workout to boot.
  • Be a responsible shopper. Do not purchase products manufactured by producers known for severely damaging the environment, even if such products are priced lower. No amount of money will reverse the negative impact on the the environment.
  • Trees need to be cut down in order to manufacture paper. If a sheet of paper is barely filled and can still be used, it could double up as rough/scribbling paper for math workings and such.
  • Do not litter, even if what you're discarding is biodegradable. Litter is unsightly and has the potential to cause harm to the environment in various means.
  • Stop consuming, buying or in anyway supporting the trade of endangered animals. Once they are extinct, there won't be any way to bring them back. As each species is inter-reliant on each other in the food chain, the annihilation of any one species causes an imbalance in the 'circle of life'.
  • Malaysians -and especially the Chinese community - seem to have a love affair with sharks fin. Fact is: over finning is causing the extinction of certain species of sharks, and is plainly an act of inhumane cruelty towards animals. Stop the consuming and buying, and the killing will stop as well.
Ahem... and you may ask... What is this blogger actually doing for the environment? Well, actually, I have to admit... as much as I would like to use 'green bags' (re-usable cloth grocery bags) in place of plastic bags, at present it isn't too practical when it'll take at least 10 such bags to fill the amount of groceries purchased by my family from the hypermarket.

However, I have been maintaining a 4 year pledge to stop eating sharks fin. This can get a little tricky sometimes when guests and hosts alike think you're not showing them 'face' by refusing to eat this highly priced delicacy. And it does make you the butt of family jokes ("Oh, she's a greenie who's going to join Greenpeace one day. She pities the sharks so she doesn't eat sharks fin" *cue laughter* ) But vegetarian sharks fin is a yummy alternative for ex-sharks fin lovers who still get cravings =p

I learned a very important lesson when I was young as well. I confess, I loved glorious blank sheets of paper as a kid and I still do even to this day. I used to be quite the paper waster as I had plenty of time to kill at my mum's office, with arts&craft and writing stuff my hobby at that time (this was before I went to Yuk Chai and had culture shock at the amount of homework I had to complete XD ) One day, my mum's friend saw this blatant act of waste and commented "Do you know how many trees need to be cut down to make paper?" This promptly started a talk/lecture on how many trees were being cut down and the importance of trees in providing oxygen and cooling the atmosphere. It was my very first exposure to this topic and proceeded to make me feel extremely guilty. Even back in the 90s, global warming was creeping into our lives.

Therefore, while we can still minimize the damage our environment has been inflicted with and prevent life upon Earth from becoming increasingly uncomfortable and fraught with natural disasters, let us make a choice and do something beneficial for the overall health-o-meter of the environment =)
Lol... I'm aiming for at least TER85, but this Hari Raya Aidilfitri hols I only seem to be glued to a few things: Internet, books (of no relevance to help me score in SAM, except maybe in broadening my English vocabulary and adding flair to my letter writing style), combination of KBS World+Astro on Demand+Animax, and daydreaming (a very unfortunate hobby of mine).

It took me three drunk-on-leisure days to remember: I have Accounting, Math and IT past year paper to do (I'm flailing in Accounting, drowning in Math, and apparently IT internal marks ALWAYS get moderated DOWN), Econs to study for (MUST get that A) and SAM English as a Second Language to brush up on (Ms Geetha's target for me for finals: A20, and ESL is probably my best shot at getting a high A)

... but guess what? Bernie and I spent half the day at Curve and Cineleisure today, watching Brave Story (nice!! ^^ and Eiji Wentz sings and does the voice acting for one of the characters) and looking for a potential prom dress since I had already made plans with her the week before. And I'm blogging now... which leaves the aforementioned pile of homework u-n-c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-d.

So auf wiedersehens, as I attempt to tackle Accounting in the dying hours of Monday.

P/S: Thai music is really quite nice =)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hmm... does anyone still buy original CDs? I do as for me, nothing beats the satisfaction of holding a CD in its original packaging as well as the guilt free feeling that you're supporting an artiste's hard work. And I would purchase more if the CDs worth spending cold hard cash to get were more accessible in good ol' Malaysia. Jack Penate, anyone? And let's not even get started on Japanese and Korean CDs. I haven't seen any recent Arashi releases or stuff by Koyote on store shelves. And with the exception of Jack Penate, these are the mainstream acts.

And... ELLEGARDEN! This group is partially responsible for the torture I'm putting my hard drive through XD C'mon, they've had a North American (USA) release for their latest album Eleven Fire Crackers, they mostly sing in English, they play to sold out crowds in North America, they're able to rock it out with all those other American punk-rock groups and heck, they even sound like an American group.

So... why in the world is it so hard to find stuff by ELLEGARDEN here??

PV for Red Hot from Riot on the Grill (love the album title XD )

Thursday, October 11, 2007

[Listening: Planetarium - Otsuka Ai ^^ ]

Yesterday was a very. very special day. Many years hence, I feel certain I would still be able to vividly recall the tempest of emotions within me as I watched the Russian Soyuz rocket with Malaysia's first astronaut on board blast off into space. I was so madly joyous that I actually clapped and felt a strong urge to stand up and cheer on the heroes -both in the spotlight and behind the scenes XD

Truly, I felt a cocktail of emotions with the three most prominent sentiments being excitement, anxiety and pride. Even tough it wasn't I who was visiting the ISS, the sense of anticipation was just as strong, as Dr Sheik Muszaphar successfully joined the ranks of one of the world's most elite professions.

And... the blast off was so moving and beautiful! The rocket resembled a brightly illuminating star - shining with the hopes and dreams of hundreds of millions of Malaysians - as it broke through the Earth's orbit.


Undeniably, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar (lol... everyone says he looks like a movie star XD ) is also one of the lucky handful who get to realize long cherished childhood dreams of having a first class view of Earth while on a space mission.

Hehe... I felt somewhat envious as well, as waaay back when I was quite little, I harboured dreams of being an authority on astronomy and going on missions into space. Of course, that was before I discovered that I'm actually more into the aesthetics of space rather than the cog works =p Furthermore, in the 90s, not many believed that the emergence of a Malaysian astronaut in the near future wasn't merely a pipe dream.

Well, we've done it! ^^ Regardless of what the critics say, the fact still remains that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is going to be the very first Malaysian to step foot on board the ISS. And no, he won't be spinning gasings but conducting scientific experiments. Go Malaysia!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Now playing: amplified - MR.RAINDROP
via FoxyTunes

MR. RAINDROP by amplified is a recent discovery of mine... and I'm totally loving it ^^ Amplified is an alt-rock band formed by three 17 year-old (then) international school students in Hong Kong and discovered through Sony Music Japan's International Audition.

MR.RAINDROP was used as the 2nd ending theme (ED) to the anime Gintama. The lyrical and musical style of this song reminds me of Travis too. This is perhaps explained by the fact that amplified draws its influences from Western alt-rock bands, and that all three members have lived abroad.

The SAM yearbook, Winanga-Li, is out ne. It's alright, I guess. I think the cover and page design for this edition of the yearbook was very well done by the design team... and, hehe... the features that we did turned out quite alright as well (slashing down on the word count for various articles was a nightmare =p )

But... there's something bothering me. The features department photo, to be precise. Being slightly obsessive-compulsive and gravitating towards perfectionism... I did not look good in the photo. In fact, I think it's very obvious I looked pregnant. Urgh.

I really like the other editorial board related photos though, and K2's class profile still amuses me ^^ It's something only Tat Ren would be able to produce XD

Monday, October 08, 2007

Soundtrack of My Life

Hehe... another one of those 'music player shuffle' memes that I'm addicted to =p

Opening Credits

“Good-Bye Luv...” - Wheesung

O-kay. It's good-bye to the past and hello to new beginnings, perhaps? XD

Waking Up
“Sekai ni Hototsu Dake no Hana” - SMAP
Yay! I'll love to wake up to this song, and be reminded that 'everyone is special and unique' ^^

First Day of School
“Baby I Like You Like That (Remix)” - SE7EN
Err.. What??

Falling in Love
“Because I am a Man” - MC Mong
I beg to differ. It should be wo-man XD

Breaking Up
“Hold me Tight” - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Hold me tight, I miss your love... Aww... reminds me of *someone*

“愛に向かって (Ai ni Mukatte)” - Kanjani8
It's a happy, energetic, upbeat song... and there's 'ai (love)' in it too =p

Life’s Okay

“GOLD (ballad ver)” - KAT-TUN
Life's okay... and that's why I want to 'make it worldwide' XD

Mental Breakdown
“너에게 쓰는 편지 Part 2 (Letter to You Part 2)” - MC Mong ft Lisa
I get a mental breakdown because I love him. True enough.

“Seishun Amigo” - Shuji to Akira
Hahaha... spot on! The closing animation for Nobuta wo Produce has the two pigs on a vespa ^^

“Baby Doll -DJ Kaz ambivalence mix” - SATOMI'
I guess I used to play with dolls when I was young...

Getting Back Together
“NYAPPY in the World” - An Cafe
Whee! Happy to get back together... that's a good omen ^^

“Winter Lander!!” - AAA
Winter love? My wedding will be somewhere snowy? XD At least it's a happy love song =)

Birth of a Child
“Sugar Rush” - DreamStreet
I get a high whenever you're around... ri-ight... I guess I do like babies =p (Jesse McCartney's voice in this song is adorable XD )

Final Battle
“L-O-V-E” - JJ Lin
L-O-V-E 见面时候 说什么好. True enough, I wouldn't know how to tell my loved ones I'm 'going' soon.

Death Scene
“Yakusoku wa Iranai” - Yoko Kanno and Maaya Sakamoto
'I don't need your promises'... sounds like a very dramatic death scene =p

Funeral Song
“Nichijou Evolution” - ONE OK ROCK
'You're better anyway now'? I'm better dead o_O ??

End Credits
“If You Were I'd Be Okay” - David Choi
It's a fitting ending song, I guess. There's all the sad stuff like feeling lonely, missing someone, etc

Ah... I messed up again. I probably didn't seem very interested, I bet. Giving out all the wrong signs. Aaaargh!

But... it's absurd, isn't it, how someone can make you feel both so happy as well as crushed and anxious? I saw him today. Once again, when I least expected it. Well, Adele was a very glum girl today as both on Friday as well as this morning, I didn't get to see him.

Fortunately (or perhaps he planned it to be so, but I'm not jumping to conclusions and risk being labeled as perasan) ... I caught a glimpse of him as I was walking to wait for my mode of transport home.

He was there with his friend (I think they go back together) but at that time, silly me thought "Oh, so I'll get to see more of him later" and (curse my heels) I had to navigate my way through the parked cars as well the gratings covering the many drains in SS15 and I was shy as well, so I didn't really pay him much attention.

But.......... well, things don't always turn out the way you think it would ne.......... and I did NOT get to see more of him later.

Sigh.... that's always the problem with me. I hesitate 90% of the time when it comes to the guys I like. And even if I suspect the guy might feel the same way about me, I always have an argument ready to convince myself that he doesn't, and that I'm making a big fool out of myself.

Oh well........ pleeease kwr gun vw ib rgw vya rinieeiq niebubf?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

[Listening : Bye Bye - SS501 ]

I just don't get it. What exactly is going through his mind? Grr... One day it's like being in an extra sweet dream, and the other would be akin to living within a nightmare.

I once thought I knew where I stood in relation to him, but more than once I've had to change my opinion on the matter - both positively and negatively.

Honestly, he's harder to figure out than Sudoku or a Rubik's Cube.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Adele is in a dilemma. Well, a few dilemmas actually, but the one I'm going to 'disclose' is rather... trite XD

It's really just that I can't for the life of me decide if I should risk shattering all the ideals I've built around my beloved The Dark is Rising sequence (written by Susan Cooper, her books are awesome stuff ^^ ).

As a rule, I tend to ban myself from viewing most book adaptations as most times, I feel sorely disappointed after the show and can't quite ever view the book - that the adaptation was based on - in the same light.

But well, you see, the special effects in The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (gee, there is no book in the sequence titled The Seeker =p ) looks awesome, and the props and landscapes (I love Gothic and medieval architecture) in England look great! =)

However, evil Hollywood figures being profit-driven and all, decided that being faithful to the book - which, by the way, isn't set in the age of laptops and cell phones - would just shock the pants off Generation Y kids who *gasp* can't ever imagine life without all those cool technological gadgets.

Therefore, we instead get the movie version Will (who is the Seeker by the way) as a 21st century rather ignorant brat with a dysfunctional family (hey, the Stantons in the book were such a nice, warm bunch).

Erm... if I ever do get around to fulfill my dream of one day directing/producing a The Dark is Rising movie... do remind me to be faithful to the original, even if it involves giving me a good bashing XD

And....... Mr Director and the casting crew..... the last time I checked, Susan Cooper described Merriman as tall, thin, and with grayish hair.

So why is the movie Merriman dark haired and rotund?? Oh well. I personally believe that all actors should be given equal opportunities, so if the guy's really good as Merriman, not having him fit the book's description isn't so bad I guess.

But... he had better be terrific in the role................... =_= And... not having the majestic hawk-nosed, gray-haired, formidable Merriman is somewhat of a letdown.

So, haha... the question remains... to watch or not to watch?

P/S: The Golden Compass is coming out later this year... to watch or not to watch? XD

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hmm... was it a grimace? A small smile? A twitch of the mouth? Or was it just a reflex action? Oh well... I guess I'm the only one who knows what I'm talking about XD

Anyway, if you've got some time to spare, and you're into classical music and art, why not give Beethoven's Hair a try? =)

It's really quite a simple point-and-click interactive game with surrealistically beautiful graphics, haunting music composed by Beethoven, as well as a concise information on the maestro's life history.

The one gripe I have about Beethoven's Hair is how frustrating it was initially to make sense of the game's controls. In the game, your cursor is a butterfly, in which you use the up and down arrow keys to move, well, up and down... as well as your mouse to move around the screen.

It took a bit of practice controlling the butterfly, as well as a lucky fluke, to complete the game's first task. Nevertheless, the small tasks you'll have to perform are simple enough.

A bit of advice - do make full use of the down arrow key, as well as the in-game instructions. That should put you in good stead to complete Beethoven's Hair ^^

Oh, and the game might potentially leave you feeling thoughtful and just perhaps a little melancholy, so be warned. But at the same time, it does fill you with a glimmer of hope as well. For that reason alone, Beethoven's hair is definitely worth a try =)
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