Friday, August 31, 2007

[Listening : Best Friend - NEWS (daisuki!! ^^) ]
[Mood : I adore my NEWS! XD ]

Credits: jkly04

Yes, I'm very very close to pre-ordering Never Ending Wonderful Story Taiwan Edition from YesAsia. And I want to do it soon, to get hold of the Limited Edition version. Muahahaha... it's the version with the 24 page booklet... and fromt he scans I've seen (some posted above), the pics are absolutely yummy! ^^

So far, almost every review I've read has been very favorable ^^ But almost everyone who bought the DVD and invested time to review it would be a NEWS fan XD

Hahaha... sorry if I sound delirious... fangirling does that to even the sanest of people =p Now, please excuse me while I go stare at Never Ending Wonderful Story.

P/S: This was really touching. Uchi-kun, we're all waiting to see you in concert again... as a performer and not just a spectator ne!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

[Listening : Bingo - Koyote ^^ ]

Some of Koyote's (awesome Korean dance pop group) songs always somehow manage to lighten my spirits a little. I am still confused... but I really can't afford to dwell on it. I already have too much on my mind, and I've got to empty the cache of thoughts in my mind that are of him (easier said than done =_= ) and Tze Yin's going to skin me alive later since I forgot to log in to MSN messenger again, for the 2nd day in a row, to discuss our IT project. So sorry!

And know what?? I miss Aaron too..... even though half the time I feel more depressed and bothered after speaking to him. That is, unless he did not have too busy a day and is in a good mood, and that's rare.

And... Adele realizes (not for the 1st time la XD ) ... that hols are well and all... but more than a few days of hols and I go nuts. I really did miss having some sort of 'aim' and productive schedule (classes at college) rather than getting up REALLY late (just in time for lunch =p ), sleeping REALLY late, lazing around and staring at the computer screen.

Because you see, Adele runs on 'kiasu-ism'. In other words, if I don't feel motivated (and I usually don't when I'm at home), I'll hardly touch my school work. And I missed my friends, both old and new!! What will I do without my ex-5A-in-Taylor's gang after finishing SAM (and the dreadful torture of long hols start)? Drive (assuming by then that I'm able to, and that I actually can) all the way to Taylor's to visit you guys? Only Wye Luun and I will be out of college by then.

Speaking of old friends from 5A... the very first person in our group to leave overseas will be departing for Russia soon. Yup, Kevin will be leaving to study medicine middle of next month, on JPA scholarship. And Wye Luun will be going India next year. Jen will be heading abroad too after she's completed CAL. And me? Well, I could be doing a twinning programme here, or in Australia (although it's unlikely I'll be there as soon as next year) or in Singapore (I admit, Singapore sounds more & more attractive... but I feel like I'm letting myself get disappointed since NUS and NTU are soooooo hard to get in).

Sigh... what if I get suicidal again without the steadying presence of school/college and supportive friendship to take my mind off darker thoughts? I don't want to sink into the black hole of serious depression again.

Oh, but there's happy NEWS! Haha... pun fully intended XD My fav Johnny's group - NEWS - will be releasing the Taiwan version of their Never Ending Wonderful Story (GREAT acronym. I'm sure fangirls can relate to that =p ) concert DVD!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I'm MORE than happy, I'm delirious with JOY! I guess I'll either have to wait and see if there will be a VCD vesion and whether I cna get it from Singapore, or preorder it online ASAP from YesAsia. Since there's free shipping, I guess YesAsia could work out. the DVD's expensive though. Almost RM119 for the limited edition and RM109 for the normal ed.

This is still fantastic NEWS XD though! My fav guys (hahaha... kidding =p) were previously on hiatus for most of 2006, and I've yet to watch one of their concerts on DVD. Needless to say, I love my ARASHI 2003 concert VCD to bits XD

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Darn! 'He' is even harder to figure out than Qarizmi was. I mean, Qarizmi was quite hard to interpret (I wrote a poem all about that 'oh-so-frustrating-yet-fascinating-topic' >_< ) ... but this particular guy (well, Gary and Jen know who) is like an extra tough nut that refuses to crack open or an excruciatingly tough jigsaw puzzle that's impossible to solve. And at least Qarizmi and I were on a greeting basis.

I STILL think he has got to be pretty dense if he didn't realize who it was that he vkixjws (no, I didn't trip on my keyboard or anything. It's deliberately in technobabble). Granted, I kixjws nt oedukw... but do I look THAT different without my glasses??!!

But the thing is.... well.... Adele keeps getting her hopes buoyed up. I mean, something will happen to make me wonder if perhaps he is interested and perhaps he REALLY didn't know that it was me. It's not my fault for thinking so if he freaking vkixja me and then happily goes and aur near nw when there are plenty of other seats NOT near me, right? Or if he seems to once in awhile look interested (or is that just my overactive imagination and hyper sensitivity?)?? *Groan*

Oh well. And predictably, Gary did make remarks concerning 'him' since he knows that I like 'him'. What's this about 'him' not falling on me this morning huh, Gary-kun?? XD

Saturday, August 25, 2007

[Listening : Linda Linda - The Blue Hearts ^^ ]
[Mood : 'Rinda Rinda' -ness ]

Honestly, Linda Linda Linda should be compulsory viewing for all film aficionados, especially those who like their movies subtle and understated.

A quick cheat sheet for the unacquainted: A group of Japanese high school girls are preparing to perform at the School Rock Festival. Three days before the fest, the guitarist injures her hand, leading to an argument between the keyboardist and vocalist. Their search for a lead singer leads them to a shy Korean exchange student (Bae Du-Na) who barely speaks the language and can't really carry a tune. Will they be ready in time for the fest?

Bae Du Na was excellent as Son, the quirky Korean exchange student who has 3 days to learn to sing 3 covers of The Blue Hearts' songs albeit not even having a strong understanding of the Japanese language. Some of the film's more memorable scenes are the ones in which she plays a pivotal role. For example, when she tries to rent a karaoke room, and when she addresses an imagined crowd in a deserted school hall on an empty stage.

Although Linda Linda Linda is a tad slow and a lot is left to the conclusion of the dear intelligent viewer (ah, a film that refreshingly doesn't assume it's audience are shrimp brained morons)... it's heartwarming without seeming contrived, and with an underlying humour that peppers many of the scenes throughout the nearly 2 hour long film.

Furthermore, it's also a tale about friendship and life experiences that only youth can bring - such as forming an all girl band for a school rock festival. Hilariously, the said festival doesn't seem to be much of an event, with the gym where it's held scarcely filled with small clusters of preoccupied and bored-looking students. That is, until the rain brings in those seeking shelter... and gradually, quite a crowd builds up in time for the finale XD

And, Linda Linda is an awesome song! Unable to get the chorus of 'Linda Linda! Linda Linda Linda!' out of my consciousness, I had to look up The Blue Hearts and it turns out that they were a popular punk band in the late 80s and early 90s. Sugoii na! ^_~

Linda Linda Linda was brought to my attention quite by accident. Curiosity kicked in after reading the plot outline, as it's one of the films featured as part of the ongoing Japanese Film Festival at major GSC cinemas. But no, that's not where I got my Linda Linda Linda fix. I gave up on the hope that someone might actually be interested to watch this with me. So, I'm not proud of it, but I turned to crunchyroll instead.

If you've got the time and RM5 to spare, do check the movie schedule for the film festival and catch it at the pre-designated GSC cinema. It'll be worth it ^^ and do ask me along to if you're going XD

Now, please excuse me while I check if crunchyroll has Kamome Diner =)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

[Listening : Sayonara Deja Vu - Ore Ska Band ]
[Mood : Warm ^^ ]

Japanese fashions are gorgeous. Haha... yeah, although Adele is a self confessed non-fashionista, I have to admit that I really love some (expensive... what in Japan isn't?) Japanese fashion labels. CECIL McBEE, L'EST ROSE, LAISSE PASSE, and pretty much what they feature on Ebihara Yuri and other models in CanCam and other fashion magazines.

From L'EST ROSE's collection. Yup, I love the 'ribbon look' ^^

Debut de Fiore by LAISSE PASSE. I'll love to have that as my prom dress =p

Pic's kind of blur, but it's a beautifully adorned watch from Foppish.

LAISSE PASSE. I adore trench coats, and the bag is so pretty + elegant ^^

From Cecil McBee. This brand's HUGE in Japan.

But... Japanese fashion being Japanese fashion, shoes only go up to US size 7 (lol, I wonder if I can find shoes if I'm ever desperately in need of one in Japan XD) and I think I'm borderline 8, unless Malaysian sizes are smaller than US sizes. And apparently many fashionable boutiques only carry one size (Japanese girls are seriously petite and small boned =p ) One of the times where having a larger sized bust is not necessarily enviable XD I don't think my bust will fit into half the clothing in Japan.

Which brings me back to last December. I was at this cute little boutique in Australia, admiring the vast array of very trendy styles and optimistically thinking... this is a Western country where they have bigger chest sizes and more generous body shapes, so a not-so-petite Asian gal like me should be able to find something. Wrong! Most of the sizes ended at M, which I swear should really be S. Granted, it was Christmas season and the shop was having a sale, so mostly hard-to-sell sizes were left. But sheesh! >_<

On to Paradise: LAISSE PASSE :: Cecil McBee :: Stylife :: Tokyo Nolita

Monday, August 20, 2007

[Listening : Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's ]
[Mood : I wish I could do that 'Hallelujah Chance' thing from Proposal Daisakusen ]

Sigh... even though I said I would give up on him... well, sensitive girls being sensitive girls, sometimes I over interpret signs and get my hopes up when in reality, those perhaps meant nothing special at all. Darn... I still really like him!! >_<

Adele has a new phone. A spiffy new phone. And Adele has gone Mongol 800 mad. To be more precise, I'm nuts over Mongol 800's Chiisana Koi no Uta(was an insert song in ProDai) . Do not be surprised to hear it blaring through my phone's speakers whenever I receive a call. You have been given fair warning ^_<

Tata for now.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

[Listening : I'm Not Missing You - Stacie Oricco ]
[Mood : Pensive ]

Oh, Oh
I'm not missing you
Been through just about everything that I could go through
When it comes to relationships
Don't know what I was missing or why I ain't listen
When I told myself that was it
Now here I go, hurt again
Cause of my curiosity
Now that it's over
What else could it be, he just had to cheat

I made a promise never to settle
Why didn't I keep it?
Cause I hated the heartbreak
Crying and cheating, the fooling around

(But) I'm not missing you
I'm not going through the motions
Waiting and hoping you call me
I'm not missing you
You might have had me open
But I must be going because
I got life to do
I know I'm usually hanging on
I used to hate to see you gone
But this time it's different
I don't even feel the distance
I'm not missing
I'm not missing you

It's a shame in a way cause
I feel that I may not ever find the right one for me
Did I leave him, is he right in front of my face oh
Will my true love ever be?
Why would I go on a search again
When I know what the end will be
What good is love when it keeps on hurting me?

I made a promise never to settle
Why didn't I keep it?
Cause I hated the heartbreak
Crying and cheating, the fooling around

Chorus x 2

No I can't be with you
Cause I'm scared felt like I was falling when you left me
I can't keep going through life
Unaware of what I missed
And the person I could be
Love's good when it's right
And when it's left in your memory
All the times I let you down
I guess love will be nice for someone else's life

(But) I'm not missing you
I'm not going through the motions
Waiting and hoping you call me
I'm not missing you
You might have had me open
But I must be going because
I got life to do
I know I'm usually hanging on
I used to hate to see you gone (I used to hate it)
Oh different, oh feel the distance
I'm not missing
I'm not missing you

I'm not going through the motions
Waiting and hoping you call me (knockin' at my door)
You might have had me open
But I must be going because (it's the best day of my life)
I know I'm usually hanging on
I used to hate to see you gone
Oh different, feel the distance
I'm not missing
I'm not missing you I'm not missing you (oh baby)
I'm not missing you
I'm so over you

I love this song! It always evokes a lot of emotion in me as the lyrics are simply awesome. It's really so easy to relate to for anyone who has ever been in such a situation, and I kept humming this song after "the breakup'" - although I did and still do miss him.

It really does relieve some of the pain, frustration, and bottled up angst. Although the one song that REALLY makes me all nostalgic is Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby. That isn't 'his' song though.

It was just another song to me until I got teary-eyed on the way back from tuition after closely listening to the lyrics for the first time. At that time, I was regretting not treasuring and appreciating Navin more when I still had him. Together with my particularly melancholic thoughts, the song seemed to be expressing what i felt so acutely that it struck a chord in me. And in a way, I guess he'll always be a part of me since he was my first bf, and the one I had a crush on (albeit on and off) for 3 years.

It was the same with I'm Not Missing You too, when i first heard it after breaking up with 'he-whom-I-cannot-name'.

By the way, Aaron very creatively (well, in my opinion) 'transformed' My Chemical Romance's 'I Don't Love You' into a Malay patriotic song. Well, I thought he was a tad half-baked too at first, but after listening to it, I have to admit that I like it ^^

And... the anguish and misery that follows after every heart-wrenching and demoralizing blow to my 'Red and White Army'... continues. They lost last night to Norwich. Norwich! The team I used to laugh at! This very unfortunately signifies that Southampton has lost all of its last 3 games - 2 within Championship context and 1 Carling Cup match. But Adele still loves her team!

She is also not too sane, having invested time into downloading a Southampton screensaver (it's really very good and informative! Just what a Saints deprived gal needs! =p ) and risking possible strained relationships with various family members by forcing Southampton down their throats. Well, at least I don't have a Saints wallpaper too. But... I pity my hard drive. A little bird told me that my 4GB music collection, goodness knows how many scanlations (I've lost count), delicious pics of various J and K artistes, and vids are little better than a pronounced death sentence for my C Drive.

Hey, with a tagline like "
While your computer snoozes you can enjoy a selection of eye-catching Club images, player profiles, Club information and much more!", it was too hard to resist. I rest my case.

Friday, August 17, 2007

[Music : Shunkan, Strobo - Hoshimura Mai ^^ ]
[Mood : Stuffed XD ]

8th August - Mummy's Birthday

Dinner was at a Thai restaurant (Sri Thai, if I'm not mistaken) at PJ State. Mum had been wanting to try the food there since the day she dropped me off at the restaurant for a Rotary PJ sponsored lunch/tea (the portions were too huge to be just tea =p ) after I was elected to ICSAS' BOD. The decor there is really warm and inviting... however, we found the food mediocre and a little too localized to be truly Thai.

The astonishingly and fascinatingly grand middle-of-nowhere D' Chiang Mai Thai restaurant at Sg Buloh definitely has better food. Truth be told, I couldn't quite recall how the food at Sri Thai tasted like since I didn't really eat much the first time I was there. Imagine the situation: a classy restaurant, BODs from other Interact Clubs sponsored by Rotary PJ, and at least half of us trying to look chic and elegant - not really a good time to be a foodie and savour the food huh?

The birthday girl looking radiant and resplendent in black ^^

sister to sister; aunt to aunt XD

My Mims and I =)

Mum with my little bro

The cute dome-shaped Chantilly (fruit and light cream) cake from R.T. Pastry ^^

Bro eyeing the cake rather possessively =p

12th August - The day where 1 arrives closely followed by 8

Jen and Gary in a bout of Aikido V Karate-do XD

I bet whatever it was must have been funny... judging by Jen and Auli's expressions XD

Best friends ^^

My F1 kakis... with all 3 of us supporting different teams, convos can get pretty interesting =p

Jen trying to pick a "fight" with Wye Luun

Group pic =)

The house, candles and all, from outside

Makan time... yum yum =9

Auli and Wye Luun

The cake... Sinful Chocolate Mousse (albeit it wasn't too rich for our "delicate" palettes) also from R.T. Pastry (followed stepdad all the way to Subang SS15 from DJ to collect it)... Adele's fav ^^

Another group pic =p The lady in the background's my godmother-aunty

Cousin Eliza with my bro Ken =)

Aah... it's lighted up now. My name's (miss)spelled as "Adeline" instead of "Adelina" XD

Family pic... Stepdad was quite reluctant at fist, but we managed to rope him in XD

Making the customary secret wish(es) ^^

Cutting of the cake

Smile =)


Haha.... was trying to do a "Race Queen" poser thing.... but I'm as far from being a Race Queen as can be, although I think it'll be an interesting experience + get to meet hot drivers XD My hair was sooo freaking messy
[Listening : Ai Uta- GReeeen ^^ ]
[Mood : Sleepiness & confusion does not a good combination make XD ]

Now Gary thinks 'that guy' might *possibly* be interested. But Adele still thinks otherwise. Too many signs point towards the conclusion I have come to, and that I should just stick to my current policy of 'ignore, show no interest (well, at least I'm trying) and play it cool'. I so don't want to come across as stalker-ish or thick-skinned (should my conclusion be true, and it most likely is).

Gary's other conclusion is that 'that guy' may be gay XD Haha... I highly doubt it, but I will admit that the mere thought left me pretty tickled. Adele is evil =p Oh, and Gary said something else related to 'that guy', but since it wasn't something nice although he was merely stating a fact derived from everyday observation, I'm not going to reproduce what he said here. Only that it made Adele somewhat amused, in a good way XD

Ever since I made a pact with myself to give up on him though, I do feel that although I still can't be within a foot away from him without feeling all tensed up, I'm starting to loosen up. Although I don't think even acquaintanceship wit him would be possible, I guess there could still be a sliver of a chance that I might just be able to have some form of communication with him. Well, for now, it's still dream on but I'm not going to overly concern myself regarding this matter.

And it's been working wonders too, to have him off of my mind. I can proudly say that my 'ignore and block out' tactic worked this Monday during Accounting common test as all the newly cleared space in my mind helped me to a B16 for that test... even though he was in the same room and just a few rows away.

Adele, you've got to maintain this form in order to get that elusive offer to a good law school. Or even into some course at Melbourne, NUS or NTU! Fight! XD

Monday, August 13, 2007

Adele is blessed. The next time, before going into a tirade of complaints centered around my non-existent love life or my kiasu-ism... I will think twice and remember the millions of sorely disadvantaged children and adults in various countries, and count my blessings. Although I may be currently traumatized by that idiot bf-less and likely to go for SAM prom pathetically dateless or without the guy of my dreams XD ... those are but really tiny matters compared to starvation, war, etc.

I've got caring relatives who worked themselves to the bone today just to give me a blast of an 18th birthday, friends who came to celebrate with me even though one lives quite far away in Shah Alam and 3 of them have tests tomorrow, and a lot of good food to eat today. Which brings us back once again to the fact that while everyone was stuffed with food (and I had birthday buffet lunch at Renaissance Hotel as a treat too), there are way too many people out in the world who haven't had a single morsel to eat today. Every ten seconds, at least 2 people die from starvation.

Truly, I feel very very blessed and fortunate.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My last post as a lass of 17. Ah, the nostalgia XD

Well, what better to post about than one of two teams (the other being Ferrari) that are able to bring out all the spirit in me. When it comes to Southampton FC and Ferrari's F1 team... Adele can be one semangat-ed and garang gal =p

Anyway, the match between Saints and Crystal Palace is going on right now... and although it will be the perfect gift if Saints win... CP is currently leading by one goal. The eternal SFC optimist in Adele says: Well, if we don't win, let's just hope the goal difference is only by one. If we do win, GREAT! It'll be our first start of season win since 1988, and certainly the first at St Mary's. Either way, I'm darn proud to be a Saint =]

But I really really admire Leeds' fans. To be able to keep faith and stay loyal as you see your club being embroiled in turmoil after turmoil, plunging from being legends of Premiership status to unglamorous-and-gritty First Division to doubly-unglamorous-and-doubly-gritty Second Division must be awfully tough. To all Leeds' fans who've stayed behind the team through the rock bottom moments and uncertainty, I sincerely salute you.

I hope I can be as good a Saints supporter.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hehe... Aaron Yip Jun Hoe. One of my two best male friends. Budding photographer. Smart cookie. Athletic. Musical (to some extent XD ) . Rival in English. *wink*

Why am I 'featuring' him? =p Haha... I guess I just suddenly miss him quite a bit. He's my anchor of sanity (and also insanity, go figure XD ); the 'big brother' who (sometimes =p ) looks after me, comforts me (although at times the opposite happens), once tutored me in math and physics, gets annoyed when I add a -kins after his name, and gives invaluable advice... although technically speaking, he's younger than me ^_~

Darn.... Double A, I miss your steady reassurance!!
I give up. Uncharacteristic of me, but this time I do. Truly. End of story. And I'm not even going to be a drama queen about it.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Aah... the decisive moment in life when you will have to decide on your next course of action regarding tertiary education.

So many choices, and yet so many limiting factors right? I 'm pretty much undecided on what I actually want to major in.. and even which institutes of higher education I'll apply for. But by hook or by crook, I've got to at least have a solid blueprint of my educational future by this Friday as *ta-da*... this Saturday is Taylor's Placement Day (or something like that) and my dad has (un)fortunately made a date with me to visit college on that day.

Actually, I DO know what I want to pursue *coughfilmstudies&ancienthistorycough* but since it's been vetoed by my concerned parents... that leaves:

Law (since I like to debate, argue and find loopholes XD )
Business Administration (so I can one day have my all-in-one Japanese concept store - Happy Berry - and cozy cafe ^^ )
Mass Comm (journalism perhaps? Or PR, although I write better than I speak =p )
English (but this is really one of the last options adey)
[Mood : Emo-ing... but somewhat happier ]

Aug 11th's the start of the Championship season for Southampton!! ^^ It's a little scary though... they're facing Crystal Palace, quite a formidable opponent there... and things aren't as promising as would be ideal in the SFC camp.

Sure, pre-season has been relatively good... but Svarstad (what club and where the hell is that? Russia?), Exeter and Millwall? It would be a major embarrassment if we didn't beat them. And as usual, lots of politics going on behind the scenes. Boardroom tussles are fast becoming the norm, and all fans share George Burley's concern that Saints' defence is probably one of the weakest links that could make play-offs (let's not even think about automatic promotion) beyond reach for the 07/08 season.

But... I still think we've got one of the best (in terms of loyalty) fan bases ^^ Haha... it takes quite a lot to be a Saints fan. Politics, managerial musical chairs (it's shocking how many managers we've had in the past 10 years XD ), temperamental performances (occasional spurts of brilliance and sometimes downright bad playing) and non of the glamour of the EPL. Still, because we love the club and it's traditionally a family supported club (although I'm the first in my family =p ) ... we stick by the club through thick and thin. That DOES NOT mean we take whatever crap that's shoved down our throats though. Once again, because we love the club to pieces... the British Saints fans can become very garang when the need arises XD


The official ground name at opening was 'The Friends Provident St Mary's Stadium'. Initially the club wanted the ground to be named purely after the sponsors, but fan pressure influenced the decision to include a non-commercial title, and hence the ground is now nearly always referred to simply as 'St Mary's'. It is a rare example of fans successfully influencing club stadium naming policy in recent years, and one which earned Southampton fans respect amongst many other football fans.

Things like this makes one proud to be a 'Saint' XD

Besides, there are benefits. Club spirit is as awesome as the fans, the training academy has produced some wonderful footballers, we've had English football legends who stayed loyal to the club like Matt Le Tissier (he rejected moves to AC Milan and Chelsea FC, and tore up a contract he signed with Tottenham Hotspur F.C. in 1991), and St Mary's is the most architecturally beautiful stadium in the South Coast.

Therefore, the eternal Saints optimist in me will be eagerly anticipating this Saturday's match... and it'll be fantastic if we win... but if we lose, thank goodness it's only the first match of the season and there's still time to turn the tide in our favour. After all, SFC is renowned for perseverance and 'last-minute' inspired playing. Viva la Southampton Football Club.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sorry... didn't mean to make back to back posts... but.... just had to after discovering something XD

There's going to be major fangirling, so be warned *wink*

Well, you know you're out of tune with the world of JE (esp Johnny's Jr.) when you see a new unit that apparently everyone in JE fandom is talking about and all you can do is stare blankly at the surnames of half the group members, trying to dig deeper into your memory to recall if you've ever heard of them before...

Turns out that I have (recognized the kanji for their names) but... but... I can't say I've ever paid much attention to most of them. Hey!Say!7! (Johnny's has a penchant for weird name ne, but this is in my opinion one of the better ones XD ) is Nakajima Yuto, Takaki Yuya, Arioka Daiki, Chinen Yuuri and Yamada Ryosuke's new Johnny's Jr unit and there has been much speculation that they could be debuting sooner or later. Why? First of all, there's been an unusually large amount of attention showered on them, and they've released a single (but not a debut single) as their songs Hey!Say! and BON BON are the OP and ED for the Lovely Complex anime.

They might not be the first to have a non-debut single (Yax3 did that in 2002, and they've yet to debut) but Johnny's might have big plans for them from what I've read. Yuto's already a rising star in JE with impressive credentials, and his performance in Nobuta wo Produce was really good... so he's probably one of the current forerunners for a major debut. Besides, now with KAT-TUN having debuted, it's anyone's guess whether one of the current units will be given their debut or will Johnny's shuffle the members of the various units to form a new debut group (like they did with NEWS).

So far, I would say that H!S!7 do have the looks, their vocals by Johnny's standards are not bad and they're around the age (13/14-17 years) where Johnny's might seriously consider grooming them for debut. If they do though, it'll cause as much uproar as when NEWS debuted because it'll mean the end for some Jr units (K.K.Kity and 4Tops after NEWS debuted). Personally, which Jr unit gets to debut doesn't really affect me that much anymore as.... I'm starting to feel too old for Johnny's Jr. Even in H!S!7... there are only 2 members above the age of 16. The whole point of the name Hey!Say! 7 is that all members were born in the Heisei era (1990 onwards) and the unit was formed in 2007. 17 and 16 is still alright to me, but when a Jr's younger than 14... you start to feel like a pedophile XD

Anyway, pics time ^^

Chinen Yuuri (2nd from left) has.... grown XD Haha... the last time I saw him he still had a cute baby-face. Yuto as well, looks more mature now =]

Chinen, Yamada, Nakajima, Takaki, Arioka. All of them look pretty cute here esp Takaki, and except Arioka =p

And... well, the single is typical genki Johnny's that's why JE fangirls like JE in the first place... and perhaps even more so since the voices of some of the younger ones have yet to break (notably in I wo Kure), but Adele loves the single ^^

I really have to go watch Lovely Complex ^^ Hehe... first TegoMasu did great OP (Kiss ~ Keaerimichi no Love Song) and ED (Kimi+Boku=Love?) themes for it, and now there's Hey!Say! and BON BON. There's been somewhat of a switch though. Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song was a slower, more laid-back OP while Hey!Say! starts things off fast, and ends the series on a slower & sweeter note with BON BON. But as with TegoMasu, I actually prefer the ED theme.

Lol... it's like they decided to re-use the sets and props from Shuuji to Akira's Seishun Amigo, and merge it with NewS Nippon's space-ship/white bubble concept XD There's some bad choreographing thrown in as well. But the MV's quite cute since they all look so chibi in it except Takaki who's quite tall. Definitely reminds me a lot of News Nippon and Seishun Amigo though =)

Further reading:!_Say!_7 (pretty entertaining read =p ) funny comments towards the end ^^ )

P/S : Adele can finally have her little sips of wine (i'm a good girl =p usually it's just little sips, unless it's like at Aunty Joyce's party and I had three different types) and not feel guilty in a few days' time.... Muahaha... not that I'm going to turn all Drew Barrymore and become alcoholic la XD
Adele is an idiot XD In my last post about the three J-Rock bands that make my day, it should actually be 4... because ONE OK ROCK is way up there with An Cafe, ELLEGARDEN and B'z in my 'rabu-rabu' list =p

There's not one single OOR song I dislike (well, I like some more than others, but overall I could listen to all their songs on repeat ^^ ) and their progress from amateurs to Indies rock group wannabe to full fledged rockers is fascinating.

I won't go into introducing OOR, since I've already done a pretty long write up on them in my Vox blog some time ago. Instead, I'll plunge right into their new single *yay!* =p

Tsutomu Tsutomu ~ Yume Yume ~ consists of two songs (thank goodness... short and sweet, no instrumental versions) - Tsutomu Tsutomu ~ Yume Yume and Karasu. Let's start with TT~YY. OOR's sound this time round is somewhat different from their previous singles, and thus TT~YY seems to have more... funk in it. There's more of this electronica sound to it, which actually makes TT~YY seem a little like a cross between J Rock and J Techno. I can't say that I like this style much, but on a positive note, Taka sounds great and Toru's rapping's more polished now.

Karasu time. Out of the two tracks, this is the one which I prefer as it sounds more like the usual OOR. I really love the sound of electronic guitars, and Alex and Toru definitely don't disappoint. In Karasu, it's their turn to shine as although Taka's vocals still sound good... Alex and Toru totally steal the show with their guitar riffs.

Overall though... I prefer their previous effort - Naihi Shinsho. I have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed. But still, it's a good attempt by OOR that's sure to win them more fans. By next year, I predict these guys should have a pretty solid underground following considering the amount of local and overseas fans being converted through live gigs, word of mouth, blogs and mp3 rotations XD

On to TTYY's MV. Yes, I was crazy enough to download all 68+ MB of it =p It's their best quality MV so far, and this time they could actually fit a few more extras into their budget. Hehe... yup, girls, people... girls in their MV. And for the very first time it's not the schizophrenic goth-vamp type seen in Naihi Shinsho but quite hot looking ones... the guys must have been real happy XD Erm... but what in the world is Taka wearing?? And as usual.... there's too much Taka and Toru and too little close-ups of the others. I want to see Alex!! =p

P/S: I should write in my Vox blog more ^_~ Google ONE OK ROCK and somewhere down along the first page you'll come across my Vox entry on them. I'm honoured perasannya ^^

Saturday, August 04, 2007

3 J-Rock Bands that Make My Day :

An(tic) Cafe

Life would be dull without this bunch of crazy guys XD Putting fun into J rock and oshare kei, don't be deceived by their seemingly happy sounding songs though. Often, look behind the flamboyance and you'll find deep lyrics that are surprisingly relevant and easy to relate to. Oh, and if I tend to over-use the words nyappy (happy) and tiramisu... blame it on the cafeko in me =p

Ever since Bou left, the new line-up has yet to release new material. Their next release would be on the 22nd, so let's see if there are any significant changes in their 'sound'

Favs: Nyappy in the World, Super Rabbit, Ese Urunai, Smile Ichiban ii Onna, Merrymaking

Bou's last live with An Cafe. Super Rabbit + Tekesuta Kousen ^^

Nyappy in the World 2. Miku is so cute, running around and jumping about ^^ And he says 'nyappy' at the end too XD


Ah, another band life wouldn't be as 'happening' without *wink* No J rock collection is complete without ELLEGRADEN. They're one of the few Japanese bands (rock or otherwise) that actually sing in English, and coherently too *claps* A mixture of punk and rock, they remind me of Blink182 and Sum41, both of which I like to some extent ^^ Plus, they've got some of the most creative (or weird if you prefer XD ) single and album titles, and good lyrics too.

Favs: Alternative Plans (awesomeness!), Marry Me, My Friend is Falling Down, The Autumn Song, Bored of Everything


The granddaddies of J rock were and still are my fav rock group. They've got an amazing history of success behind them, and one would be hard pressed to find someone in Japan between the ages of 10 and 50 who can't tell you that B'z is a rock group. Their music style is traditional rock... with lots of hand waving, head pounding and catchy guitar riffs.

Favs: Ai no Bakudan, Pierrot, Shodou, Love me, I love You, Banzai
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