Monday, November 05, 2007

Hahaha.... please excuse me, I do feel like breaking out in maniacal laughter. Well, a bit la. Of all times to come down with a viral infection, I had to do so today. The first day of finals, and the paper which is my greatest hope - ESL.

Actually, I agree that it wasn't a pleasant paper, but it wasn't that bad either. Perhaps I'm used to the Australian accent and all, as the main grouse I have about listening comprehension isn't the speakers accent but the decision on which points to put into my anwers. Basically, I felt that there was quite bit of repetition regarding the points (how many times was bla bla bla animal eating native fauna/animals mentioned anyway?)

And guess what........ I forgot to do paragraphing for Section B. Bye bye A20. I guess I'm worried about extended response as well. This year, they actually incorporated graphs into the articles given. Huh?? Usually, graphs are provided independent of corresponding articles, and to make matters worse, this time the graphs took a little figuring out to finally seem logical. And, not being disrespectful to any Muslims, but how in the world do you cite Muslim names again?! In the end, I just gave the guy's full name. Oh well.

At least the topics for listening comprehension were interesting. Hey, I learned a new word, k? Feral is defined by my trusty Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary as farm animals that have escaped and live freely on the land (or something like that). Besides, did you know that there's such a thing as as a species named Bilby?

In case SAM-ians are curious to know what a Bilby - native to Australia, how in the world can we ever forget - looks like after this species has effectively been carved into our little gray cells thanks to listening comprehension, here's one:

Have to admit, it looks shoooo adowable XD

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