Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I miss this place XD

Adele's updating tomorrow after her assignment gets submitted! ^^ Rushing to put the final touches to it right now ;)

Had a really busy and hectic Aidilfitri hols even though I don't really celebrate it =P

Hope everyone's well and in good spirits!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling slightly more cheerful ^^

Hehe, I think it's the effect of chamomile tea. The taste is hard to get used to, but the effects are good... so.... it's all good! XD

bliss :)

My aunt brought back the tea from UK as a gift and I think it's only available locally, so I'm trying to make the 20 sachets last longer :P

I've managed to add more (hopefully substantial) words to my assignment and replied to most of moi's cbox messages. Yay!

Twitter and FB will have to wait though :(

Oh, as a quick read, MSN's Hot or Not fashion article on the Venice Film Festival photo call caught my eye.


Agree with some, but disagree with quite a lot of the decisions.

This was voted Hot, but I think it's a tad on the safe and boring side.

Another Hot outfit I didn't like. Maybe make the dress that tiny bit longer? Seems more like a long top....

I like this outfit! ^^ ... But guess what, it got voted Not.

Definitely a HOT! ^^

Rawr! It's a HOT ;)
My blog darlings, I'll get back to y'all soon k?

Just handed in an assignment today, and already have another major one due next week =(

Feeling so emo and tired, although I know I shouldn't - it's my last assignment for the rest of the semester! Should be grateful for that...

But... Lots of things to do for this particular biggie worth 35% of the final grade.

Hopefully the blues fly away by tomorrow =)

The good times ^^

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breezin' through ^^

I'm feeling better and hopefully the sore throat won't take a turn for the worst. Managed to catch up with Managerial Economics assignment today.

Gosh do I detest formulas and calculations =.=

But, but, but..... something more cheery! =D

Space Munkeys XD

Sorry for the blah expression =P

First time taking pics with 3D glasses on. Weird experience indeed, hehe.

The pic's taken by KF and his cam, hence the overall 'look' is slightly different from mine.

Oh, and I finally watched The Cabinet of Dr Caligari!

It's an old, old, old (XD) film that we're encouraged to watch as part of Screen Theories and Techniques, although the movie's no longer in the syllabus.

Up for a not-so-scary, silent, horror film? =P


P/S: P.C. Ichigo Ramen saw a gorgeous blue party dress for sale at big-a-BOO blogshop!

It's her size and looks like it would fit really well on curvier babes ^^ Unfortunately though, she can't think of a reason to spend RM65 on an Australian import party dress she'll rarely wear.

Head on over if you're interested, before she changes her mind ;)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just a short pop ^^

Compare and contrast:

Lady Gaga loosely interpreting Coldplay's Viva la Vida

The Original

Personally like both :)

Now I can finally understand the fuss over Lady Gaga's musical education. I love the jazzy interpretation of Viva la Vida. The trick is just not to compare it with Coldplay's.

Lady Gaga sounds vocally more impressive than Chris Martin when it's live and acoustic though, or it could be due to the video quality.

Either way, I love both versions :D

P/S: Not feeling well today. Waited 1 hour+ to see the doctor >.<

Monday, September 07, 2009

What Adele did today.....

:: Watched Up in 3D

My first time going 3D at a local cinema! And boy oh boy was Up nice ^^ I didn't expect the show to be romantic (this element of Up's hardly advertised) or to burst into tears ;)

Embarrassing, k? Was sniffing away and KF got so worried that I had to tell him I was crying because some of the scenes were so moving, and that yes I'm okay XD

I loveeee colourful ballons :)

Adorable cast of characters ^^

I'm just afraid that after this, I'll always want to watch shows in 3D. Expensive! Let's see... G-Force, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, A Christmas Carol............. *stares at empty purse* =P

:: Used my RM20 L'Occitane Bday Voucher

Got a revitalizing essential oils blend to use with my RM 5 Hinode shop diffuser XD The blend costs so much more than the diffuser =.=

Lovely scent- not too strong

Hopefully it'll help during stressful and tiring times ^^

:: Got a foundation sample from Clinique

Read about the 7-day trial foundation and custom-fit offer from My Women Stuff and since I was at 1U today, I thought... why not? ;)

The SA though, not what I expected =.= KF said it's probably because she's more comfortable conversing in Mandarin.

She came off a lil rude and pushy, and kept recommending that I switch back to the anti-blemish range (it dried out my skin so much last time that I had even more breakouts >.< ) .

But anyway, freebies are always nice and my trial foundation is Superbalanced in #27 :)

:: Pumped Petrol for the 1st Time

Okay, why am I even mentioning this? XD

But yup, I did it with KF's guidance! Now I know which side of the car the fuel tank is located at. Ha!

::Almost Finished Screen Theories & Techniques Assignment

Love the subject, dying with the assignment XD

It's seriously scary.... the 2,500 word essay carries 50% of the final marks for the subject. It's either you =) or =( with 2,500 words.

~ Off to watch some anime before sleeping. Ta-ta for now =)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yay! Finally blogging again! =D

Sometime back, I decided I want a lomo camera and started doing research into this field *randomness* XD

It seemed like my kind of thing - just shoot and have fun capturing stuff on film. But, I concluded lomos are overpriced and decided normal old skool film camera would do.

Guess I won't be needing one though. My 3.0 megapixel phone camera and 4.0 megapixel digicam produces lomo-esque pics because of my 'artsy' photography skills =P

The oldest and most well known Catholic church in Melaka

By the Melaka River

These two places are right in the heart of Melaka's city center and just within walking distance from my grandmother's townhouse =)

Bizarre XD

This picture happened quite by accident XD My hand moved during the process and thus, the end product produced a 'fail' picture but one that is in the lomo tradition =P

Me and my 'excellent' photo taking skills, hehe.

So what say you? Is lomography just an excuse for bad photography, lazyness to digitally edit pictures, or a form of art?
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