Saturday, November 17, 2007

Adele has just heard some good NEWS (pun fully intended XD ) ~! Haha... icky finals have made things so hectic that the release of NEWS' new single and album passed me by on the 7th without moi even having a clue about the releases =p

Daddy.... are you going to Singapore anytime next month or in January?! I can't wait to get the Taiwan Edition from Singapore (since it's a given fact that Malaysia won't have it *glare* )

Anyway, the single is weeeek (yes, I had to count the e's to check I got it right, there are as many as my name XD ) and the album's pacific. Well, half the group likes islands especially Pi, so I guess it's not too weird. What's weird is having an album titled 'pacific' coming out in Winter. And nope, they're not in Hawaiian shirts or half naked in swim trunks (I wish! =p) for the cover picture, but in Autumn styles. So.... oh well, JE's eccentric anyway XD

P/S: Antic Cafe's single Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without a 'Name'~ sounds uncannily like a hodge pot of their other songs, but I'm glad Antic Cafe still sound like Antic Cafe despite not having Bou around and getting two additional members ^^

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