Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whee! I've found my prom dress/gown! So far those who have seen it on me are of the opinion that it looks nice, which makes me happy ^^ you have no idea how many small, teeny-weeny dresses and gowns (which were already in the largest size, or only in free size) that I have tried on which wouldn't fit over my bust >_<

But no, I won't elaborate...The gown is still at the shop for touch-ups anyway, so I guess you'll just have to wait until the night itself to see me in it XD

And guess what? The same boutique even had a pair of shoes that go really well with it, and miraculously although there was only one size left and my feet are gigantic, the shoes slipped on just like Cinderella's! =)

Just's Wardrobe in Damansara Uptown (above Hong Kong bank, in the nice new building/converted shop lots) is highly recommended for all your formal wear needs as they've really got gorgeous gowns as well as great service. They'll even alter and make necessary changes to a dress so that you'll look good in it ^^

P/S: Tomorrow's the start of the chaos. Finals, here I come! =p

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