Wednesday, January 30, 2008


For now, all new posts will be made at LiveJournal

This may or may not be temporary, while I decide where's best to have my blog.

Sorry amigos, and see ya over at LJ =)

P/S: Monday's SAM 2007 Ed Board steamboat gathering was quite fun. We ate yummy seafood and other steamboat ingredients, dashed like mad for the uber-popular honey chicken (no kidding, Eric timed it and the whole tray was gone in 11 seconds) , took random pics (all the guys were ooh-ing and aah-ing Jonah's camera... haha), and basically chatted and caught up with each other.

Then Ren-Yi suggested we go to Borneo Rainforest, which is this nice al-fresco place at Sunway, and a few of us proceeded there for a further round of chatting XD

Ended up we spent quite a bit of time having a photography session outside Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel as well =P

Monday, January 28, 2008

Okie Dokie... New plans.

I think I might eventually stop using this blog. Personally, I dislike Blogger. It has nil useful outstanding features other blog services do not have.

I used to have a music rotation (Strawberry Vinyl) on LiveJournal, and that blog is no longer updated. Currently, I'm planning to tentatively turn that into my new personal blog.

I do have another blog (ichigo_ramen) on LJ as well, but currently it's functioning more as an avenue for me to cross-post entries from my Vox idol blog, since LJ is another place with a strong JE community.

The next post may very well be a notice on moving to LJ =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just a quick note to say that since I've designated my Vox blog as the blog for my fangirlistic ramblings, and I'm still in my JE mood... a few posts have been made recently on Vox instead of here.

So daijoubu, it's not that I've abandoned this blog... real life's just been pretty routine lately, filled mostly with playing Zelda on my DS, reading Mary Higgins Clark, anime/manga-ing and NEWS related stuff. If you're interested in my JE fangirling (which I doubt XD ), just head on over to Vox.

P/S: I had my first driving lesson today! Not going to regurgitate my thoughts about it but Friendster user 'Lost', aka Mr Aaron Yip Jun Hoe's comment box has a a few lines about how I found driving to be, if you're interested =P

P/P/S: Adele is going to learn Japanese! Lessons will start, at the very latest, before CNY ( :

P/P/P/S: More Aus trip photos coming up soon

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sydney: Part 1

Tullamarine Airport - Melbourne

Was so exciting to see all the Qantas jets lined up in a row XD

Star City - Sydney

Star City's main Christmas piece. Everything looks so nicely snow-ish, and do note the absolutely adorable kangaroo sleigh at the bottom right =)

More on Star City, Sydney Opera House and the Darling Harbor next post...

Listening: Cherish ~ Hoshimura Mai [it's a great song with good lyrics <3 ]
Reading: 23:00 (Nijuusanji)
Watching: Yukan Club

I may be joining a Japanese language class soon, with the money I earned from my stint in Melbourne. It's something I've wanted to do since young, and to be able to pay for it myself is a good feeling =) I've yet to sign up, but here's hoping it'll happen.

I may not be spending Chinese New Year with my maternal relatives in Malacca this year. Arrangements are being made for me to go on holiday instead to either Bali or Thailand with my dad and paternal grandmother. I've never in 18 years been on a holiday with them, or spend time overnight with them for that matter. It'll be an experience, hopefully one to cherish.

And either Bali or Thailand's great. Bali has the sea, culture and history. Thailand has CDs and other stuff I want to get (haha... there's Thai music [Golf-Mike, Dan and Beam, etc], and also a huge Japanese and Korean fanbase XD ) , culture and history and some Thai guys are cute =P. It'll also be nice to go back to Bali again.

Everyone, stay well and happy =)
Information: Top Secret
Mission: Warbears Propaganda M1

I love Warbears. They're cute, funny, sassy and smart. Not to mention that they're the stars of a really awesome series of online flash missions.

Warning: The Warbear games seem to make time fly by in a flash. So addictive are they, and so challenging they can be, that keeping track of time gets pushed down the list of priorities XD

Anyway, space and time is of concern. Thus, do check out for the juicy details on the lovable creations of a creative Italian mind.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Up Close and Personal

Accent: Malaysian-British-Australian... yup, I know that's bad XD
Beverage of choice: Sky juice
Chore I hate: Taking out the rubbish >_<
Dog or Cat: I like stuffed toys
Essential Electronics: Every single one I own
Favorite perfume/cologne: Miracle by Lancome... alternately, Annick Goutal
Gold or Silver: Gold
Hometown: Melaka
Insomnia: No
ob Title: Procrastinating Student
Kids: Maybe one day =P
Living arrangement: Double Storey house in Dee-Jay, and moving away soon
Most Admired Trait: Selflessness
Number of countries visited: 4, I think
Overnight Hospital Stays: None since after I was born
Phobia: If you know, you know XD
Quote: "To give up is to fail"
Religion: Modern Buddhism
Siblings: 1 (much) younger brother
Time I wake up: anything between 4.30a.m. to 12 p.m.
Unusual talent/skill: Making simple sentences/ideas un-simple
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brinjal
Worst Habit: Procrastination
X-rays: 1
Yummy foods I make: Boiled eggs... honestly, I make them just right
Zodiac sign: L-E-O

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Whoot! I passed my undang test with 46/50. I know, I know. Probably almost everyone in my circle has taken it AND got their driving license... but I'm so relieved my one day of studying got me through =)

Laziness has got me engulfed in its rather tight folds. I regret to say that even the simple task of plugging my camera into the USB port and enduring the slow and torturous process of uploading my holiday pics and posting them up is hard.

How I spent approx. RM 40 today:

RM10 - Picture for my L license (horrible shot *shudders* )
RM10 - Lunch at A&W
RM20 - Letter from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien

Got that from XCESS bookshop at Amcorp Mall. Great place. Prices are not as good as Atria's book warehouse, but ambiance for a bargain bookshop is 'wow!'. Went there together with Joann from G14, while we were waiting with two other girls to sit for the test.

That's another book for the Tolkien section of my bookshelf! and thankfully one that I actually want to read and not just to collect because it's a Tolkien XD

P/S: Adele is watching Yamada Taro Monogatari... and loves the show so far =)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Visited Monash Malaysia today, and I'm happy... because the campus is really nice! It'll be horrible to spend 3 years of your life studying somewhere that didn't feel 'right', wouldn't it? ( :

On a not so happy note, my driving undang test will probably be tomorrow or the day after. Ouch. I've forgotten most of what was discussed during the 5 hour talk, since it's been a month. Oh well... the book beckons ) =

My blog goal for 2008: Make my entries shorter and sweeter... like Pi and Kei-chan's J-web entries.

Adele fighting! (Lol... this is what happens when you're into East Asian pop culture... XD )

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

During my future outdoor by the beach or garden wedding party, I'll want to play Kinki Kids' 薄荷キャンディー (Hakka [Peppermint] Candy) <3

Bonus marks for it being a popular karaoke song among KK's fellow JE groups =)

静かに満ちてくる 波のつづれ织り
何度も泣かせたね ごめん
饴玉持ってないかな? これが最後なの
白い歯舌见せて 微笑う

君しか You're the one
见えない For love and one

薄荷の匂いの 运命のひとさ
ぼくの瞳は 君しか映らない

ごらんよ あの光る星
横には三日月の 小舟

心の计算机 そんなものないわ
无邪気に言い切った 君

I found my way

可爱い You're the one
くせして For love and one

未来を预ける 価値のあるひとさ
嘘じゃない 君しか映らない

凉しい海风に このまま抱かれて
君だけ… You're the one For love and one
君だけが ぼくが选ぶひと

竜巻みたいな 时代に生きても
君となら 上手にやれるさ

You're the one 君しか
For love and one 见えない

薄荷の匂いの 运命のひとさ
ぼくの瞳は 君しか映らない

Translation here

Catching up with Koyama Kei-chan's Member Love Nikki posts, I found out he has a 3 year-old nephew name Haruta! Such a nice name (:

Haru-chan is 3 years old (just 1 year older than my bro! XD ) and they seem pretty close. Kei clearly adores the little guy (:
Mi amigos, I'm back!

Hiatus : Over!

Melbourne was GREAT, and the little excursion to Sydney was FUN!

Flying Qantas during turbulence was like riding a roller coaster XD

And you know what? I'm happy with my results! Well, I was kinda disappointed at first, one reason being I fell a little short of my TER 85 goal, gaining a TER of 84.05. And falling sick during the bloody English exam. But.... everyone else seems to be overjoyed I did alright in my Math and exceeded the fore casted grade (and expectations) for accounting AND apparently got a higher TER than they expected, that the marginal difference didn't matter anymore. I'm at peace.

Feels good to know that you've made people happy and proud of you.

I did loads of things, including

  • Visiting the Sydney Opera House, this time spending more time there
  • Going for a lovely ferry ride across the Darling Habour, Sydney
  • Going into the private rooms of two casinos - Crown's Mahogany Room and Star City's Endeavour Room
  • I sat for and aced the test to obtain an RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) certificate... which means I can sell/serve alcohol in the state of Victoria XD
  • Boxing Day Sale shopping! I morph into a shopper in Australia whilst hating shopping back here in Malaysia
  • Getting to know Melbourne's CBD... I've got a good idea where everything of importance is
  • Spending time in my relatives' bottle shop.... fun!
  • Rediscovering and falling in love with the maritime and Japanese aspect of Sydney
  • Knowing that my relatives care enough to worry when I've been out on my own for 4 hours
  • Lol.... finding out that a bottle shop's a hot place to get asked out... I received two requests
  • Finding myself again... I swear, every trip to Australia's like a pilgrimage for the soul
  • Loads more.... XD
My Christmas presents were GREAT too. A Nintendo DS + Zelda:Legend of the Phantom Hourglass (2007's most awesome game for the DS) included ^^

I've got a few perfumes, lippies and chocolates as well.

The end of this post is near, and therefore... farewell for now =)
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