Monday, December 29, 2008

Hola! Missed me? XD

Let's just say it's been a while since I've had such a busy December =D


First things first, Comic Fiesta was a great experience. Although I only attended the first day, I think I'm seriously addicted to cosplaying =P

Awesome artwork!

There were so many great cosplayers (!) (costume, in-characterness & photography posing) and booths that I was so tempted to splurge and get dar to photograph everything in sight XD

- Doujins : check
- Original artwork : check
- Pins and badges : check
- Figurines : check
- Lolita headbands : check
- Misc anime related stuff : check

So darn hard to resist and tighten the pocket strings k.

I was a (err.......... somewhat) good girl and only =P bought:

Cat ears (no, really... scroll down to see *hehe* )
Spirited Away clay figurine in cute little bottle
Noir Mystere Volume 4 (original Gothic Loli manga)

Dar managed to get a great Imation portable hard disk @ a good price too. Yay!

One of the booths with lots of cute stuff.
Got my Spirited Away bottle thing there =)

See my cuuute cat ears? Emi-chan (Amy) has one too!
Neko-fied Musubi and Edward XD

A lot more photos at KF's Picasa gallery here!


Paperdoll was featured in a post at A Shopaholics Den.

Whee! Hehe. Many pretty pics of the pretty store, so do check out the post and let it tempt you into dropping by Tropicana City Mall ;)


Mr Yip got his photo published in The Star on the 27th *throws confetti (and cleans up afterward XD )*

Clickie to see the pic from the future world renowned photographer =P

Updates coming up real soon! ^^

So sorry for the unintended hiatus.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kakiis Nite Out!
Version: Get the Party Started


We were really really happy when the buffet line opened at 6-ish... coz seriously hungry lor =P

Since it's a party, there will definitely be a feast! ...Right? Em, sorta XD

There was food, but mostly hors d'œuvre. In other words, finger food. Interesting stuff, though not too substantial for the guys. And dar, his sister and I unanimously agreed that the chicken drumlet wasn't that great.

For dessert there were petite fruit tartlets, spiced coffee cake (oishi! ^^ ), brownies (not so good) and fruits.

Drinks were pretty limited - only Sprite or Coke. Dar and I got two beer vouchers each too.



I loved their performance of 'Silly Lily'. Seriously hot. They reminded me a lot of ELLEGARDEN. Woot~!

The Break B Boys were also AWESOME with their high energy, jaw dropping break-dance routines.

There was also another band but didn't manage to like their songs much >.<


Version: Let the Games Begin and Version: Aftertaste coming up next ^^

Kakiis Nite Out!
Version: Introduction

The Venue

The entrance + registration booth =)
The ones in grey were the game marshals for the night.


The Kakiis

Dar & I
The green couloured tags have our group number on them - No. 3!

Dar and his sister.
I love the lighting effects on the photo! ^^

Dar's sister and I
The bar's in the background XD

Dar uploaded the pics to his Picasa album.
Clickety-click here to teleport there XD

Will blog about the event,
and comment on some of the piccus in the next post.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kakiis Nite Out was fun!

Although we didn't win anything, whether in the photo category or the night's games, it was still a great bash. Hey, with a venue like Ministry of Sound, the atmosphere's definitely already there ^^

And... although my photo submission didn't sweep the judges off their feets (wasn't expecting that too la anyway, although I do want a new cam XD ), it's awesome to know that it was shortlisted and made an appearance during the event's slideshow ^^

Will blog more of the event and include photos once the boyfie's done with them =)


I super ♥Neopets' Key Quest~!

Key Quest is basically Neopets' multiplayer (min 2 ppl, max 4 ppl) online board game.

As usual, since it's Neopets, the game's graphics are cute but (thankfully XD ) not overly adorable and the mini games are moderately challenging.

I'm orenji_sora on neopets. Neofriend me (only applies to those with no criminal tendencies ya) if you're on neopets too! I'm nice and not Frankenstein's sister =P

If you're going to join, much thanks if you could include that 'orenji_sora' referred you. I'll link you in a new post as a thank you if you do ^^

Feel free to play Key Quest with me if you see me around Neopia =)


Sunday, December 07, 2008

This blog seriously needs some personal piccus yeah? :(

Hehehe. Here they are! Not much, but still... better than nothing, and too much is not a good thing XD



Me, Galie, Jen, Auli and Gary ^^


Guess which pair's mine? One's very obviously Gary's XD


Gary: Yerr... what are you looking at?

Venue: KLCC
Date: 6 December (Bernie's Bday!)

But... the birthday girl couldn't go due to a project dateline, so instead we called her up. Yay!

That's why KF dear couldn't get through to my phone when he tried to call XD

*All pics thanks to Galie*


We watched the much hyped Twilight XD

I like the Cullens and that fuels my interest. But honestly, I think the storyline's a wee bit over-the-top.

Nevertheless, although I did end up rolling my eyes a few times, Twilight's an enjoyable bit of escapism I don't mind watching again ^^

Pluuus, I've got a new fav sport. Vampire baseball. Kekeke.


The My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway is ongoing until 15 December and there's fantabulous Christmas gifts to be won, thanks to Paris B =)

Hehe. My wish is the Nana Mays Gift Set. What's yours? ;)


Monday, December 01, 2008

I'll be starting my first ever real job soon!

Yup! At Paperdoll's offline boutique, opening around 20th December at the brand new Tropicana City Mall near SS2.

Come drop by and get your Christmas/New Year clothes k? XD

There'll be some goodies for the first few customers too, especially if you've signed up as a member at the online boutique ;)

P/S: I love the understated prettiness of the logo~! ^^

P/P/S: Need another reason to drop by Tropicana City Mall? Stage cosmetics has a branch there =P

* Logo image © of Paperdoll Enterprise

Clickety Clicks: Paperdoll Online :: Paperdoll's Facebook Group (Join! ^^)


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks dear for 'volunteering' to be the first to look at my results sms XD

Thankful that I got to be there for you too =)


I'm convinced. Miracles exist =P

I'm so glad I didn't yield to the pre-finals stress and trauma, and sat for all my exam papers. Giving up and dropping out for a semester would have been one the biggest mistakes I've made.

Unexpected results. Lol... honestly thought I'll get through uni without a single High Distinction. Thanks everyone for the support =)

And because of that...

My average increased to 71.25! XD

Hang in there and all the best, for those who are disappointed with their results.

There's a silver lining to every dark cloud =)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


[Us foodies and kakiis sharing a yummy meal of Melaka's famous Sate Celup]

A (good) picture is worth a thousand words, and every picture tells a story.

This picture may be simple, but to me and the other "hands" in the picture, it's worth all the words in the world as it represents the relationship we share - as each others' kakiis ^^

We are by no means similar, each from different parts of Malaysia and with different tastes and preferences. As seen in the picture, us 9 girls even have different ways of holding the lidi (stick)! XD

However, just like the circle we've formed with our hands, our friendship has strengthened into a bond of unity throughout the 4 day PJ-PD-Melaka-PJ roadtrip we embarked on together.

In the process, we realized that despite our differences, we do have similarities which make us gel... such as a love of food that saw us reveling in the mouth watering delights Melaka had to offer.

Hence, the picture of me sharing a "close-knit" dinner with the angels, a.k.a. kakiis, in my life. Sometimes, it's a shared moment like this which serves as a reminder of how lucky it is to have buddies to ride the ups and downs with =)

Thanks Yi Qing, May Zhang, Pei Rong, Yen, Emily, Sze May, Su Sean and V for keeping the circle of friendship, and making it a great time ^^


As good friends are for keeps, the crazy cool Kakiis - Friends++ Connected social network utility makes keeping in touch so simple that there's no simply excuse to neglect your pals.

With Kakiis, you're able to group your friends into 'circles' and have fun interacting with your friends within the circles, as well as conveniently share videos and photos with one another. No more mass emailing everyone those post-exam holiday pictures ;)


Kakiis and Nuffnang have also teamed up to organize the 'A Moment With Your Kakiis' contest that has set the blogosphere buzzing.

*clickety click* to celebrate friendship and win yourself some really cool prizes =)

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