Thursday, November 22, 2007


The Run-Up

:: Dress [x]

I LOVE my dress! Granted, it doesn't really hug my figure and the satin actually makes me look 'big'... but the sewn on sparkly stuff (can't resist shiny stuff XD ) and the unusual cut of the skirt.......... LOVE!

From Just's Wardrobe at DU. Price: secret, but cheaper than what you'll expect XD Considering how much I've heard others pay for simpler designs, I think mine was quite worth it. Plus may be wearing it again for my Australian cousin Kevin's wedding.

:: Cinderella ^^ [x]

Recognize me
? XD Many couldn't until they noticed me looking at them or when they got a closer look. Hehe... this was taken after corroboree, so my hair's already a bit messy and my make-up kinda messed up from dancing =p

I think the pic above is the most Japanese-idol-magazine-like one of me XD

2 p.m. - Arrived at Kelana Jaya
4 p.m. - Hair finally done. Was supposed to have more curls at the back, but because I did treatment for my hair in addition to curling it, the whole thing took longer than expected and I was running late for my make-up appointment.

Was originally supposed to tie up a little of my hair to the back, but it didn't work out so changed it to a pinned at the right side style instead, with sprays of gold and glitter (notice the right side of my hair in the pic) . I personally would have liked more curls as well, but I'm overall happy with this look ^^ Reminds me of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte's heroines.

Contact Lenses
4.15 p.m. - Went to Taman Megah to try on contact lenses... so darn nervous >_<

It was the first time I could successfully wear contact lenses, hence my non-bespectacled look!! XD Oh happy day! Actually, since my pair of contacts only arrive today, the shop had to increase the power of the temporary contacts to ensure I don't see double because of my high astigmatism. Thus, I couldn't make out too clearly faces and objects that were of a distance away from me.

And my left eye is super sensitive, so it took more than the 4 or 5 tries (for the also sensitive right eye) to get the contacts in properly. I was tearing up due to the stinging pain, and I felt so sorry for the girl assisting me. She kept having to try over and over again. But finally all was well... except that I think the left one wasn't too properly in place.

And it's not because of the make-up that my eyes look bigger!! Haha... they've always been that size, just that behind glasses they look smaller XD

4.35 - Collected corsage from McClient Florist in SS2... mum and bro's gift to me ^^ what to do, didn't bother looking for a date although I almost asked 'u' whom I hinted to about it although I don't think 'u' realized XD

African daisy with baby's breath, and a nice pink ribbon to fasten it onto my wrist. Here's a secret: Ssh... but mum folded the stub of the stalk and the flower broke off, but it was nothing a spot of super strong elephant glue couldn't fix =p

And the florist was right, the corsage does look nice in pics ^^ Made a very pretty accessory as well. My only other bracelet was a very charming string of musical notes, on my right hand. The corsage was on the left.

Only trouble was the ribbon was quite thin and hard to tie, so the corsage was somewhat loose on my wrist. Oh, and we were teasing Ren-yi about it and he seriously thought my 'G4 friend (Wye Luun)' gave it to me XD

5 .15 - Arrived at Subang Parade for make-up session

Argh! It was a nightmare going from PJ area to Subang Jaya and back again to PJ area because the traffic congestion was worsened by the rain. That's why I was late for corroboree and didn't get to mingle around before the event even though I really wanted to get there by 7.

Anyway, make-up was at the Lancome counter (mum's a very loyal customer XD ) and the lady was nice even though we were late for the appointment ^^ She did everything well and very fast... took only 45 mins in all.

But it was so hard to sit still and not move while she was applying the make-up. Being in Parkson Subang Parade, the make-up counter was also located in such a way that anyone going by could take a look at the process as well. So altogether felt a little weird.

First time I've worn so much make-up in my life. Normally my face just goes naked XD

Part 2 coming up. Does this compensate for the lack of visuals on Ichigo Ramen? ^^

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