Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Qualities of a True Malaysian

As Malaysia, and indeed most nations from Alaska to Australia move towards the concept of a world without borders, it is undeniable that foreign influence has to some extent permeated into our society. From the way we speak to the food we eat, Malaysians have assimilated some of these foreign cultures into our own style of living. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that to this day and age, the unique Malaysian identity has never wavered and has not been swallowed by the advent of foreign influences in our culture. Instead, Malaysians have selected the best of the best and mixed these with our own beliefs and traditions to create an identity that is truly Malaysian.

In my opinion, one of the true qualities of a Malaysian is our compassion and generosity towards others. An excellent example of this can be observed from the way Malaysians are willing to contribute time and financial aid to those in need. Landslides, floods and other disasters – both natural and otherwise – deprive and rob many of their belongings and property. However, Malaysians are quick to come to the aid of our fellow people by helping to rebuild their lives, bit by bit and piece by piece. This compassion and generosity is not just confined to our fellow Malaysians, though. Often, Malaysians are more than willing to be the silver lining in every cloud by offering aid in all forms to the unfortunate in every corner of the world. Many will still distinctly remember that after the December 26th tsunami in certain parts of Asia, Malaysia was one of the first nations to send out a relief team to the affected countries.

Nevertheless, compassion and generosity are not by any means the only qualities that make a true Malaysian. Just imagine - if Malaysians were not tolerant towards each other, our country would very much resemble the state Mr. Lodge’s house would be in after a row between Archie and Reggie for the much sought-after attention of Veronica. Undoubtedly, Malaysians have risen from the ashes of past racial tensions to become a stronger and more tolerant race. Nowhere else but in Malaysia is one able to witness the heart-warming scene of people of all races congregating to share the joys and blessings of another race’s festivals and traditions. It is this unique quality that has garnered much admiration from the global community and made Malaysians people to contend with.

Although Malaysians were recently ranked the third rudest people in the world, I firmly believe otherwise. Throughout the years, it is the unmistakable charm and politeness of Malaysians that have attracted tourist to our country and boosted our country’s economy greatly. In addition, the Malaysian Airlines’ cabin crew has continuously won accolades as one of the best and most courteous in the world. Therefore, it can be said that Malaysians are the epitome of good manners and refinement. In both towns and villages, Malaysians are generally gracious in speech and actions. From personal observations, it can be concluded that the tides of change have made Malaysians more aware of the need for courtesy in everyday life.

In addition, Malaysians are able to pride themselves on being one of the most hospitable people in the world. This trait has enabled Malaysians to open our arms wide and warmly embrace our fellow citizens of the world. Moreover, our hospitality has undeniably helped to cement the peaceful relationship between the varied races of Malaysia. During the many festivals of Malaysia, we find joy in opening up our homes and hearts by sharing our way of celebrating the cultures and traditions of our own race with others. Through this, Malaysians of different beliefs stand united as there is a deep understanding of the condiments that make a perfect stew. Just as the aforementioned dish, Malaysia’s various races and their traditions have, over time, blended so well that each complements the other to create the perfect mixture of harmony in differences.

On the 31st of August this year, Malaysia will turn a respectable 49. In retrospect, our country has progressed much ever since the reign of our colonial masters came to an end. The saying ‘we reap what we sow’ bears testament to our continuous advancement in the various defining fields. It is the excellent traits of Malaysians and our admirable defiance to raise the white flag at every sign of despair that has borne us well. It fills me with pride that the task of carrying on this proud tradition has been passed down to my generation. I am confident that although the road ahead is one filled with endless potholes and bumps, we will not fail our beloved country. We will aspire to be, in every sense of the word, a true Malaysian.

~ Adelina Tan

I wrote this last year, for a school essay writing competition that was held in conjunction with National Day. As it will soon be approaching National Day again, and this time it's 50 proud years of Independence, I thought I would post this up as something of an ode to Malaysia. Haha... reading it reminds me so much that since the end of last year, I'm seriously lacking practice and my writing skills are becoming stagnant and rusty. I miss Mrs Raja's English classes....

Monday, May 21, 2007

I love this layout, but I hate how small it is and how larger media don't quite seem to fit into the teeny weeny space XD For now though, I guess this blog is only for me to visit and read since I haven't had the time to work on it and 'promote' it.

Well, here's an Adele update:

1. Tommy Heavenly6's Pray is my most repeatedly played song today... because I'm longing for angsty songs since I feel like burying my head under the sand and ignoring the world.

2. I have a favourite Krock group... finally. *drumroll* They are... Guyz! ^^ I want to glomp the guitarist, he's so cute! And Yayoo the vocalist looks (somewhat) like Hyde... well, that's what everyone says.

3. I wish I could turn back time.

4. I want 'him'!!! Yes, I do, and it's not funny.

5. I think I might flunk math... but we'll see...

6. My phone's batery is absolutely 'flat' again, since I've forgotten to charge it for a few days XD

Adieus, my tomodachi(s)! =)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Haha... Song Hye Kyo? Aya Matsuura? Should I be honoured? XD
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