Sunday, June 28, 2009

New blog topic section today =)

P.C. Ichigo Ramen's Reviews: Edition 1

Beauskin Painless Hair Removal Plate

Claims to:

Painlessly remove hair.


Pastel pink. Top part not unlike the underside of an UFO. Seriously.

How it works:

Gently rub the plate in a circular motion on your skin. Apparently not advisable to use plate as a scrub or use on wet skin.

P.C. I.R's thoughts:

My heart was set on getting this, no thanks to my genes (it's karma, my mom ate loads of hairy crabs when she had me >.< ) and because "nice Asian girls" are supposed to have skin that resembles a diving platform: smooth and hairless.

So... after shelling out RM9 for this from an online store and eagerly unwrapping it, I was immediately faced with a problem. (Note: ebay is selling the exact product for around AUD6 and SGD9)

Almost as if to prove the authenticity of the product, there are absolutely no English instructions. Everything is in Japanese. Thank goodness for the WWW.

Another gripe about the Asian stereotype is that "nice Asian girls" are at the maximum a petite small M size. Once again, thanks to my genes, I'm more towards a large M/small L size.

As the product is quite small, about standard palm size, the surface area that the plate covers is actually quite small. Compare 5 mins to shave a pair of legs with at least 1 hour of "gentle circular motions". Unless i'm feeling particularly lesisurely, I'll take the shaver anytime pls.

Test time:

Patience aside, the plate does almost nothing for me in the hair removal department. Imagine sandpapering your skin, just with a much gentler feel. After a few rubs, the pad on the plate sort of lost it's mojo.

Erm... random as I may be, I'm not keen on achieving the single patch of hairless skin look.

The verdict:

Don't bother getting it for effectiveness. An epilator, Veet, or ye plain ole shaver seems miraculous compared to this little gizmo.



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ta-da... new layout. Not in a mood to celebrate it though.

Caught the flu bug and this girl's singing the blues. Everyone's going out/holidaying and having damn bucketloads of fun without me =(

Holiday resolution: save up. So guess I've got to be choosy with where I go and what I do too. Bummer.

Wanna dress up, go to the park, have a picnic and dance in joy when I'm better. Low budget fun a la fairy-tale style XD

Heck, maybe I should just dress up anyway and eat ice cream in my own garden.

Don't know what's with me and dressing up + eating ice cream in the outdoors *crazeee gal*

These three chipettes are helping to cheer me up.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Material Girl

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dug out this post from my August 2007 entry, and... well, I feel it's the time of the year again for such a reminder, what with all the ranting about assignments/uni/exams/life/etc.

First posted August 13th 2007:

Adele is blessed. The next time, before going into a tirade of complaints centered around my non-existent love life or my kiasu-ism... I will think twice and remember the millions of sorely disadvantaged children and adults in various countries, and count my blessings.

Although I may be currently traumatized by that idiot bf-less and likely to go for SAM prom pathetically dateless or without the guy of my dreams XD ... those are but really tiny matters compared to starvation, war, etc.

I've got caring relatives who worked themselves to the bone today just to give me a blast of an 18th birthday, friends who came to celebrate with me even though one lives quite far away in Shah Alam and 3 of them have tests tomorrow, and a lot of good food to eat today.

Which brings us back once again to the fact that while everyone was stuffed with food (and I had birthday buffet lunch at Renaissance Hotel as a treat too), there are way too many people out in the world who haven't had a single morsel to eat today.

Every ten seconds, at least 2 people die from starvation.

Truly, I feel very very blessed and fortunate.

I'm one of those Never-land people who still believes in faeries and all things magical ^^

It fits with my vintage loving personality I guess.

Paradise to me is scouring antiquities and vintage goods for that rare find that beckons mysteriously, bearing with it years/decades/centuries of stories XD

Here's wishing everyone a Cornish pixie *wink* =P

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 more paper to go! But... it's for the subject I'm convinced is from Transylvania - land of the zombies, frankensteins, vamps, etc.

The Transylvania Polka Illustration by Joe Mathieu

Who b*frk cares about the IS-LM and AD-AS models?!! Okie, I do, but still =.=

Anyway, the purpose of the piccus below is to show off my pretty self. No way is it because they're pics from KF's bday (kekeke XD )

xX Food Xx

~* celebration time, com' on! *~

(@) MAOU Crew (@)

It was crazee! It was a surpirse party! We had fun (I hope?)! ^^

Hehe... cake was yum yum =9

What's so-so was the food and knae's Sprite-x-water twin (looked exactly like clear water, that's how 'flat' the Sprite was) =P

-> My 'Look'

** Per Una black lightweight half cardigan
** FOS white racer back
** YISHION kawaii stars bubble-hem skirt
** YISHION navy blue ankle tights
** Vincci pastel blue/torquise heels
** Diva metallic silver/black flowers chunky bangle

>> Very proud that whole outfit right down to shoes (excluding cardi from a Per una 3-in-1 set) cost less than RM100. Impossible's nothing when you can get stuff on super markdowns =D

#Very basic make-up (first time self applying)

:: Stila illuminating powder - 40 Watts
:: Stila guinever's deluxe palette cheek colour
:: Stila lip glaze - watermelon
:: Bare Escentuals big tease mascara

Had no idea how to use mascara, instructions made no sense, had no patience + running late... so simply sapu only and later wipe away the minor 'ink marks' around my eyes XD

The make-up experiment was part of KF's bday gift, hehe. Still don't like gossiping about make-up or deliberately shopping for it.

Stila stuff were from my Stila closing down sale haul, and Bare Escentuals stash from my kind soul of an aunt in Australia.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have you ever been on the brink... half-way between light and darkness, life and oblivion?

It's damn tough, walking the plank, feeling like a thin thread is the only link between sanity and despair.

That's the reason behind this lil blog's sub-title of the moment ~ Days of Hope.

It's no coincidence that Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer is my all time fav from the demi-gods of rock. Heard that song before? The one with the insanely catchy chorus? ;)

There ya go:

That's my life at the moment... living on a prayer, and hoping everything falls into place.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 21st!

I love you!

15th June 2009's a really special day for someone special... who could it be? *wink*


Life would be that little bit less interesting without him ^^

Let's see:

:: Hugs
:: Cheers
:: Motivation
:: Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki buddy
:: Fellow cosplay-er
:: Kaichou! =D

Most important of all, watashi no koibito =)

Hehe.... yea, what would we do without baka kaichou =P

Not to mention, he's the gise of the family... the club's very own scapegoat *big grin*

Silly 21 year old child at heart, I U!


Oh wait... that's the wrong one =P


P/S: Dear, check your email at the stroke of midnight ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I finally found it online! *victory dance*

Me loves 80s synthpop, and.... and.... one of my all-time fav songs is Naked Eyes' take on Always Something There to Remind Me.

This one holds some fond memories as well, as it was the first track on the first ever gift I got from someone special to me at that time ^^

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I know I don't seem very much like an outdoors person, but believe it or not, inside this gal is a heart of green =P

MNS takes a tough stand against conserving Malaysia's nature heritage, and works tirelessly to lobby relevant parties to preserve mother nature's gifts to (wo)mankind.

Thus, they are my organization of choice in DiGi's Click to Save campaign =)

It's empowering isn't it, to know that clicking the banner above can help make Malaysia a greener place for generations to come ^^

Malaysia Nature Society (website)
I've survived the semester thus far ^^

Pre-exam post mortem:

Media Studies: Joy! No exam hurdle requirement! If all goes well, I'll never have to retake this unit!

International Business: Assignments were....... to complete, but at least the grades were =D

Now it's down to stage 2: exams for IB! *yeulch*

Managerial Communication: Bleuk, assignment grades were disappointing. Nevertheless, will definitely pass IF pass the exam. If not, welcome back to man comm >.<

Macroeconomic Policy:
*thunderstorm* <---- describes A LOT.
*wonders why she ever took this subject* Oh right, it's compulsory for an Econs major.

Horrid assignment, disappointing mid-sem test... Oh yeah, I'm loving this unit, not.


Wish me luck! 3 exams that I must pass to graduate on schedule in 2010.

IB, Man. Comm., Macro Policy.... aime moi, s'il vous plaît!

*thank goodness for Mr Julian and Media Studies. Perfect score for tutorial participation =D *
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