Saturday, November 10, 2007

NEWS - Fiesta

My ultimate party song of the moment. Hehe... 'Fiesta, say ya ya' on the 20th!

The clip's from the Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD, and it's a live! Don't you just adore lives? XD

The costume's terribly awful though (I hope that's fake fur they're wearing >_< ), like what you would get when you merge gaudy red carpets with (dead) furry animals. So do try to concentrate on their faces, the special effects (flying, swings, etc.) and of course the song itself =p

Fiesta jyakunetsu no DANCE DANCE DANCE! ^^

P/S: Daylight robbery! The TVXQ! concert in Malaysia tickets are soooooo expensive. Sigh. *pout* Even the RM288 tickets are pretty far from the stage *dark look*

The pit zone sounds really cool, but that's like RM500+ Since that much was already spent on Lee Hom's concert ticket, I don't think I'll be dancing the night away in the pit zone at TVXQ's *cry* >_<>

Although I'm sure the reason why it's classified as pit zone and not mosh pit is because at least half of TVXQ's songs are slower ballads XD

Bleh... I don't quite like the poster, and can hardly see Max XD But still so awesome to see the words Stadium Merdeka, KL and their picture on the same sheet of paper ^^

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