Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wa-cha! XD

Ta-da! How I look now.....



With my plushie - Mokona/MP-chan ^^


Cheeky-ness =P


My very old cupboard XD

Wearing: Oversized BF shirt in Black Criss Cross from

Yup, the lappy in the pics is the very same laptop used to blog here @Ichigo Ramen!

Visited Thrift & Green ^^

Location-wise, 3 Two Square was easy to find (with the help of map provided by organizer) and parking was free! *I parked road-side XD *


In the car :)


See the cute little blue rabbit pin? ^^
My mum had it when she was a girl XD

Reached there quite early - around 12.40 or so - and managed to get a free black shopping bag (:

Although there weren't that many stalls there, saw quite a few pretty good stuff for shoppers to go crazy over, be it shoes or clothes or accessories.

I definitely went over-budget XD In fact, the ori plan was to stop by Lelong-Lelong Marketplace @ Asia Cafe SS15 as well for vintage goodies and more accessories....

....but spent too much just at Thrift & Green alone, and with the grey clouds looming overhead, the plan got abandoned =P

So happy though! I got a pair of shoes I've been lemming for recently ^^

Vivienne Westwood inspired flats <3>

I got the one in blue :) The one in black is a slightly different (and in my opinion not so nice) design, otherwise black's a useful colour to have ;)

I'm still searching for the Vivienne Westwood Melissa high-heeled version though. Blogged about the design two posts ago ^^

Other buys include:
* Cute brand new pre-loved top (confusing contradiction eh? XD )
* Customized charm bracelet
* Ring


Friday, August 28, 2009


Congrats to all the fortunate Nuffnang bloggers who scored invites to Final Destination. Sadly though, I didn't submit an entry for this event, so I won't be seeing you guys (and gals) there.

Currently waiting for my Samsung PC Studio to fully install with the latest updates so that I can upload pics of my new hairstyle from phone to PC, and post them up here! ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woot! My hair has a new 'do'! ^^

Hehe, it's a little like what Carla Bruni had a while back.

I did rebonding too though, so it looks rather like these:

Camilla Belle

Chio chic XD

The KF loves the new hairstyle :P

Quite a few of my friends had trouble recognizing me though, lol! I haven't had bangs and sleek hair for ages =D

Will post up real pics if possible (:

Overall I'm happy and satisfied with it. The stylist at Top Passion @ Tropicana City Mall did a good job ^^

And.... and... his assistant is a cutie! XD Bishie lovers, they've got hot hairstylists there, teehee.

Ohh, this is the new Miss Universe:

Stefanie Fernandez

I think she's really gorgeous. Classic Latin beauty and a lovely red gown ^^

But my gosh, imagine winning a major title at only 18! 0.0

She looks older than 18 though. Sort of a mature look instead of youthful innocence.

Undeniable however that she's got a great pageant wardrobe! =D

Her answer for the Q&A session's a classic too. When asked what challenges women face in heading a business, she replied that women have reached the same status as men.

Sassy and original ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adele will brb! ^^

Working on a insanely insane assignment (is Vertigo one twisted movie or what? 0.0 )

2,500 words, worth 50% of my final marks. Yup, that bad XD

So sorry for not having time to reply to most of you yet. Still miss and think of ya'all bloggers yeah! I do read the cbox regularly ^^

I'm totally loving this right now...

Jelly sling-back heels in cheery colours. Woot! ^^

Pictures: Google Images

P/S: Alternatively, for quickie updates, Adele Tweets ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School work's brought me down these few days >.<

Lots of test and assignments due from now until September. And the course syllabus for some subjects are pure killjoy. I don't know if I can pull through this semester... just living on hope and a prayer now.

After 2 film noirs, I've come to the conclusion I dislike the genre. I really admire the stylistic aspects of noir, but the themes are just too disturbing. I like movies that are just that little bit more hopeful :)

Musicals, anyone? ;)

Another Nuffnang Premiere Screening! Who's going? ^^

I'm not sure yet, but I might go :)

It's another 'gruesome' movie. Seems like lots of those lately.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I never did like Nescafe or black coffee... until last semester in uni XD

Now Nescafe Ice/Kopi O Ice is my occasional sweet escape when campus life is "Aaargh!" inducing :P

At home, it's a nice warm mug of Apple tea, Green tea or Chamomile... bliss in a teacup ^^

Hehe, apple tea~! *hearts* Click on the link above for more yummylicious recipes ^^

Weird fact: Adele feels sleepy after drinking warm tea, and HK style Yin-Yong Coffee+Tea brew.

Like...wtchipmunks, ya? XD Reverse caffeine effect.

Ohh yeah! For Nuffnangers going for the screening of Orphan tomorrow, have fun! :D

This berry can't go due to several reasons, so if you're one of the lucky ones to get the tickets passed on to you... enjoy ^^

I know this song is dated, but gosh... I love the lyrics :D

Natasha Bedingfield - These Words

Saturday, August 15, 2009

After that very very long District 9 review... Adele will blog about herself XD


La la la la la... childish grandmother :p

Anyway, the story is that on Thursday afternoon in uni, I started feeling tired and weak. My condition got worse and by night time, I was throwing up and had diarrhea.

Thus, was feeling pretty awful and this morning, I was quickly rushed to the clinic after complaining of body aches and a fever.

The doctor diagnosed me with... food poisoning :(

*luckily not H1N1*

Watching Vertigo on Thurday morning during lecture probably made the condition worse too. it's like one of the most disturbing shows I've watched :(

Came out of the show mentally disturbed and with a bitter taste in the mouth.


Bday this year quiet but unusal XD

Firstly, suspected I got the food poisoning from my bday lunch... and spending your 2oth with Aliens in District 9 is an unforgettable experience ;)

My Chinese bday (according to the Chinese Lunar calender, 30th August) should be more lively + the bf owes a mini celebration :P


I can't believe Pixie Lott's only 18! 0.0

Why wasn't I that hot instead of being one awkward mess when I saw 18? :P

Friday, August 14, 2009

Nuffnang District 9 Premiere Screening

Thanks to Nuffnang's District 9 blog kit... my review gets to seem more, ahem, "professional" ^^

The Synopsis:

Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa's District 9 as the world's nations argued over what to do with them. Now, patience over the alien situation has run out. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens' welfare - they will receive tremendous profits if they can make the aliens' awesome weaponry work. So far, they have failed; activation of the weaponry requires alien DNA.

The tension between the aliens and the humans comes to a head when an MNU field operative, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley), contracts a mysterious virus that begins changing his DNA. Wikus quickly becomes the most hunted man in the world, as well as the most valuable - he is the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology. Ostracized and friendless, there is only one place left for him to hide: District 9.

Director Neill Blomkamp teams with producer Peter Jackson for this tale of extraterrestrial refugees stuck in contemporary South Africa. It's been 28 years since the aliens made first contact, but there was never any attack from the skies, nor any profound technological revelation capable of advancing our society. Instead, the aliens were treated as refugees. They were the last of their kind, and in order to accommodate them, the government of South Africa set up a makeshift home in District 9 as politicians and world leaders debated how to handle the situation. As the humans begin to grow wary of the unwelcome intruders, a private company called Multi-National United (MNU) is assigned the task of controlling the aliens. But MNU is less interested in the aliens' welfare than attempting to understand how their weaponry works. Should they manage to make that breakthrough, they will receive tremendous profits to fund their research.

Unfortunately, the highly advanced weaponry requires alien DNA in order to be activated. When MNU field operative Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is exposed to biotechnology that causes his DNA to mutate, the tensions between the aliens and the humans intensifies. Wikus is the key to unlocking the alien's technology, and he quickly becomes the most wanted man on the planet. Ostracized and isolated, Wikus retreats to District 9 in a desperate bid to shake his dogged pursuers.

Honour Roll:

Directed by
Neill Blomkamp

Written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

Produced by:

Peter Jackson

Carolynne Cunningham

Executive Producers:

Ken Kamins

Bill Block

Paul Hanson

Elliot Ferwerda


Sharlto Copley

David James

Her Thoughts:

First of all... is District 9 a sci-fi, thriller, horror, social commentary or action flick? Personally, I think it fits into all of those categories XD

The presence of Aliens certainly qualify the movie as sci-fi, whilst the fast paced and somewhat violent storyline fits into the thriller/horror/action movie mold.

The surprise therefore would be the social commentary and pseudo-documentary part of District 9, which is also one of the highlights of the film and what sets it apart from others such as Cloverfield.

Whilst some viewers definitely found the camcording and documentary aspect of the movie confusing, it's an interesting screen technique that's rapidly gaining momentum.

Come on, admit it, we all love a good conspiracy theory... and District 9 cleverly plays on the audience's fascination and fear of the unknown, leaving us clinging to the seats and cringing at all the blood, gore and action that fills 3/4 of the movie.

Thus, word of advice: District 9 is not a date movie unless you're really sure your guy/gal likes gore, blood and profanity ;P

However, to quote a friend of mine: "It's produced by peter Jackson!". Err, right. That does automatically qualify the movie as a blockbuster classic eh.

Kudos though to first-time director Neil Blomkamp for a fascinating movie which would in the future probably provide many film scholars hours of "fun" analysing and dissecting the screen techniques and theories behind District 9.

Sharlto Copley is convincing as well as the stereotyped cowardly, corny, geeky Wikus van der Merwe (even the name is like wth >< ). His character is probably the only one that goes through much inner development as circumstances force him to become a fighter and rebel who wants only to return to the side of his beloved wife.

Tentalizing "shots":

Interesting? Wanna watch? :P

The Verdict:

If you're not adverse to...

:: blood
:: gore
:: Aliens/"prawns" * teehee* XD

... stop reading at this point and go book your tix to the show!


District 9's
the must catch sci-fi/pseudo-documentary flick of the year! ^^

The movie starts off slow and meandering but trust me, it's good and the pace picks up towards the latter half ;)

P/S: I love the ending ^^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling awful and weak :(

It's like there's something not right with me from head to toe... probably the combined effect of the haze + late nights + stress.

Hope to catch up with everyone soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thanks everyone! ^^

You guys and gals leave me speechless and so touched XD

I got a shock when I opened my inbox and saw all the FB notifications, and when I read all the comments on my cbox.


Arigatou gozaimasu!

I'm sorry I haven't had time today to reply to all the online wishes. In case you're wondering, lunch and District 9 were great (aww, Yennie... I didn't know you were there too)!

Have a great Thurday, Friday and the weekend, amigos! ^^

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hatachi... 20... it's the year in Japan where a teen becomes an adult. This is my last post as a 19 year old ;)

Well, 19 was a bittersweet year to be... just like the years from 16 onwards. I laughed, I cried and I learned a lot more about life.

Coming to terms with who I am, and being proud of myself, is still not easy. I'm always wanting more out of myself and life.

But... once in awhile, life gives a little reminder of how precious it is to have freedom and to breathe. And for that, for all the things (big or small) that put a smile on my face, I am forever grateful.

Cheers and lots of love,

Artwork is by Katie Sevigny. Please support her beautiful art by visiting her website @
Streamyx hates me recently. Huhu. Keep dc-ing and cutting me off from the net :(

*kaw-tow to big boss of Streamyx* please grant me access to give my blog a proper update later XD

Uni's getting "fun" again. Fell asleep reading half of my 16 page Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange lecture notes.

Luckily I'm not majoring in finance, or else I'll be catching lots of sleep ;)

Off soon to watch Departures (Okuribito) at uni. In fact, I'm probably late *yowzers =.= *

What else is new? =P

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Listening to all these vintage and nearly vintage songs lately XD

La Bamba - Ritchie Valens

I think almost everyone likes La Bamba right? =P

Silly me always thought it was an original song by Los Lobos, but actually it's a Mexican folk song ^^

Read about it @

Which version do you like? Traditional Mexican version (me never heard before), Ritchie Valens' version, or Los Lobos version?

I can't decide between Los Lobos and Ritchie Valens XD

P/S: I'm getting my ears pierced! Don't know how to react... I'm both reluctant and curious.......

Friday, August 07, 2009

TGIF! Muacks! ^^

Nuffnang, I <3 U! Thanks for springing a nice little pre-birthday surprise :)

I'm going to District 9!

Just hope I won't be too spooked by the show. The rating is R: Bloody violence and pervasive language XD

Sounds gory, but I like aliens so we'll see ;)

Haha, it'll be a different kind of end to the birthday festivities... clinging onto the seat i nthe cinema hall as the hours of 12th August tick away.

Probably bringing along my godmother again, or KF. The gal needs transport to and fro to Cineleisure at night =P

Any other bloggers going? Let me know! ^^

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You know I've got issues when I start blogging more than once a day =.=

*Can alter the date-stamp to make it look like I've blogged for the whole week? =P *

Sometimes I really wonder what in the world am I doing studying Business@Monash.

My International Trade Law assignment is 90% finished, but I'm not even sure I got the legal style of writing right. It's been 2 sems since I last did a law unit.

... MonGa interview article dateline's this Sunday too X_X

Ok la, enough emo-ing... something insanely happy n cheerful:


If you hate the vid, blame my MAOU onii-san Kon for video spamming the club forum's chatbox last night =P

I adoreeee the pink dino. Adele <3 dinos! ^^

I'm in a super random mood... so here's more random stuffy... =P

I'm getting that top from Ladies Fashion for my mom's bday on Saturday. So... if you can read my mom's mind, this is probably not the best time to let me know she doesn't like leopard prints XD

Hehe, I have a feeling she'll like it though... hopefully ^^


I've fallen in love with this hairband from Baby Be Dazzled ! =D

It's so lovely, kan? Me especially like the red/black combo and the double strand plastic band ^^

Adele and Yin Fong @ uni ^^

^ That's the reason why I like hairbands XD

I look less like a goody-goody geek with some accessories on, whilst Yin Fong has her pretty curls XD

And below is me in 2007 when I had more of an Acne problem than now.

Post SPM + SAM year + stress + hormones = disaster XD

Pls mentally erase/ignore the pimples =.= XD

^ After a happy time at Auli's Raya party. Kebayas (Malay/Nyonya traditional women's outfit) are love <3

Hehe. Haven't posted so many pics of myself in a long time. In fact, haven't taken many new ones lately too.

Let's see if Adele can get past the lazy/busy to upload pics from her old skool double AA battery Kodak digicam stage XD

Monday, August 03, 2009

So sorry for missing this weekend's Strawberry.Bytes section. Lol, my weekends are getting more hectic than weekdays XD

*ahem* procrastination *ahem*

Hehe, anyway... I've got a confession to make... I'm addicted to Looklet ;)

So, to compensate for WS.B:

Monday Blues

I'll be posting some of my "fashion shoots" from Looklet under the username dollhaus ^^

*apologies to the lads if this puts u to sleep* XD

Punk Ballet
(last pic) is my fav ^^

Really adore the layered effect, and the mix of different textures and colours =)

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