Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Presenting........ the long overdue photo post ^^

Friends (*heart* you guys! ^^ )

Tze Yin's Bday at Secret Recipe =)

IT website project partners - C.A.T. =p

Yummy food at Sushi Groove 1 Utama

Wye Luun @ Sushi Groove

Kevin @ Sushi Groove... this was his farewell outing =_=

Bernie and I at Sushi King, Cineleisure ^^

Last day of college:

Ren-yi and I, with Mrs Soh's home baked cupcakes

Note from Mrs Soh ^^

Pei Zhe and I... she's such a darling - sweet and nice =)

Oops.... random pic of moi XD
Note to self: Must tidy up room after finals!! =p

Close to home:

Stepdad's Bday: Zuan Yuan@ OneWorld Hotel

Bro's Bday: Oriental Pavilion at Jaya31... love the teddy bear cake! ^^

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