Monday, November 12, 2007

IT was horrid, horrendous, horrible.

Lack of time was never more acutely made aware of than during the exam. But........ sigh, Benjamin of T1 who was sitting beside me, had time to TAKE A NAP. The examiner went "....pens down." So I dropped my pen, turned to my left.... and there he was, his head on the table, eyes shut. And he scored higher than me for internals, so it's probably NOT because he couldn't do the paper. Glum-ness >_<

Oh well, at least 3/4 of those who sat for the exam had to hand in the paper in various stages of completion as well.

Adieus, my hoped-for-A in IT. It's just not going to happen now.

By the way, my corroboree (I'll use the proper term since I'm now able to spell it correctly, to Timbuktu [I adore Aristocats ^^ ] with the wavy red 'misspelled' line =p ) dress came back from the shop. One good thing is I don't have to diet for the function. Since the top part of the dress is satin-ish, it can't be too tight and thus, the material hangs loosely around my waist.

Therefore, being slim on that day is not going to make me look any slimmer in my dress. And I can eat in peace on corroboree night without having to suck in my tummy throughout.

Now, if only I could have nice porcelain smooth skin on the 21st. Darn the fact that corroboree is only a day after Accounting. It's true you know, my dear friends, the age old adage about stress and pimples. And did I mention that Accounting is my second worse subject?

Tomorrow is Economics.......... I'm so darn nervous because I know I have to absolutely perform up to par for that paper. Blek.

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