Sunday, April 12, 2009

A:fair Weekend is coming to town again soon ^^

As much as I'm addicted to blogshop-hopping, I've yet to step foot into an actual offline bazaar (gosh! XD )

With the mostly rave reviews the A:fair Initiative has been receiving, I'm a little curious to check it out.

Jom... anyone wanna teman me? =P

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Had to skip the Nuffnang-Maxis party... so sad :( Really wanted to go Maison (I'm a club-scape noobie la), but darn, KL's not my territory. Ended up not having a ride OR a date (hmph... KF ditched me *just kidding XD *)

Someone, PLEASE bring me partying and having FUN.

Doesn't have to be a club, seriously, I still had a blast at today's MAOU ice-breaking session. Kekeke... Got to see club members do the Hare Hare Yukai dance =P

*I joined in too k!!!! Whee!!!*

I'm a little kookie today, probably sugar from the soft drinks kicking in. LOL. I barely did any course work today. Usually by now I'll be in panic mode... gosh *cue eye-rolling ;) *

N-e-way... what inspired me to write a proper post after quite a while?

I guess I'm slowly starting to re-find my creative footing (or a toe or thumb perhaps?).

Won't beat about the bush, but reading Raymi and Keira-anne did inspire the hidden little blogger in me.

Some things there are a bit uncomfortable territory for me, but otherwise it's like an eye-opener. Makes me wanna go "I don't want to give up. I'm too young. Somewhere out there is LIFE and all the things I still want to do before I die".

It's like, so what if people are going to make a negative judgment about you from your lifestyle, the way you dress, or your interests? You can't please everyone, just get on with it.

Don't break the golden rules of blogging (and life) - never personally attack anyone and don't be a hypocrite- and, you've got a clear conscience.

Raymi The Minx

Raymi's got a great post about a vintage store in Vancouver. Pics of dresses from the '20s jazz era and feathered hair-pieces made me drool with envy. It's like so Great Gatsby and Fitzgerald. Me adoreeeee.

Jazz age fashion

Dunno why, I'm starting to be a little Jo-ish *hah! my theory about bosses and their staff* XD

But... she'll always be much, much wittier and everything else XD *Miss you btw, if you haven't given up on my blog yet*

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2
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