Saturday, June 28, 2008

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★ It's an interesting book which drew me in immediately, striking a chord within this long-time curious observer of both Japan's pop culture and traditional heritage.

Despite (or perhaps because of) Peter Carey being a 2-time Booker prize recipient, Wrong About Japan is an entertaining read (big fonts, thin book this is going to make so many people happy Photobucket) which will not twist your mind around like a ball of yarn and then spit it out all rolled up.

Thus, it's definitely a must read for anyone with a remote interest in manga and anime. Get ready for this... anime talked about and analyzed in the book include Blood: The Last Vampire, a lot of Mobile Suit Gundam (fanboys, you may scream now Photobucket ), Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbour Totoro and Astro Boy. Tantalizing?

Even if you're not a fan of manga and anime, perhaps the travelogue side of the book will appeal to the adventurer in you. Photobucket The route of Japanese pop culture is, after all, a pretty interesting one that comes with complimentary neon lights and an underlying sense of wackiness that is hard to resist.

A concurrent theme of the book is also a foreigner's exploration of the impact World War 2 might have had on anime and manga. This ultimately ensures that all fluff and no substance is a tag that will not be affixed to Wrong About Japan.

An extra bonus would be the cute cover, and artwork from various manga and anime included within the book. Photobucket


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I was once again very nice bored, and went game hunting!! =P

Luunie, this one's dedicated to you. I do mention you, see? Photobucket

Sunny Day Sky's
graphics are so adorable!

Basically, you're in control of a bear and clicking on the bear will make him fly. Once air-borne, keep clicking to remain in the air, and try to avoid birds whilst looking out for delicious red apples.

Keep an eye on the meter at the top right corner of the screen as well, as that's your "umbrella power" - how long more you're able to stay up in the air.

When your meter is running low, now's the time to start planning to land on one of those cute looking vehicles under you. Bear in mind (excuse the pun Photobucket ) that once you land on the road, it's game over.

The total score is calculated based on how many cars you're able to pass while in the air. Landing on vehicles will earn you extra points as well.

Eyemaze's latest offering is Seek Ver. 0

While not a run-of-the-mill casual game, I was a little disappointed. Photobucket Seek is not particularly interesting, although it's sufficient as a boredom buster.

The aim of the game is to observe the letters at the top of the conveyor belt, and click the matching letters on the word grid underneath.

To make your life difficult up the challenge factor, numbers are thrown in and letters on the grid are in various stages of rotation as you proceed to higher levels. Photobucket

Clicking the wrong letters/numbers will crush one of the hearts (heart breaker XD ) on the left of the grid. Missing letters/numbers also produce the same effect.

The thing is, Seek is just not very re-playable unless you're one of those who absolutely have to beat a game.

Nevertheless, do give it a try and you just might end up with a soft spot for it. Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ahem. Noticed anything different? *big sly grin* :D

Yup yup, I succumbed to the dark side. I sold my soul to Nuffnang.

"Your blog does not even get much readers"

I agree XD Would you believe me if I said I placed an ad on this blog only for the visuals?

Because it's a really lame reason, and totally true. Siau already, this girl.

Adele is perpetually lazy to snap and upload photos... so she lets the ads annoy the hell outta you brighten up your day instead :D

Isn't that ingenious? XD
You know how I really like to waste time in front of an inanimate screen?
And how I really, really like to do that especially during exam season?

I swear, my mind is conditioned to crave the Internet when there's an exam just around the corner.

I just stare at the screen not knowing what to do next on usual days. But when I should be studying, I'm bound to discover all sorts of engrossing time-wasting things that keep me away from the books that should be getting my undivided attention instead.

Case in point: I'm here blogging at 1 a.m. when I've a Japanese exam at 7 p.m.

And not like the exam is as simple as taming a rabbit.

Someone, feed me horror stories of Japanese exams gone wrong. Fast.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Took out the widget from the side bar since I rarely use my desktop computer these days, and there isn't much incentive to install the program on my laptop.

Instead, I added Shelfari and Twitter :) Now you can keep tabs on what Adele is reading and doing.

Oh, Jason came up with a new way to pronounce my name XD Instead of A-dell, he calls me A-de-li. Says it's cuter + special since he's the first and only one to do so ^^

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh dear. It's only the start of the holidays and... Adele is b-o-r-e-d. XD

I've finished reading 3 books, and am left with only one more. Have to make a trip to the Monash library after Monday's Japanese exam to borrow more books.

Thankfully, there's also crunchyroll and lots and lots of j-doramas. I've also enough time to kill that I can practically get drunk on room escape games.

Have to brush up on my driving as well, so that I can drive on my own to KBU and meet up with Jason. It's only 10 mins away, but a 10 minute distance might as well be driving to the North Pole when you've barely any driving experience.

It's funny how you look forward to having free time during the exam season, and when you actually have free time, you feel so very much like a blatant time-waster and couch potato. Ouch.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Exams are over. Fin. Done. so let's not talk about it anymore =P

Went to Pyramid with my Monash pals after the exam. Haha... girly outing... watched Kung Fu Panda and shopped for accessories. Asian Avenue is so cool! ^^

Kung Fu Panda'a a great show. Not only is it inspirational, it made me both cry and laugh at the same time. My fav type XD

Will post up pics of the stuff I bought if there's time =)

Oh, and today is Firefox Download Day 2008. Be part of the record setting event by downloading Firefox 3!
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