Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comic Fiesta today was awesome! ^^

Didn't stay long but I got to dress up and bring along plushie Mokona XD

But... I knocked my car into the blardy pillar at Sunway Pyramid's teeny tiny parking lot T.T

~ Pics of my semi-lolita outfit when I get it uploaded =D


P/S: East Asian culture enthusiasts, here's your new time-waster XD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've got to stop Caramell Dancing =.=

It's just so addictive! XD *shakes right, shakes left... lalala* *LOL*

Ok, back to what I meant to blog about =P

What's your take on studs?

Um... not your average (male) stud, although those are rather interesting *cough tigerwoods cough but seriously he'!*

So anyway, studded this-and-that's, you like?

I don't like.

Not really in any case, especially huge studs and heavily studded items.

Or perhaps it has to do with the type and arrangements of studs, because I adore these...

Yummy contrast of textures and colours. Helps to balance the Amazonian warrior aspect of studs XD

Tres Quirky ;)

Elegance with modern day attitude. Nice! :D

From research though, studs were more of a 2007/2008 thing, so Malaysians probably love their studs since studded bags are still so 'hot' :P

One thing's for sure though, I'm lovin' lace! ^^

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm lazy

So here ya go... vids! =P

You know how I like the cheesiest stuff from Japan (not just the to-eat type yea XD )

... and how I don't care if I'm outdated by a gazillion years?


I hereby torture you with

Gyaru Para Para

Caramell Dansen/Dancing (English Version)

Happy hyper-ing. Be thankful (if) you're not in my anime club XD

I have evil fantasies of making club members do those dances on campus, nyahahaha ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Pulling some extra days and hours next week @ Paperdoll Boutique Tropicana City Mall.

Come do your X'Mas shopping and make me happy by keeping me company XD

If you're not already so tall that flats are your ultimate must haves, there's pretty pwetty heels like these

Comes in sizes 37-39 for most designs, ranging in price from RM75-79. Some of them would even make good dress shoes ^^

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quick S.Berry Byte XD

Added some new blogs to my *Cookies* list ^^

This is the section with the blogs of NN friends, as well as other blogs I enjoy reading :)

So, you could say that section is kinda like in a constant state of Work in Progress =P

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ooooo... who is it meeting Queen E? Some aristocrat? Madonna?

*sshhh if you already know ;) *

Looks kinda like Madonna right? Guess it has to be her, being one of the few platinum blonds in entertainment prestigious enough to meet the Queen.


Uh-uh. Try again ;)

It's GaGa Ooh La La XD

Erm, yes, her

Meeting Her

We~ell, they might have the same eccentric taste in fashion XD

Have you seen some of the Queen's hats? o.0

My eyes =.=

So, we have Lady G caught in a Bad Romance and Q.E caught in a Bad Hat-Romance =P

Looks like there's not as many differences between them after all.

Extras// press article (funny XD )

Monday, December 07, 2009

Who in the world looks so happy to be clumsy?!

Adele the klutz strikes again >.<


Injured my hand at work today (pain, k?), AND lost the studded cap of my left earring =.=

It's in a pattern that's darn hard to find, and the inner Ms Adele OCD is driving me nuts T.T

Plus, it's metal (pricey non-allergy causing type, not plastic or alloy) so what to do... have to go look for a substitute instead.


Back to my anime. Here's a clue to what I'm currently addicted to:

Ah! Paradiso!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Mwahaha XD You must be thinking, this gal has elephant-thick skin.

...But it's true, I'm an amateur detective! Somewhat :P

You see, I was wondering from this poster below:

Cheesy Macaroni! Is that Holmes and Watson?! 0.0

I always thought they'll look like this:

Aren't they supposed to be like, a lil frumpy?

And then I put two and two together. Eureka! The magical word's Hollywood!

Which studio will want to invest in frumpy detectives aye?

I don't think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever intended for Holmes to ditch his signature tweed coat, but those are pretty awesome outfits there ^^

Dandified version of the world's best known fictional detective XD

Need more proof that I'm an amateur Sherlock Holmes?

Me sniffed out the location of the mystery image Nuffnang sneakily hid in 2 blogs =D

Try finding my tiny watermark too, and spy on which sites I browse~ ;)

My watermark's really pretty and sweet (humor me? I hardly edit my pics, even if it's just MS Paint :P) , but it's barely visible. Boo-hoo :(

The next puzzle I want to solve is the mystery of Stephy-nie XD

I stalk follow her on Blogger, FB, MSN and even have her number... but I've never met her! o.0

How now strawberry cow? Surely I must decode the mystery surrounding her, and find out more about the case whereby she helpfully posted clues in her blog on how to track down the images :P

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon's surprisingly better than I expected XD

Thank Olympia they did away with quite a bit of the slow-talking 17th century-ish dialogue between Edward and Bella.

Alice plays a bigger role this time as well. Yay! Splendid!

I love her New Moon wardrobe. So Autumn in New York :P

Ohh... and while everyone's talking about Edward's pale skin and Jacob's abs (I like his soulful eyes more than the abs *swoon*), I think the cutest is...

*Ahem* O-kay!! I know Alec's supposed to be really young (which makes me pedo? o.0), but... I like!

Hehe. There's more!

Oh gosh, the bad*** attitude and clothing. Don't know why, but I have this thing with coats? Kudos to the costumers, the button details on Alec's coat are fab! ^^

Oh Twilight Saga, if you were less "Oh Bella! Oh Edward! Oh Jacob!", I might really like you better XD

P/S: Successfully rolled eyes less throughout New Moon, although the eyes did twitch :P

That's an improvement, 'kay.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks to Nuffnang, I'll be joining other Nuffies for the premiere of New Moon :)

Feel kinda bad la, coz there's lots of twi-hards who would really want to go, while I'm not a Twilight fan and got the opportunity instead.

However, as much as I don't really care for Edward, Bella and Jacob; I really do like Alice and the Cullens.

I love the bond between the members of the Cullen family, even though they're not blood relatives.

Those parts I'm definitely looking forward to.

So I guess it's... New Moon here I come! ;)

Will try to go with something vintagy or tres chic to complement Alice's sense of style ^^

P/S: Who's going? ^^

Most Nuffnang screenings I feel so shy to walk up to other Nuffies and intro myself, whether as fellow Nuffie or readers of their blogs.

So let me know in advance so I can look you up during the screening? XD

I've started work again at Paperdoll Boutique, Tropicana City Mall ^^

Shop girl + steam mistress XD

Sundays - Wednesdays; afternoons ;)

Pop by for a visit and for pretty clothes!


On another note, I've spotted a cute pair of earrings!

Ace Cards earrings inspired by Alice in Wonderland :)

I love the heart in the middle, and the A initial. A for Adele! :P

There's more in the Alice in Wonderland series of earrings...

My obvious fav's the Ace Cards, but the keys come in a close second.

And there's even mushrooms! Pretty unusual to find toadstool mushroom earrings eh? ^^

Crafted by: Handmade: Art + heart (:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Latte art

Mmmm, Delish!

I'm still not a coffee fan but I've been learning some basics from dad.

The lattes above are really good cups of coffee, and not just because of the splendid latte art.

Firstly, the crema has to be good, followed by the latte froth, in order to sustain a visually enticing piece of latte art.

Having an espresso? Look out for crema. A good cup will have a thick layer of crema, which signifies the quality of the coffee bean and the coffee extractor.

The crema is thus linked to the essential oils in the coffee bean.

*I better stop before I get my facts mixed up ;) *

A better article on crema would be

...And here's more lovely latte art ^^

Sunday, November 15, 2009

One more paper to go. It's a blood sucking vampire of a paper, but the battle continues!

.Nil desperandum auspice deo.

Although... if vampires were as cuddly and cute as the one in Sesame Street..... XD

On another note, I've been very touched by the suicide of Robert Enke.

It struck a particularly deep chord in me because he was fighting the same battle that I fight now - a battle that millions continue to fight.

Depression, anxiety disorder, and especially the dreaded fear of failure.

To quote Dirke Enke, father of Robert:

"He did not have faith in himself. He was trapped within his own ambition."

It's frighteningly familiar, and during particularly dark days, Robert Enke might very well be Adele.

Ambition. Such a strong word with huge potential for self-destruction. There's always the fear that good is merely not enough, only the best would do. But how many can actually be the best?

And faith in one's self. It is so easily stripped away and deconstructed. So fragile and easily shattered.

Often, Liberal Arts and Business Studies are polar opposites in terms of ideology. Whilst Arts eschews materialism and conformity, Business Studies encourages profits and - to an extent - conformity.

Thankfully, I've got both to keep me in balance, walking the middle path.

2 years on and despite the constant struggle not to sink underwater, I'm so grateful for what education at Monash has taught me.

Although I would not have wished for all the tears and sweat that have been shed, I've grown up. Tougher, wiser, more resilient, but still with the touch of naivete that I hope never to lose.

Truly, Ancora Imparo - I am always learning.

Thank you, Robert, for the moments of self reflection which you have given us, and for highlighting the destructive nature of a mental condition that is still highly stigmatized.

May you finally be at peace.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

By now, everyone and their grandaunts would probably know I'm not a rabid (pun intended XD) Twilight fan.

The - undead *ouch* - giveaways?

: 20-year old vampire-loving female blogger who has only blogged once about Twilight
: Has not had any countdown celebrations for New Moon's screening
: Does not wish to change her name to Adele Cullen or Adele Black
: Will never be caught going around gushing about Team Edward or Team Jacob

Despite the overly-mushy, archaic lovey dovey tone of the Twilight Saga... there's one saving grace yet for the descendants of Dracula! *hip hip hooray*

Her name is Alice, Alice Cullen XD

Edward, Bella and Jacob can have their fun looking lovelorn... just give me Alice and I'll be fang-tastically happy ^^

For one thing, this girl's got style!

Alice and Jasper

It takes attitude to pull off Vintage without looking ridiculously last century, which Alice does despite being from... erm, the last century.

She's talented, gutsy, strong, fun and caring. Proving that it is possible to be nice and yet fun to be around ^^

Halloween's done and over with, but with New Moon coming around, get some style tips from Alice and hit the cinema looking fashionably chic!


Go for a whole new, fresher look with a skilfully done pixie cut that accentuates sharp features.

Plus point: Do it right and you definitely won't be getting "OMG!You look like an auntie!" comments ;)


While it wouldn't be feasible to don such warm attire in sunny Malaysia, take a tip from Alice by pairing an elegant scarf with a contemporary coat-like long top in a muted yet "young" shade of blue.

Alternatively, opt for preppy checks with an edgy crocheted sleeveless cardigan.

Alice is definitely one for Chictopia! :)


Replica of Alice's necklace

Ribbons and cameo brooches need not necessarily be old-fashioned. Add a touch of femininity to your outfit without giving "feminine" a bad rep :P

Lastly, don't forget to smile ^^

Even if your partner, standing right beside you, looks like a jiang shi

As part of my devious scheming to get fangirls all screamingly excited (while I take over the world by becoming a bewitching vamp XD ), here's the trailer to New Moon.

Enjoy hopefully :P

And if you did enjoy that, what're ya waiting for? XD

This New Moon rises only once, and Nuffnang's giving 30 bloggers invites to the exclusive, premiere screening of New Moon.

Alice! Wheeeeee!

P/S: Wasn't vampire baseball in Twilight so awesomely fun? =D
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