Sunday, July 29, 2007

[Mood : A bundle of mixed feelings... ]
[Listening : P.P.S.H. - ONE OK ROCK *hearts* ^^ ]

Am I proud/arrogant and a babble-mouth? I think sometimes la, when I'm in my pain in the a** mode. Anyway, I hear you ask, why did this thought pop into my head in the first place?

Well, I guess I was doing some retrospective thinking... and a convo I had with Gary while walking from the (unofficial) bus stop to college suddenly struck me out of thin air.

He was telling me how his (now ex) Thinking Skills lecturer is a Datin.

Adele: So...?
Gary: So special la
Adele: My grandmother also Datin
Gary: For you it's normal la, but for me it's special (or something like that...)

Sorry Gary, if I sounded like a pompous brat. I mean like... my grandfather, the Dato', passed away even before I was born... and I definitely did not really get the chance to live the privileged and pampered life my dad had while growing up. At most, I have occasional and brief whiffs of life in the upper realms of society. So really, I am not one of those rich brats of titled personages.

And I guess there are other times too, when I can seem arrogant and domineering. So one of Adele's resolutions is to curb those sporadic bursts of bad attitude.

In retrospect (XD), I think the main reason why I'm a little skeptical and mistrustful about rich guys and marrying into a rich family is that... reality (as proven from real life examples) isn't like those Disney cartoons. You (may) get busybody and incredibly critical in-laws from hell (Eg: Aiya, what does he see in her? Got so many other rich socialites out there who look prettier and who can help forge new political and business alliances for the family), divorce is also pretty common, and who says money makes you happy anyway?

My mother probably expected the life of a Dato's daughter-in-law to be a walk in the park... lots of money, comfortable lifestyle, status and all. But guess what? My dad was a busy man who worked in another state, and in the end they got divorced. Happily ever after, not.

I would much rather have a smart guy with lots of potential who will make it someday on his own accord, and who has strong values. NOT some guy who's always had things easy and has clusters of opportunity seeking girls hanging around him since young. And anyway, I would rather be a Datuk than a Datin, and make my own bundles of money XD

That way... I can spend my money on causes close to my heart like nature conservation and poverty. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the needy, knowing an animal still has chances of not fading into the annals of history, and the knowledge that I've done something useful and worthwhile has always made me happier than eating at fancy restaurants or buying something really expensive. Haha... I'm one of those born activist who feel guilty splurging on something when I think about how my money could have saved someone from starving or to pay for an impoverished kid's medicine/education.

Actually, I count myself pretty blessed to have a relatively comfortable life where my family has always been looking after my back and fulfilling my wants. So if I do happen to get oodles and oodles of money one day... hehe... I'll go on a spending spree of a different type XD

And... I'll use my money to (finally =p )indulge in archeology and history... funding research and digs in historical havens such as Egypt, Machu Picchu, Europe and Asia.

But... even if I were destined to never come across my El Dorado, I'll go on tackling each day as it comes, enjoying the little things in life. For, often, those are things which money cannot buy ^^

Hahaha... I was messing around with and discovering the various editing functions bundled into the Kodak EasyShare software that came with my camera... and it's really quite cool ^^

For example, the second picture is both a combination of black&white and spotlight effects, while the third is purely witht he spotlight effect. In the case of the third picture, the lighting was horrible and the spotlight effect in a way balances the glare somewhat, don't you think so?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

[Mood : Feverish and tired =( ]
[Listening : Baby Baby - JJ Lin... I love this song <3 ]

Something made me feel breathtakingly happy today, before accounts class. Yup yup, I saw him when and where I least expected to, and it so totally made my day ^^ I guess he probably had a very good reason for being there that had nothing to do with me (don't want to get my hopes up XD )... but I was still feeling so dazed, happy and dreamy even when acc class started. That is, until the class got scolded by Ms Alicia Foo, and about yesterday's class assignment/test... the one I know I made quite a lot of silly mistakes in. AND it was supposed to be an easy paper to 'pull up our internal assessment'. That really brought me crashing down to Earth.

Hehe... Gary said Jen and I mostly talk about guys during lunch. Well, I actually hardly talk about guys with other people except Aaron... so when Jen and I meet up twice a week for lunch, we tend to catch up on each other's guys. And although it's guys in the plural form, it's really mainly just 3 specimens of the male sex that we find interesting enough to talk about. One is him, the other is Wye Luun and the third is the 'guy in pink' with the Kevin aura (long story XD ) that sometimes asks Jen out for lunch.

Econs assignment is due tomorrow before 10 a.m. Wish me the best of luck. Currently, I feel so konked out that the last thing on my mind is how trade agreements leave negative impacts and MNCs are racist big bullies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am addicted to (Kaneko) Kyohei's Pain. These few days, if you saw me with my iPod, chances are I was trying to get my dose of 'Pain' (lol XD ) to alleviate the craving *grin*

Anyway, this is really just a useless bit of space wasting information pertaining to Adele that I couldn't resist leaving a tiny space in my blog for =p

Tata for now ^^

P/S: The button-down shirt and jeans look go very well on guys ne. Well, especially on a certain one la... *runs away* XD

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Have a Melancholic Temperament

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Eeks... that's so true...

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Spot on, once again... I love Skittles ^^ (Wesley used to 'bribe' me with them XD )

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm feeling so down. I should really start avoiding 'him'. It seems like every time I come into contact with him, whether online or in real life, there's bound to be something small or big that'll trigger the old feelings of intense jealousy and hopelessness. That's partly what led me to become suicidal last year, and it's one of the few things that still has the force to push me into self destructive tendencies. It... still hurts, even after all these months. It hurts that I'm not the only girl he thinks of, if he even thinks of me anymore. It hurts that I'm not the only one, the sole person he has eyes for and whom he has a special place in his heart for. I guess I'm one of those vain girls who needs to be worshiped by the guy they like to not feel worthless and jealous? I'll probably do the same for the guy I choose to be with, though. And if things could be different... I know I would still want to be with him. Sigh. I hate, hate, hate this feeling!

And all because I read something I wish I didn't, and his 'cold' attitude today.

Friday, July 20, 2007

[Mood : Sleepy ]
[Listening : Baby Baby - JJ Lin ^^ ]

I am so dead =p This weekend's a very tight schedule for me, and to make matters worse, next week is worth 24% in internal assessment marks math-wise. To further aggregate the already horrible situation, LAN project dateline and Accounting test is next week as well.

So... you might ask, what makes Adele such a busy bee on Saturday and Sunday? Well, first of all will be the copious amount of mugging I'll have to do. Next, Saturday is Harry Potter day. Worldwide, Saturday is nothing but Harry Potter and the anguish of ending a long journey undertaken with Harry and friends not to mention finding out which characters kick the bucket. Harry has been in my life since I was 9, when my very kind uncle got me the first 3 books from UK, so the end of the road is somewhat sentimental for me. Heck, I guess you could say I grew up with Harry, and not having the release date of the next HP book to look forward to is a little unthinkable. Plus I don't like the movies, so this is really the end of the hype for me. But it's fitting though. Harry comes of wizarding age in this last book, while I come of age in less than a month's time.

I don't think I'll be able to finish the book in one and a half days this time though. Saturday is also the day I'll be attending a party in the evening. I love Aunty Joyce's dinner parties as there's usually good food, tasteful decorations and lavish setting. And I might just meet the elusive second cousin who's also in Taylor's but whom I have no impression of.

Anyway, just a friendly reminder, the magic both starts and ends for the last time this Saturday. I have a feeling this book isn't going to have much of my beloved Quidditch, but we'll see XD

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whee! This Friday's episode of Music Station was great! I (kinda) hate to say this, but I really do think I'm becoming a KAT-TUN fan? XD

performance on MS totally blew me away. I have to admit that their latest single Yorokobi no Uta is infectiously catchy.

Back to the perf, is it just me or is Junno trying extremely hard to be all wild and rocker-ish? The rather sadly funny thing is he still looks so sweet and good guy-ish that his attempts are somewhat comical. I know, I'm so mean, but the more I scrutinize KAT-TUN, the more it dawns on me that... Junno is in the wrong Johnny's group. And OMG! Ueda could pass of as a girl! The uninitiated could easily wrongly assume the group has 3 girls in it - Ueda, Jin and Kame =p

Anyway, I really like the way they incorporated trains into Yorokobi no Uta. Question? look and sound good as well, kudos to them! JE's resident band's really coming along quite nicely. Overall, it's was a good performance despite Junno's over-enthusiastic rocker antics,and in a way he does look quite adorable (but annoying) jumping around ^_~

Oh, and I caught a short preview of next week's show and guess what? Kanjani 8 *squeal* are on it XD Hehehe... their costume is seriously ugly though, even by JE standards. Well, it isn't as bad as the bright red lunatic asylum clown's uniform Arashi wore at their concerts not too long ago, but it's pretty much as horrid. I'll try focusing solely on their heads when it's time to tune in to their perf on the coming episode of MS XD

Namie Amuro's performance of Hide and Seek on HEY!x3 ^^ As usual, her style is stunning, especially the jodhpurs and boots look. The clip is low quality so it's not really noticeable that she's actually dancing and strutting around in insanely high heels. I think they're easily at least 4 inches! Anyone who can dance wearing such shoes deserve at least an iota of acknowledgment =p

P/S: Kyohei Kaneko's (ex-FLAME) album Rise has some really great songs on it! He's kind of disappeared off the radar for International fans ever since he left FLAME, the Vision Factory produced boyband he gained fame with. Undeniably, he's gifted with a soothing voice which suits the smooth R&B/Hip-Hop style he adopts. Personally, I've really like Kyohei's voice since FLAME-days, especially when he made Truly into such a hauntingly beautiful song. Doesn't hurt that he reminds me of se7en as well ^^

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lol... it seems that Adele still can't get it into her frustratingly thick skull of a mull that more than one blog post in a day is just a tad outlandish =p

Actually, I don't in actuality have anything concrete and worth writing about... but well, I'm me... I just love to write and be able to express my thoughts through delicate word crafting.

IT test is tomorrow. It almost slipped my mind. So tata for now as Adele attempts to bury her head in her dictionary-thick IT textbook.
[Mood : Happy ^^ ]
[Listening : Leave for Vacation - SMTOWN ]

I'm a little disappointed with this year's Summer SMTOWN's title track. Leave for Vacation is... I don't know... not as catchy as my fav (so far) SM Summer song - Hotmail. Now, mi amigos, that was one heck of a fun song. Sure, the warbling was a little on the weak side... but it was light, upbeat, catchy, and most of all what a "let's frolic under the sun song" should have - oodles of FUN! Not that Leave for Vacation isn't fun, it just kinds of misses the mark with me.

The SM artistes rendition of Under the Sea (one of my all time fav Disney songs! ^^ ) however, is (in my opinion XD ) really nice. Hehe... it's a refreshing change to hear a Korean version of the song ne! ^^

Bon Odori is two days away! Oh, how Adele cannot wait for Saturday evening! XD

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[Mood : Dignified, lol ]
[Listening : Pink Key - Namie Amuro ♥ ]

Now it's time to find your way
Now it's time to find your way

*1 Left-Right キョロキョロしても
見付からないほどのBling Bling
Get Right そろそろRealに
探したくなるそのHot Feelings
Say Hi!ほらその手を前に
Baby we'll be able to go to new world
(You'll say Wah!)
そのトビラ 開けるのはこのPink Key

Step by step/Baby be yourself
手にしたチャンスもSay Bye-Bye

*2 待ちかまえる運命 少し怖くって
all day (all day) なら準備OK?
困難乗り越えて その目で確かめて

*1 repeat

Face to face/Spend your precious days
後悔しないようにlive your life

*2, *1 repeat

You know that you should do it
do it right now
Believe you can surely find your way

Now it's time to find your way
Now it's time to find your way

*1 repeat


Pink Key by the one and only Namie Amuro... I love this song to bits XD I guess going through my previous posts, one would have been able to deduce that she's one of my fav style icons ^^

Kanji is easy to understand (well, since it resembles Chinese characters) but so very hard to vocalize. On the other hand, hiragana is easy to read, but hard to comprehend.

Anyway... oh gosh... why is a mountain being made out of a mole hill? =_=

Btw, I think I'm almost cured of suicidal tendencies ^^ Well, I hardly think of ways to take my own life these days, although I do still semi-consciously notice good buildings to... well, you know la. I think my fav is still carbon monoxide though. It's neater, does not create as much of a scene, does not traumatize as many innocent bystanders, and you'll look good even in death. Ok, ok... Just kidding, that was in bad taste. I just don't find as much reason to not continue living anymore. Previously, it was due to low self esteem in form 4 and 5, SPM stress and relationship problems. But now I no longer have to go through the torture of under achieving in the sciences, spending night after night crying and worrying about the looming SPM examination, and I'm currently single ^^

C'est la vie, mon ami ~ =)

Monday, July 09, 2007

I really have to snap out of this habit of mine... making multiple posts in a day =p

Anyway, it just struck me. If we're talking about material stuff, I probably can't live without music, books, pen and paper.

The music and English geek has spoken XD

P/S : Btw, I think I DO have a good sense of humour... I can shrug off stuff and laugh at myself. Well, I won't elaborate on how I came to this conclusion... only that reading something made me realize that. And it makes me realize how glad (and lucky, fortunate, etc) I am to have a girl like Jen as a friend, and there should be more Jen's in the world. Pretty, smart, down to earth, subtle, supportive and... totally not girly girly. Thank Goodness for Auli, Bernie, Tze Yin, Pei Zhe and Yin Fong as well! Or else I'll be in a bit of a sticky predicament - one girl hanging out among the guys.

Haha... I seem to get shivers when I listen to talk about make-up, clothes, gossip, etcetera
[Mood : I don't think there's a word for it XD ]
[Listening : Pizza Man - ELLEGARDEN ]

*stares at calender* Nooooo! ....Okay, that didn't really produce the desired effect XD Well, so much for being a drama queen, but there is something to get all panicky and sleepless over... and that is Econs research and the test tomorrow that will be based on the research done, not to mention Moral Studies quiz test as well.

Right now, I'm living on [not a prayer, a la Madonna =p ] the countdown to Bon Odori this Saturday and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows next Saturday. And thank goodness for the little (as well as the somewhat commercial) blessings in life.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

[Mood : Econs test on Tuesday... Noooo!! ]
[Listening : Teens (Accoustic Version) - Ayumi Hamasaki ]

Had a talk with Aaron earlier, and he has given me some hope regarding the awful situation I concluded I was in due to some events this week. Am I really assuming too much, and thus making an ass out of myself? He says he's amazed at the conclusions I arive at XD

But... I'm still a little skeptical, as I think there were many occasions in which things could have been different. And, if I do keep trying, I'll be making myself into a thick skinned pest.


You are 61% Japanese-ish.

You are above average Japanese. Congratulations on that! If you go to Japan, you could probably fit in pretty well.... Anyway, this is a good amount Japanese to be. Not too Japanesey, but not too whatever you are.

How Japanese Are You?

Hehe, I really did expect to score higher, but it's good to know that I'm not way beyond recovery from my Japanese obsession =p

Btw, An Cafe really does make you feel better when you're down in the doldrums. It's better than chocolates ^^

Friday, July 06, 2007

[Mood : Depressed ]
[Listening : Life is a Boat - Rie Fu ]

I feel like crap, both emotionally and health-wise. And I seriously want to slap someone, but Adele is practicing anger management and self control, so unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I'll be able to de-skin, boil and deep fry that person only in my depraved thoughts.

I've got myself two classics from the library to read and sandpaper my rather rusty writing skills with in a bid to raise the standard of my writing.

They are Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. Both great works of literature and perennial classics.

To be more specific, what I aim to improve on in my writing are dialogs, style & flow, and to increase my vocabulary.

Hopefully, if I can get my act together and craft a decent story, I'll enter this year's MPH young writer's search competition. Before that, I'll have to do my 'homework' XD

Thursday, July 05, 2007

[Mood: Tired ]
[Listening : Hey Yo - Battle ]

The songs I've heard off Namie Amuro's latest album PLAY are GREAT, and I've read a lot of good reviews about the album. My current addiction from PLAY is Pink Key. It's reminiscent of Girl Talk which is one of my all time fav Namie Amuro songs. I really like the 'special effects' incorporated into the Hip Pop sound, such as the tinkles and sparkles.

At times though, I get the impression that she's Japan's female version of Jay Chou. Her voice can be a tad flat at times, and it does seem that she mumbles her way through some parts of her songs... but strangely enough, it just adds to her overall sultriness. Listening to Namie Amuro, the first word that comes to my mind is sexy. That's how potent her voice is.

On a personal note, sigh... Adele hasn't been a very happy girl the last few days ne.
45 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone

whats your name spelt backwards?: anileda
What did you do last night?: sleep XD
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Last time you swam in a pool?: Can't remember
What are you wearing?: Interact t-shirt and shorts
How many cars have you owned?: Toy cars count? =p
Type of music you dislike most?: metal genres
Are you registered to vote?: N-o-p-e... but I can't wait XD
Do you have cable?: Broadband ^^
What kind of computer do you use?: Desktop
Ever made a prank phone call?: made, no... received, yes *annoyed*
You like anyone right now?: I guess so
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?: bungee jumping
Furthest place you ever traveled?: Saipan
What's your favorite comic strip?: PreTeena
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?: *hides* noooo.....
Shower, morning or night?: morning
Best movie you've seen in the past month?: Be With You
Favorite pizza toppings?: lots of tomato paste/sauce, cheese, mushrooms
Chips or popcorn?: Popcorn
What cell phone provider do you have?: Maxis
Have you ever smoked peanut shells?: Wha-at? You can actually do so? o_O
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?: *snort*
Orange Juice or apple?: Orange
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?: Jen, Wye Luun, Gary, and Gary's classmate
favorite chocolate bar?: Cadbury Crunchie (I think it's called that XD )
Who is your longest friend and how long?: Gary, Wye Luun, Bernie and Auli - about 4 years
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?: Erm... Beats me...
Have you ever won a trophy?: Yes
Favorite arcade game?: Air Hockey
Ever ordered from an infomercial?: Don't think so
Sprite or 7-UP?: Both's fine
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?: From kindergarten to Form 5
Last thing you bought at Walgreens?: Don't have one here
Ever thrown up in public?: No
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?: True Love XD
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Dunno
SPONGEBOB OR JIMMY NEUTRON?: Jimmy Neutron... he's so cool =p
Did you have long hair as a young kid?: yup, untill I had to cut it off during primary school years
What message is on your voicemail machine?: No voicemail machine
Where would you like to go right now?: Dreamland ^^
Whats the name of your pet?: Nada... because I don't have one XD
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?: pink with white flowers on it, nothing since I don't use it anymore
What do you think about most?: Him

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Monday, July 02, 2007

[Mood : Reflective ]
[Listening : Cookie Day (I love the lyrics XD ) - Shounen Knife ]

Cookie day, cookie day, it's a beautiful cookie day ^^

It's a funny coincidence (or maybe not XD ) and some may even think of it as ironic, but out of my closest and tightest group of friends/ex-classmates, 3 are in Taylor's Main Campus in SJ. Hehe... that's like half of of the group =)

And like Gary said... he didn't expect to end up in Taylor's. I guess it was a much easier choice for me seeing as how only Taylor's and Inti offers SAM. But there are still not many ex-Samadians at Main Campus ne. Good thing Gary joined the July intake for A-Levels. Now I have someone to talk about F1 with, poor guy XD

[Fangirling] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out in 18 day's time! ^^ Bon Odori is next week too! Once I clear the hurdle of Econs and IT tests (unless there are more tests waiting to spring out and torment us students), the upcoming weekends should be a veritable treasure chest of fun events! There's a new chapter of Rockin' Heaven out as well. Beats me what happened though, as my connection's a tad slow today so I'll just have to download it another time I guess. Should be interesting though because Sawa and Ran confessed to each other in the previous chapter ^^

Aaargh! I can't charge my Nano again! The last time, I had to restart my computer before the device could be recognized. Oh well. No choice, right?

Fun Fact (yeah right XD ) : Google Ichigo Ramen and the first result you'll get is my Vox blog *wink* Bet ya didn't know that...

I've uploaded my Perak holiday pics to the comp but feeling kind of sluggish to sift through and post them now. Maybe sometime and somewhere over the rainbow... =p
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