Thursday, November 15, 2007

I stayed up till 2 in the morning to complete Imadoki! and up to volume 4 of The Tarot Cafe. Madness! =p

Haha... Imadoki! was just so addicting that I absolutely had to read until Volume 5 (the last one in the series) to know what happens in the end to Tanpopo and Koki. And I was wrong! It wasn't all fun and laughter throughout, as Koki 'inheriting' a fiance really complicated things somewhat. Not to mention the fact that his fiance's a scary gal who's mission in life only seems to be marrying into the Kugyou family XD

But it was a good, light read that produced quite a few chuckles... and it had a great ending! So Adele's happy ^^

Now, I've got to wait until I chalk up 25 posts at Esthetique's forum in order to continue with The Tarot Cafe, so it seems like I'll have to put the series on hold till after the Accounting paper. It's a great manhwa though, with very detailed art and intriguing story lines... so it's definitely worth a read.

Esthetique's forum is also turning out to be quite alright. I've been away from the forum scene for awhile, and apart from Shoujo Crusade, I've never actually joined an animanga forum before, so wasn't quite sure what to expect. But it's starting to seem like an alright place to hangout at.

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