Wednesday, June 27, 2007

[Mood : Very Extremely Depressed ]

I lost my ring!! Worst thing is, I can't even recall where and when did I last see/wear it today :'(

My aunt bought it from Australia a few years ago, and it's Pewter-ish (well, don't know if it is Pewter or silver, just that it irritates my skin a little sometimes), is shaped as a koala, and the koala's belly is an opal.

If anyone sees it around Taylor's, please remember Adele and tell me asap. Adele will love you forever and you'll be brightening up her day by many folds a la the multiplier effect of econs.

Monday, June 25, 2007

[Mood : Sad... kinda ]
[Watching : Proposal Daisakusen ]
[Thinking : I want to eat Koyama's family's ramen =_= ]

I really like being a fangirl~! XD Hahaha! But not always, though. It's such a pain on the wallet and emotions sometimes, when you want something JE related so very badly but just can't have it.

My JE 'wishes' for now are going to a NEWS concert (they'll be in Taiwan in October/November, so envious of the Taiwan fans), eating at Koyamama's ramen shop! =p, and erm.... the list would probably fill a whole exercise book ^_~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

[Fav Phrase : Hallelujah Chance XD ]
[Watching : Proposal Daisakusen Ep 1 Part 2 ^^ ]


I'm in love with this site XD It's the English version of Japanese Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion brand Metamorpose's webbie. The website design is motto kawaii, and quite a few of the fashion designs are lovely ^^

But the prices... suicide ne!

I've love Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Sweet Lolita styles as well since hearing of Kamikaze Girls, but their prices are even worse than Metamorphose ne! =_= A dress is thousand plus, and bags a few hundred. My mum's designer Balenciaga bag cost less than some of BTSSB's.

Sigh... Lolita fashion sure is an expensive hobby XD
[Mood : Pensive ]
[Listneing : Fight Song - Arashi ]

That is what Adele is going to watch next! ^^ Haha, yup... Proposal Daisakusen! =p Actually, it's still ongoing in Japan, with the last episode airing on Monday. But thanks to great subbers, uploaders and crunchyroll... I'm currently streaming the first episode XD

It's a Yamapi dorama, and his first romance role in awhile. His schedule was really hectic while filming it as NEWS was holding their Spring concert in various parts of Japan, and he even fell sick. So even though it's not as good as NwP and I read that some reviewers in Japan didn't quite like it... I'm gonna watch, enjoy and appreciate Yamapi's efforts. Besides, his acting supposedly improved in this series. That's so sugoii, ya? ^^

Saturday, June 23, 2007

[Mood : Warm ]

Yay! I've finished NwP! Nobuta Power! XD It's truly a very good series, and it's obvious why it dominated the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards. I really like both Shuuji and Akira, and the interaction between Akira and Nobuta. Yamapi's expressions as Akira are soooo cute! Hehe... the way he says and acts Akira SHOCK, Akira Beam, Akira Down, Nobuta Power.... CHUU NYUU!, and Shu-u-ji kun is really adorable ^^

The show's really unpredictable too, and full of twists and surprises thrown in. And it did something Adele loves... it made me cry and smile at the same time ^^ Yasashi! =)

Really wanna watch Kurosagi and Proposal Daisakusen too, but since they're not available on CR, I might go for Bambino or Dragon Zakura. Or I'll just watch Kamikaze Girls (movie) + Be With You which Pei Zhe lent me... and watch NwP all over again XD

Problem with Bambino is that it's still ongoing in Japan (or just ended, not too sure) with only 7 out of 10 episodes on CR, and only 6 are subbed. I'm not a really big fan of MatsuJun, so I don't think I wanna watch an unsubbed version ne. Dragon Zakura has Yamapi and Teppei Koike, and it sounds interesting.

Hehe... if I can't decide, I can go study or read.... or just watch Water Boys 2 again. That's another show I saw on TV and like very much ^^

Anyway, ja ne! Kon! XD

Friday, June 22, 2007

[Mood : Pensive ]
[Watching : Nobuta wo Produce Ep 9 ]

One more episode left of Nobuta wo Produce. This show is really making me think deep and hard about various issues, and it really touches a cord in you.

I've been thinking ne, have I really gotten over my ex? I still get jealous when he shows interest in other girls, and I still can't imagine how I would feel and react when the inevitable happens and I wake up one day and find that he has girlfriend 2.0. And I'm still mad and frustrated that we're hardly as close as we used to be. Call me naive, but the day when I finally gave him back his freedom, I had the illusion that apart from not calling him 'dear', not saying 'I love you' and not planning for the future together... everything else would remain the same. We would still confide the most to each other, he would still comfort me and be my best friend, and we would have a bond between us which we had with no one else. Sigh... things like this don't happen in real life, do they? We hardly even talk anymore and it has been months since we last hanged out together. And even then.... our first outing that was not a date... I could treat him like a best friend, but he wasn't comfortable with it and said we still seemed like a couple. He doesn't even have a hand phone now, so I can't even message him anymore when i need him the most.... not that after the break up, his replies were regular or prompt, but at least I still had a more solid link to him than instant messaging. I was initially so worried that if anything were to happen to him.... I might not even know. Even wen we were a couple, that was a very real worry to me as hardly anyone officially knew we were together although our relationship was probably one of Samad 2006's worst kept secrets.

And the guy I like now, does he even like me back? Sigh... I give him confusing signs I know, and I get back confusing signs from him, so I can't even be sure of how he feels about me. He probably is conscious of my presence... but am I an irritant to him? The girl who likes him but whom he wishes would stop doing so? How long more can I pretend to walk past him or catch his eye.... and yet seem like nothing is happening? I'm such a baka ne, can't even manage to smile at him even though just knowing that he is close by gives me reassurance, comfort, joy and a warm feeling.

I think this is my most honest post in a while, something that I usually wouldn't blog about but keep for my private journal instead. But even if it's just this once, I don't want to hide my feelings. I sometimes go to great lengths to cover up even from myself how I really feel deep down inside that at times it feels like I'm detached from myself, trapped inside a shell that has been pre-programmed. I can't talk about feelings and emotions to others because it scares me to pour out my innermost thoughts and feelings to someone and something which I can't control, which I can't delete or toss aside, and which might come back to haunt me.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

[Thinking : Some things in life are so sad ]
[Listening : Atlantis Princess - BoA ]

Yup, the countdown has started! XD It's so exciting to know that there's less than 1 month more to the release of Deathly Hallows. I feel somewhat melancholy about it, though. This will be the last book in the series. No more Harry Potter mania when a new book's coming around, no waking up early in the morning just to be among the first few to get a glimpse and feel of the book, and most of all no more locking myself in the house all day to read on the release day of a new HP book =p

July will also be Bon Odori month! I unintentionally missed Bon Odori last year, and this year since it'll be bro's first Bon Odori, we've made a date with July 14th. Yes folks, pencil that down in your trusty calenders and planners, the 14th is an evening of yummy food, delicious desserts, uchiwas, traditional Japanese clothing, great music and fun dancing... all at the Matsushita Sports Complex in Shah Alam! ^^

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

[Mood : Inspired XD ]
[Watching : Nobuta wo Produce Ep. 2 ]

I really, really like NwP! ^^ It's really a very great show ne! The acting's good, the plot's very well fleshed out, and the dialogs (judging from subs) are very well written. But seriously, I can't stress enough that the acting's GOOD! XD

Hehe... Yamapi (Akira), Kame (Shuuji) and Yuto Nakajima (Koji, Shuuji's younger brother) really impressed me, considering that they're Johnny's. Ne, Yamapi's acting used to be really stiff as well, and he 'let go' so much for his role as Akira. Horikita Maki's great as Nobuko as well! She's extremely convincing and there's chemistry between her, Yamapi and Kame. And Yuto Nakajima is adorable as Shuuji's kid brother =p

As Adele wants to direct something someday (muahahahaha) XD, I did notice that the directing and camera angles in NwP's also very good! ^^

One thing I like a lot about J doramas is that they tend to emphasize more on inspirational themes instead of on teary love affairs. Nevertheless, I find that I do tear up when watching J doramas even though deaths, accidents, heartbreaks, etc aren't portrayed as dramatically but rather in a more subtle manner.

Hehe... sorry guys, so much of NwP in my posts lately. Well, another 10 more episodes to go! ^^

Monday, June 18, 2007

I finally finished watching Lunch no Jyou (Lunch Queen)! ^^ That series always makes me feel so warm... and hungry XD Kitchen Macaroni's (the family restaurant in the series) omurice and western food look very yummy ne! =p

She didn't choose between the brothers, well not before the ending anyway, but I think I prefer it that way as fans of either brother would have been disappointed should she have chosen one of them. What's more important is that the inspirational message of the story came through ^^

Episode 1
of Nobuto wo Produce has also finished streaming, so I'm gonna watch now. So excited! Heard that it's really funny, and Yamapi's character is supposed to be all sampat and stuff XD

Edit: Bleh, it was supposed to finish, but then I messed it up so have to wait for it to stream again =_=

But so far... hehe... Shuji's 'I must touch the willow tree every morning even if I have to cut across a construction site and have big burly men after me' thing is so cute =p

And, Pi!! OMG, how did he manage to act so............ schizophrenic and gila-gila without laughing? His acting has really improved, and is less prohibited and kaku since Lunch no Jyou XD
[Mood : Confused ]
[Listening : Acropolis - ELLEGARDEN ]

You Are 15% Left Brained, 85% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

That is so true ne! Well, except the sports part XD

Your Power Color Is Lime Green

At Your Highest:

You are adventurous, witty, and a visionary.

At Your Lowest:

You feel misunderstood, like you don't fit in.

In Love:

You have a tough exterior, but can be very dedicated.

How You're Attractive:

Your self-awareness and confidence lights up a room.

Your Eternal Question:

"What else do I need in my life?"

Ooh. Quiet true also + lime green is one of my fav colours =p

Your Scholastic Strength Is Deep Thinking

You aren't afraid to delve head first into a difficult subject, with mastery as your goal.
You are talented at adapting, motivating others, managing resources, and analyzing risk.

You should major in:

Foreign language

Hehe... I'll love to major in philosophy, art, history or a foreign language ^^

You Passed 8th Grade Geography

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

Lol =p

Sunday, June 17, 2007

[Mood : Stuffed ]
[Listening : Kokoro Odoru - nobodyknows+ ]

The song I'm listening to now is really sugoii! It's so catchy and really J-urban, reminding of SOUL'd OUT's sound. Haha... yeah, I really love the hip-hop/dance/funk sound. I'll love you for a very long time if you could direct me to somewhere I could get SOUL'd OUT and nobodyknows+ songs XD

Read in The Star's Otaku Zone today about a manga centering around wine by the tile of 'Kami no Shizuku (The Drops of God)'. It sounds like a really interesting manga, and the way they describe the wine is.... heavenly ^^ It really makes me want to taste ne! And as a budding wine connoisseur *ahem* that's what she likes to think XD, I find the descriptions really beautiful.

I'm at crunchyroll now, suffering very slow buffering speeds to watch the final part of Lunch no Jyou (Lunch Queen). I diligently followed that series when it showed on 8TV some years back but I believe the station never quite aired the last part as the story was left hanging at an abrupt ending. And I really love that show ne! The actress (I can't recall her name, but she's hugely popular in Japan) was really good and her character very likable. Plus, it had that-guy-whose-name-reminds-me-of-orange playing the 3rd brother, and Yamapi as the 4th brother! ^^ Let's not forget V6's Go Morita had a supporting role as well =p

They have Nobuta wo Produce there as well! Yay! Depending on how long it eventually takes to buffer this part of Lunch no Jyou, I might give NwP's first episode a try some other time ^^

Adele will also be watching the Indianapolis F1 race at 1 a.m. Have to ne, before Bernie Ecclestone takes it off the calender next year. I've missed the last few races there due to the odd timing, and always regretted it afterwards as a lot of action tends to happen at that track, seeing as how it is one of F1's few street circuits. I have a feeling that despite the McLaren's 1-2 starting grid position (bleuk, Ferrari all the way! XD ), it'll be an enjoyable race! =)
[Mood : Frustrated ]
[Listening : Honeymoon - UN ♥ ]

Uh-oh... I don't know what comments to write for the songs I'm picking for this week's rotation over at SV =_=

Actually, I'm just hantaming the songs as well. I'm definitely doing an artiste spotlight for Battle, and the others will perhaps be summery selections (read: happy, fun XD ) But then.... almost everyone does a summer themed rotation around this time that it's become so passe.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day! ♥ Going for steamboat dinner at Damansara Seafood Village later to celebrate for stepdad. Hehe... Mum baked a Black Forest cake as well. It's currently still in the oven but smells soooo good XD

I helped to stir the butter, coffee, chocolate and sugar mixture ne! I'm sure it'll turn out good as well, cuz you know the saying how what you bake will be yummy so long as you were happy while baking it? Well, I put a lot of happy thoughts (mostly about him =p ) into my stirring ^^ *gets shot* XD
[Mood : Bouncy ]
[Listening : Hide and Seek - Namie Amuro]

Namie Amuro's upcoming 'Play' album has a whole lot of darn catchy songs XD It's not even out yet, but quite a few songs have been leaked and... they're good! ^^ Hide and Seek, which I'm listening/addicted to at the moment is very Hip-Pop and Namie Amuro (only she can pull it off successfully XD )

Btw, I wore a short short skirt to college on Friday. Wasn't sure if I was going for Shan Min's birthday bash since I didn't sleep the whole of Thursday due to IT project, so I thought I would dress up anyway just in case. It's a green Momoe skirt - with a small ribbon at the sight, and very feminine - which I fell in love with at first sight.

Nah, it didn't look like that, but the length was around there =p

Boy, climbing up and down staircases and the bus in a mini skirt was no fun ne.... although I didn't really care, except that teachers might look up and see, erm, well you know... =_=

Hehe... and I kept thinking 'Oh gosh, they're gong to throw me out of college' every time I saw a teacher or security staff. Oh well, it's not often Adele is a rule breaker, right? XD

This is a very old video of one of my fav songs by one of my fav groups of all time - B'z. They are undeniably the BEST rock group in all of Japan - sales figures and almost 20 years in the industry don't lie XD

Read and be amazed ^^

Koshi Inaba was really hot when he was young ne! =p I can see why he became a rocker and not a salaryman. He looks too bad sexy in a suit *grin*

Tak Matsumoto looks very cool with his guitar as well XD

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Aaargh! Bernie Ecclestone makes my blood boil and all civility in me melt into a soluble liquid that then proceeds to flow out of my very being. Yes, I hate him that much and every remark and decision that he makes regarding my beloved F1 fills me with utmost dread. Mr Ecclestone is none other than F1's chief (sad fact, this is) who has the most unfortunate tendency to come across as a money and publicity loving a** (he probably is too). Add to that his seeming dislike of Ferrari and you have a very fine specimen to aid in the study of imbecility.

Slowly, he's threatening to ruin the very essence of F1 by taking off the racing calender many 'classic' race tracks (Spa in Belgium, San Marino in Italy, and Austria to name but a few) and setting many new and sometimes nonsensical rules for the sport. Anyone remember the 'no changing of tyres during race day' rule that was so dangerous?

What is he up to now? Well, he's threatening to take Indianapolis off the racing calender by not renewing their contract which expires after tomorrow's race there. Indianapolis!! Gah, and all because new tracks are going to be introduced next year and in the coming years. Frankly, I don't really like the Asian tracks. And even Malaysia is being threatened because neighboring Singapore will be having a night race from next year onwards.

I really don't quite like the Asian tracks as well as new tracks whether in Asia or in other continents as new tracks don't have the exhilarating 'feel' of history and beauty about it. Most of the new tracks are in deserts or on land that is very barren and near devoid of lush foliage. That's not good. For me, part of the lure of a F1 track is the natural beauty surrounding it. Case in point is Austria and Canada (which is still on the racing calender). The Austrian track has breathtaking views of the hills that surround the tracks. Actually, I can understand Austria being taken off as it's not the safest track out there... but lately, I'm seeing more and more of tracks whicha re close to my heart being swiped off the calender for reasons such as 'we have to make space for the new up and coming tracks in other parts of the world'.

And now Bernie Ecclestone is talking like F1 is nothing but a business venture and a money churner for him. Fine, it IS profit driven and everything needs money I guess, but F1 has a very deep place in the hearts of its fans and frankly speaking, the huge amount of sponsors I'm sure the Middle East tracks bring cannot replace the history and beauty other tracks - particularly the European ones - possess.

I'm not being racist or placing undue emphasis on Europe, and I'm happy that there are finally tracks in Asia as I'm an Asian myself. But half the calender does not need to be full of new tracks built especially for Formula 1 and all boasting cutting edge technology and design, with nothing else in terms of natural beauty and history.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Mood : Exhausted ]
[Listening : Get Chu! - AAA ]

Gosh, I'm such an incorrigible fangirl. Hehe... my math teacher was showing pics of her trip to Japan when I caught sight of a poster of Yamapi in one of her pics and I couldn't help exclaiming excitedly 'Yamapi!!' XD He looked so very good in it! Jana also said that he is 'suai' (good looking ^^)

Hot-nya, right? =p

Btw, does anyone have Nobuta wo Produce? Is it available in Malaysia? Really wanna watch, and Kurosagi as well XD

Yamapi as NwP's Akira. He's one reason why I wanna watch that dorama XD

Kame and Pi as Shuuji and Akira. Pairing them up for NwP was a really good move ^^

The main cast of NwP... once again, really good casting =)

Ohh, and there has been another landmark in Adele's relatively short (nearly)18 years of existence. Hehe... *blush* I placed third in the SAM short story writing competition. It was also the first ever short story writing competition I've entered. Actually, apart from a childish one page story written when I was around 6 or so about a cat and her doll (inspired after I read a book with a similar theme =p), that was the first complete story written by me. Usually, I have a tendency to not finish stories that I've started on as I suck at dialogs XD

Know what I found really amusing? ^^ In the congratulatory print-out that had the winners' names on it, seeing my whole name in block letters really emphasized the 'Eee' in my name. Kuasa tiga power! XD Haha... it just looked so odd. Thank goodness no one calls me Eee Lin ne... or else they'll have to stretch the 'e' sound.

The theme was 'Eerie Imaginings', so I chose to write about how Queen Elizabeth's guilt over her cousin Queen Mary of Scott's execution lead her to have visions of the latter. My English teacher said it was Macbeth-esque, and I suppose it is although I can't really recall Macbeth's plot as I haven't really gone through Macbeth. I was kind of inspired by Hamlet though. More specifically, I got the idea from the ghost of Hamlet's father XD

I wouldn't have joined though if it wasn't compulsory for every class to send at least one entry. And I did mine quite at the 11th hour, as inspiration didn't really strike until after a pored through a picture book on Shakespeare my dad bought from Singapore. I had serious doubts as to whether I could write a short story, as I think my forte still lies in essays and opinion pieces. Hehe... Well, another lesson learned ^^ I can actually do it, writing short stories. Getting third was a nice addition, but most importantly I felt really satisfied that I actually completed a story for once. I've got to start listening to a lot of JE again to get all genki and get the 'ganbate' message through my thick skull ne XD

Monday, June 11, 2007

[Mood: Blurry eyed sleepyness ]
[Listening: Good News - NewS ]

I've been humming Good News and KAT-TUN's Will Be All Right (I did say in my previous post that I was becoming a KAT-TUN fangirl =p ) all day today XD Hehe... Still waiting for a chance to go JE karaoke-ing.

Anyway, here's a meme/survey that only an Adele-lover (lol... XD ) who's also interested in JE will want to read. I have a sneaky feeling it'll bore the pants off everyone else =p

01. Which Johnny band is your favourite?
- It's good News ^^

02. Why??
- Their songs are uber genki and... have you seen their pics?! 6 (and perhaps 8 again later this year) drool-worthy guys = ♥ (x1000) XD

03. Who is your favourite Johnny?
- Erm... can I choose 2? XD Currently, Yamapi and Kei-chan

Pi's on the left, Kei's on the right ^^

04. Why?
- Why?! Pi's soooo hardworking, dedicated and writes his own songs. Kei's really funny and has a great sense of humour. And they're both too sexy for mere words to describe =p

05. When was your very first contact with a Johnny?
- Takuya Kimura a looong time ago (I didn't even know what was a Johnny then XD ) in one of his doramas. It might have also been Takki in Anchor Woman. Not sure which dorama did I watch first.

06. Who was it?
- Takuya Kimura or Takki

07. How did you know him?
- Through a dorama (similar for many JE fans ne) ^^

08. When actually did you really start listening/liking the JE?
- Early 2004. Arashi were my first JE love XD

09. What incident brought you into JE?
- Seeing clips of Arashi's 2003 Summer Concert on AIUEO... I think it was their white suits that did it + A-RA-SHI XD

10. Do you have a favourite JE song?
- The whole list would probably fill a book XD

11. Do you listen to them the most?
- JE? Pretty much, I guess. But kinda branching into J rock and stuff now.

12. If not, who is your favourite band/artist?
- Right now... Ayumi Hamasaki, An Cafe, ELLEGARDEN, Battle

13. Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before JE?
- LFO. Haha... I still really cherish my LFO CDs and celebrate LFO day every June 16 (which is real soon XD )


14. Who is your favourite in Kat-tun?
- Erh... Maru

15. Why?
- he's cute XD He's good at hosting Shokura

16 Do you have a favourite song of Kat-tun?
- GOLD. Can't resist when they start singing 'Don't you wanna see it when we make it worldwide' XD

17. Do you have a favourite live of Kat-tun? (solos counts, too)
- I love Jin and Kame's Bonnie Butterfly

18. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Kat-tun?
- Not really...

19. Who do you think can sing the best of Kat-tun?
- Jin

20. Who do you think can dance the most of Kat-tun?
- Aah... Maru! =p

21. Who is the girliest of Kat-tun?
- Ueda. He's got the figure and pretty face XD

22. Who is the manliest of Kat-tun?
- Koki. He makes me think of MARS (the manga, not the planet) XD

23. Who is the cutest member of Kat-tun?
- Haha... Junno and Maru ^^

24. Who is the funniest member of Kat-tun?
- Maru. Kei-chan and him are a good pair in terms of hosting as they're both hilarious =D

25. Who is the most prettiest in Kat-tun?
- Jin

26. Who has the best appearance in Kat-tun?
- Junno. I like his gentle and groomed look =)


27. Who is your favourite in NewS?
- Kei-chan and Yamapi

28. Why?
- Too sexy for words XD I wrote a better answer for this ques earlier on

29. Do you have a favourite song of NewS?
- Cherish

30. Do you have a favourite live of NewS? (solos counts, too)
- Kei-chan's Love Addiction. He looks and sounds so 'OMG!! *squeals* HOT!!' in that perf.

31. Do you have a favourite show appearance of NewS?
- All are good... as long as I get to drool and stare XD

32. Who do you think can sing the best of NewS?
- Tego-nyan

33. Who do you think can dance the most of NewS?
- All of them can dance really well ne

34. Who is the girliest of NewS?
- Can I choose Uchi? He's coming back from suspension adey ^^ But honestly, he likes reading shoujo manga.... so cute...

35. Who is the manliest of NewS?
- Massu.... but then he's terrified of cockroaches XD So I guess Ryo is...

36. Who is the cutest member of NewS?
- Kei-chan ^^

37. Who is the funniest member of NewS?
- Kei-chan and Kusano. Shige too, in his own way XD

38. Who is the most prettiest in NewS?
- Uchi. He can pass off as a girl =p

39. Who has the best apperance in NewS?
- Shige! He has really aristocratic features and looks well groomed

40. Do you have a favourite PV of NewS?
- Cherish. Sayaendou's cute too because of the animation XD


41. Who is your favourite in KanJani8?
- Hina!! Was once my biggest obsession XD

42. Why?
- Good sense of humour and funny. Hehe... sounds like the description for Kei-chan ne

43. Do you have a favourite song of KanJani8?
- Mugendai [KJ1 Remix]

44. Do you have a favourite live of KanJani8? (solos counts, too)
Naniwa Iroha Bushi... it always reminds me of a matsuri when I see them perform that song ^^

45. Do you have a favourite show appearance of KanJani8?
- When they appear on Shokura

46. Who do you think can sing the best of KanJani8?
- Uchi, Ryo and Subaru... all three are good ^^

47. Who do you think can dance the most of KanJani8?
- Erm... since I'm bias I'll go for Hina XD

48. Who is the girliest of KanJani8?
- Uchi... lol, I think he's one of the girliest members in the whole of JE

49. Who is the manliest of KanJani8?
- my Hina... except the time when he insisted on wearing hairbands XD

50. Who is the cutest member of KanJani8?
- Uchi

51. Who is the funniest member of KanJani8?
- Hina, Yoko and Maru

52. Who is the most prettiest in KanJani8?
- Uchi... yeah, I do like Uchi XD

53. Who has the best apperance in KanJani8?
- Err... Okura and Yassu =p

54. Do you have a favourite PV of KanJani8?
- Sukiyanen Osaka. I adore the dialogue bits and their cute actions


55. Who is your favourite in Arashi?
- Ohno! Baka Riida! XD

56. Why?
- He's baka riida XD Hehe... well, he has a gorgeous voice, is funny (I love his antics XD ) and is cute ^^

57. Do you have a favourite song of Arashi?
- A.RA.SHI... the song that got me into JE fandom XD

58. Do you have a favourite live of Arashi? (solos counts, too)
- The whole How's It Going? Summer 2003 concert DVD

59. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Arashi?
- All shows are great as long as I get to stare at Sho and Ohno XD

60. Who do you think can sing the best of Arashi?
- Ohno! No question about that.

61. Who do you think can dance the most of Arashi?
- Aiba... he can move around so much since he's so light and skinny =p

62. Who is the girliest of Arashi?
- Erm... Aiba

63. Who is the manliest of Arashi?
- Sho

64. Who is the cutest member of Arashi?
- Ohno. He makes me laugh XD

65. Who is the funniest member of Arashi?
- The Omiya SK pair of Ohno and Nino =p

66. Who is the most prettiest in Arashi?
- MatsuJun... esp with that hair....

67. Who has the best apperance in Arashi?
- Sho

68. Do you have a favourite PV of Arashi?
- More than 1... Sakura Sake, Aozora Pedal (it's like a mini dorama XD ) and We Can Make It!

-other units-

69. Who is your favourite younger unit? (ABC, Ya-ya-yah, Kiss my ft, Question...)
- BAD (Kansai Jr Junta Nakama's unit ^^ ), Yax3, ABC and Kis-My-Ft2 (

70. Who is your favourite older unit? (V6, T&T, Smap, Kinki Kids...)
- All, but not as much for Smap.

71. Do you have a favourite member of any younger or older unit?
- Erm... I have a fav in each one... but I guess overall for Jr's it's Senga Kento of Kis-My-Ft2, and Junta Nakama of BAD (although don't get to see much of Junta)

Senga Kento looking adorable ^^ Thanks sandwichie

72. Do you have a favourite song of any younger or older unit?
- Really a lot ne...

73. Do you have a favourite show with any younger or older unit?
- Shokura.... it's the only one I get to see regularly and on tv, not from a com screen XD

74. Do you have a favourite live of any younger or older unit?
- I enjoy seeing Kis-My-Ft2 perform on roller blades *wink*


75. Do you have a favourite actor in JE?
- Yamapi

76. Do you have a favourite dorama starring with one of JE?
- Lunch no Jyou, but Pi didn't really have a major role in it. He was the youngest out of four siblings in that dorama.

77. What was your very first dorama staring with one of JE?
- Anchor Woman (Takki) or one of those KimuTaku ones.

78. Which dorama of JE do you watch recently?
- It's been a while since the last one...

79. Which dorama of JE do you want to watch?
- Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, Proposal Daisakusen, Bambino, One Litre of Tears, and all those with Pi and Kei-chan in it XD

80. Who do you wish would/should start acting, who hasn't yet?
- Erm... even Junta is gonna be in an MBC special soon ne... so I guess Senga Kento (unless he has already started acting?)

81. Who do you wish should stop acting, because he sucks at acting?
- Hahahaha.... Most Johnny's aren't, erm, too good at acting ne *gets shot* XD Even Yamapi sucked in his earlier doramas, but he's getting better ^^

-Questions for fun-

82. Do you think that you are JE addicted?
- Lol... I just filled out a JE survey up to question 82... so what do you think?? XD

83. Why do you think so?
- JE is my life XD Haha... well, not really anymore, but I can't imagine life without JE =p

84. What will you do seeing your favourite Johnny standing in front of your door?
- Glomp him =p Well, I'll invite him in and be friends.

85. What advantages does starting liking JE give you?
- The JE guys are my cheerleaders XD

86. What disadvantages does it give you?
- Doing this survey instead of school work XD Erm... let's see... spending money, deterioration of eye sight due to staring at com screen, torturing my hard drive with JE clips =p

87. How many times a day do you think about JE?
- Quite a lot of times... so now you know what's going through my mind XD

88. How many times do you have the face of your favourite Johnny around you?
- Erm... I have pics in my Nano

89. If your favourite Johnny has to grant you a wish, what would it be?
- Kei-chan: Let's hang out with Shige and eat ramen at your family's ramen shop ^^

90. If you have a wish about JE, what would it be?
- NEWS. All 8 members. Concert. Malaysia. And erm... reasonable prices for the tickets and concert goods XD

91. If you are reborn, you wish to be who?
- Kei-chan or Yamapi's sister XD Hehehe... well, it'll be nice to be their best friend or something and hang out together

92. If you are a Johhny's right now, who do you wish you are?
- Yamapi... no wait, don't want to kill myself with work... so Shige, I guess... brains, looks, talent, family - Shige has the whole package.

93. If you can ask your favourite Johnny or your favourite JE band a question, what would
it be?
- Yamapi: How the heck do you survive with such a heavy workload and long working hours?

Really admire him a lot. He works so hard, and balances such a heavy workload with life as an undergraduate at a prestigious uni.

94. Did you ever had a dream with a Johhny?
- Something of that sort. Nino was in it.

95. If yes, when was it and what was it?
- I think it was about a year or two ago. Dreamed that I was outside this house with a group of people my age, having a barbecue party. The atmosphere was real friendly and happy with lots of chatting and stuff, and Nino played the guitar. It was quite a nice dream to have, although don't know why Nino was in it since he's not really my fav XD

96. Do you have any realizable goal in your life that has to do with JE?
- NEWS attending the launch/promotion of my book =p

97. Do you like JE BL fanfic?
- I'm comfortable with JE BL fanfics, but I don't really read them.

98. If yes, who are the best couple of JE?
- Ryo x Uchi XD

99. If you are Johnny-san what would you change about JE?
- Treat JE fans better, treat the Jr's better, have less ROFL unit/group names *coughkis-my-ft2cough*, and STOP giving people a bad impression of JE by being a control freak and manipulating the industry just because companies are afraid of being ostracized by JE.

100. Do you like this survey? ^.^
- pretty much.. spent a lot of time..

Sunday, June 10, 2007

[Mood : Hopeful ^^ ]
[Listening : Bonnie Butterfly (live) - KAT-TUN ]

I'm turning into a KAT-TUN fan XD Haha... well, not really, but I am finding out that they have some pretty decent songs among all that trash. Gomen ne, KAT-TUN fans, but I really dislike some of their songs. Besides, I heard lots of Johnny's classics through them when they were still Jr's and performed covers of their senpais famous songs on Shounen Club. Gosh, I can't seem to escape from turning my blogs into a Japanese pop culture playground, can I? =p

Oh, Adele is also hooked on the 'Prince of Enka' Kiyoshi Hikawa's Kiyoshi no Soran Bushi. *gasp* Enka?! XD For the uninitiated, enka is traditional sounding Japanese music (think of all those old Chinese songs your parents/grandparents like to listen to) that usually middle aged people listen to. However, a few years ago, Hikawa-san came along and was a breath of much needed fresh air to the enka genre. Due to his young and modern image, his enka songs managed to become mainstream and are well received by the 20-something demographic. Sugoii, right? His story of determination and perseverance is quite inspirational as well ^^

He's hot XD

Haha... the first time I saw him, I went all 'He looks like Toma Ikuta of JE!!' =p Compare for yourself and see. The picture posted above and below are of two different guys.

Toma Ikuta of JE. Doesn't he look like Hikawa-san? ^^

Anyway, the song reminds me of a festival as it sounds really festive and there are those traditional instruments as well. Adele really loves the sound of Japanese drums XD Castanets are also featured in this song. Btw, Soran is Hokkaido's traditional fishing folksong, and Soran Bushi is Hokkaido's traditional fisherman's dance. So Kiyoshi no Soran Bushi essentially means Kiyoshi's Soran Bushi. More information here.



ソーランソーラン ハイハイ

消えて吹っ飛ぶ モヤモヤは
雨で泥濘(ぬかる)む 道なき道も
表通りへ いつか出る
晴れりゃお日様 笑顔をみせる
曇りゃ三日月 エェ顔かくす ヤサエー
エンヤーサーノー ドッコイショ
夢の中なら 肩抱きしめて
好きとはっきり 言えたのに
あの娘可愛いい もぎたてリンゴ
まぶしすぎるよ 片えくぼ
聞いてください エェお月さま ヤサエー
エンヤーサーノー ドッコイショ
ソーランソーラン ハイハイ

雪も流氷(こおり)も 春くりゃ溶ける
夜が明ければ 朝が来る
背筋(せすじ)伸ばせば 遠くが見える
見えりゃ広がる 人生が
涙ひとつぶ 男のいのち
負けて泣くより エェ勝って泣け ヤサエー
エンヤーサーノー ドッコイショ

Hehe... the lines in bold are the best (and catchiest) part of the song XD In Romanji, it's roughly 'Yaren Soran Soran Soran Soran Soran Hai Hai' =p Real fun to sing along to ^^

Saturday, June 09, 2007

[Mood: Let's skip this, shall we? XD ]
[Listening: GOLD (ballad ver) - KAT-TUN (who the heck sang those shrill parts?) ]

Haha... I don't know what's happening to me, getting all sentimental and stuff XD More than twice now I've teared up while watching anime. Yup, anime. And I normally rarely cry while watching TV. The fist time was Alice Academy. The part where Mr Narumi hands Mikan the letter from her grandfather was so tuching that I couldn't help tear-ing up along with the characeters.

[L>R]Hotaru, Mikan, Natsume and Ruka of Alice Academy ^^

The second time was Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. Granted, that wasn't really something new since it that happened a few years ago too when I watched the original Gensomaden Saiyuki. The Saiyuki series is simply such a touching mix of brawn, humour and raw emotions. Sanzo and co. at times make me laugh out loud at their antics, while at other times they just touch a nerve in me that triggers the tears.

[L>R]Sanzo, Hakkai, Goku and Gyojyo

Hakkai and Sanzo because they're Adele's favs XD

They're one of my all time fav cast of characters (^_~)

And for two episodes in a row, Fushigi Yugi made my eyes moisten. First of all was when Miaka caught the mysterious illness and the only way to save her was (supposedly) to kill her and then resuscitate her. The noble and kind hearted Hotohori volunteered to do it, but in the end he was unable to because he loves Miaka so much. That scene was really touching.

Emperor Hotohori and Miaka. He's such a bishie ^^

Later on, Mitsukake (one of the 7 celestial warrior of Suzaku) had to heal/kill his sweetheart Shoka as she was possessed by a demon. The sad part was that she had already died the year before from the mysterious illness, but she couldn't rest in peace as she had passed away before getting to see Mistukake once more. Thus, she continued to roam the village possessed by the demon.

Mitsukake and Shoka =)

So sad and touching ne. I think what made me cry was due more to the interaction between the characters and the dialogs, rather than the actual concept of the plot. It was also really sad that Miaka couldn't be with Tamahome since he was being held hostage in Kutou.

They make such a cute couple... awww ^^

Miaka and her 7 Celestial Warriors. btw, they're all guys except Miaka XD

On a lighter note, chapter 10 of Rockin' Heaven is really sweet ^^ Sawa finally confessed to Ran! To cut a long story short, they found themselves alone at the beach and Sawa asked Ran who was the girl he likes. Ran instead asked her who was the one that she likes. And Sawa said 'I love you'. Haha, yeah... it's typical shoujo manga fare but Rockin' Heaven has so many bishies and the art is so pretty, though less shading would be nice XD
I've got a new hobby. Haha... putting my Windows Media Player to shuffle is a great way to go through the 35 hours, 13 minutes and 33 seconds (2.62 GB, yeah it's a torture for my hard drive =p ) of songs I have. What I really love is when I hear a song play and go all 'wow, this is really nice... when and where did I get it from?'. See, I get to rediscover my music collection while fully listening to some songs on it for the first time. Besides, I find that songs I didn't like initially are really quite alright once I give them a second chance.

OMG! Kinki Kids is releasing an anniversary best album titled [39] on 18/7 with 39 tracks!! 39 tracks translates into goodness knows how many hours of Koichi and Tsuyoshi goodness!! And that Music of Life will be included in the album sounds pretty exciting, since Koichi penned the lyrics and Tsuyoshi contributed as composer. As it's a best of album, it's got really great tracks too!! Please do excuse my blatant use of exclamation marks. All my will power is being used to contain myself form jumping up and down in sheer anticipation and joy!!

Garasu no Shounen, Haka Candy, Annivesary and tons of other goodies are going to be in that album ^^ The best part is definitely Koichi's selections. The two lovable guys got to choose 14 of their fav tracks to include in the album and... Koichi (ouji-sama!! haha, fangirling XD ) has excellent taste! Quite a few of my all time favourite Kinki Kids' songs are in his list, including Bonnie Butterfly (I loooove this song! ^^), 99% LIBERTY and Harmony of December. Don't know if Ne, Ganbaru Yo and Velvet no Yami is included as I'm too tired to sift through and analyze the Japanese words now... but even if they aren't, there are lost of Kinki Kids classics to make up for it. such as Bonnie Butterfly!!

Haha... Phew, I'm really into fangirling mode ne. Funny thing is, I never really realized I could get this excited over Kinki Kids XD NEWS, definitely. Same goes for Arashi (although a little less now)... but Kinki Kids? Not really unless Koichi has some extremely major part in it. I guess it's because I love how he included Bonnie Butterfly in his selection? And that Koichi sounds so smexy in it and looked very good in the MV? *gets shot* XD

Final bit of fangirling... 10 years! Kinki Kids has been arund for 10 years! I was only a part of the last 4 years but it's been great. Hehe... I had a lot of fun watching and reading Koichi talk about F1 while Tsuyoshi raved about fishing.

Btw, the way they named the album is really cute. 39 in Japanese is read as 'san kyu', which is Engrish for 'thank you'. So sweet ne! ^^

Information on the album's courtesy of Melting Kiss cringe. Weird name, I know. But still, a very big San Kyu to them for making Adele a super happy girl. ^^

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chris a.k.a. Jung Hyung-rok of Battle singing DBSK's Magic Castle. This further cements the fact that his voice is really good, and probably the best in Battle XD

I think this was his audition video to get into the 'Let's CokePLAY Battle Shinhwa' contest, although I'm not too sure about that. It does look very much like a home video. Haha... once again, he looks like a dork but a very lovable one =p

Although Chris does sound a little shaky while singing some parts of the song, most notably the higher pitched notes (DBSK has quite a high vocal range XD ), his rendition of magic Castle is good considering that he was most likely only 14/15 or 16.

I wonder if he likes Love Psychedelico? There's a poster of the band on the wardrobe door XD Love Psychedelico's a Japanese band comprising of two members, and they sing in a mixture of English and Japanese. I'm not really a fan of them, but it's cool if Chris listens to Japanese music ^^

EDIT: I think I'm getting an overdose of Battle XD Gina Choi (another finalist of the Battle Shinhwa com) and Chis are cousins, and I can name at least three of their relations... Hana Choi (Gina's sister), supposedly Brian from Fly to the Sky (an awesome duo/group), this cousin who has a Xanga... and I've seen enough pre and post fame pics of Chris and Gina, and their extended family, to last for a while =p

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

[Mood : Extremely frustrated?]
[Listening (and singing along) : Hey Yo! - Battle ♥ ]

Battle's Mal Hae (Tell Me!) MV. So cute! Learning the dance moves as I think it's adorable. Ki Hyun looks freakishly like Hero of DBSK. Lio's dancing and rapping is awesome in Mal Hae. The 'street' look suits him very well ne. And Chris looks adorable with the longish hair. He's so dorkishly cute in the MV that it's quite unlike the pics of him in the first single where he looked so 'cool' XD I guess it suits him as he's the 'baby' of the group, being the youngest one. Lol... he's younger than me by a few months too. He's too skinny for someone who likes to cook and eat. 68kg for someone who's 183cm... that's underweight. Yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed with their 2nd single XD

And since Battle is taking my mind off the IT mess/stress... here's Chris performing a cover of Jacky Cheung's song, which was originally covered in Korean by Shinhwa's Hye Sung (who was the one who chose him to be in Battle), during the Cokeplay Battle Shinhwa reality competition. The 'take me to your heart, take me to your soul' song. Hehe... It's so cute when the camera zooms in on Hye Sung singing along with this cheeky grin XD Chris' English is quite good, since he grew up in California. And his teeth... Omg... so straight and shiny and white =p His hair style looks like Hye Sung's too. Wouldn't be surprised if he declares that Hye Sung's his idol... hehe. Anyway, his voice is GOOD. He starts off a little shaky, but slowly raises the standard of his singing. I think he was more comfortable singing in English than Korean. Oh.... he does this weird a-go-go sort of dance at the end too which totally makes you go..... wth?! which was the expression on the Shinhwa members' faces too XD

Oh darn it.... IT is still driving me nuts. My complex outcomes refuse to work the way they should (I know, it's my fault but still.....).

On a happier note, I saw Alice Academy, Fushigi Yugi and God (?) Save our King! today. Those shows have the yummiest bishies, period. Ruka and Natsume from Alice Academy, practically all the male warriors of Suzaku in Fushigi Yugi, and the whole cast of male protagonists in God (?) Save our King are specimens of the masculine sex worth fangirling over XD Did I mention fangirling is probably one of my hobbies? *wink*

My mum baked a cake today as well. Perhaps for quite a few of you, that wouldn't be such a big deal, but I think the last time my mum baked anything resembling a cake was about 4 years ago or so. And no, she doesn't do cookies on a regular basis either. Hehe... anyway, it was an orange cake and apart from being a tad too dry, it was! XD

I've also found a few songs I've been looking for since a while back. One of these is Ayumi Hamasaki's (my fav diva =p ) Angel's Song. Somehow, it seemed much nicer when I last heard it. Perhaps that was because I was watching the MV for it at that time, and I really loved the concept and the style she adopted for it. The song doesn't really sound that outstanding without the visual goodness of the MV for support. Haha... here's a secret... I've been trying to perfect the hairstyle she did for the MV on myself, but the results haven't been too satisfactory XD

Ayu looks really lovely in Angel's Song. The earrings look great on her too ^^

Namie Amuro's ALARM is the other song I stumbled upon today. I love her fashion and musical style a lot as well. She's my other favorite diva apart from Ayu (move aside, Koda Kumi). Too bad I can't really pull off the calf high boots and short skirt look though. This was the first ever song I heard by her, and although I remembered how the song sounded like, I couldn't quite recall the title. So today, while at Love Nicotine I rediscovered it! ^^ It's probably not one of her best songs, but it's still pretty enjoyable nonetheless. She looks really hot in the MV as well, leather suit and all.

Ms Amuro. She looks so gorgeous. Doesn't look like the mother of an 8 year old boy, ya? ^^

The other song's Ai Otsuka's Sakuranbo. Amai Amai, which is Strawberry Vinyl's affie, had this on rotation. It's the cutest, most cheerful song in the world of Jpop XD Haha.... It does get annoying after a while with Ai-chan's somewhat high vocals, but it's really hard not to smile while listening to it as Ai-chan's infectious genkiness really does rub off on you. This is another song with a really cute and nice MV. Although it is a little on the simple side, seeing a younger and less polished Ai-chan jumping around in really cute, colourful clothes while singing is bound to brighten up your day a little. Sakuranbo's also the first time I heard of Otsuka Ai as it was her debut song, I think ^^

Not a very flattering screencap of Ai, but she does actually look very sweet and cute XD

Oh, there were a few surprises in store for me yesterday when I was at 1u with family. More on that the next time, but as a teaser... I 'played' (if you can call it that) an actual gachapon (those capsule things from Japan) machine for the first time and saw Auli, Ayub H., Khairi and Azat at Toy R' Us. Haha... interestingnya, right? What were a bunch of SMK SAS grads doing at Toys R' Us...?
I'm going to have to take drastic measures and become an insomniac until the wee hours of Monday morning in an attempt (and hopefully not a futile one) to complete my IT database project on time. Right now, it's just about killing me while I try to figure out how in the world of Shige (because he's a genius by JE standards) am I suppose to tie in my sales amount with my stock amount and produce a few neat lines that resemble 'Profit: [Blah]*[Blah]' and not have a dire situation of GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Yup, my sanity is pretty far gone at this stage.

THANK ALL THE GOODNESS I'VE EVER DONE that Alice Academy is a mere half hour away. Half an hour with Mikan and friends might remind me that I'm not the only nut case around XD And shortly after that is Fushigi Yugi. The fact that it's about getting sucked into a book on ancient China, having your best friend hate you, have two absolutely gorgeous guys (including an emperor who looks prettier than you) after your affections (of course, you only love one of them and it's definitely not the vain emperor Hotohori but your very own warrior Tamahome), and from becoming an average not-so-bright schoolgirl to a maiden of something-or-other and possibly the only hope of the country you're protecting does make you realize that hey, perhaps an imbecile database that seems keen to malfunction on you is not at all that bad.

So tata for now, while I fight back the guilt (or not) of spending time unproductively in front of a box (TV) instead of another more intelligent box (the computer). Adieus, mi amigos! And pray with me that my IT project is gonna turn out all right by Monday, preferably with as much sleep as I can get. Repeat after me, daijobou ne! Ganbatte! Fight! XD
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