Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why does my heart have to skip a beat when he's around? Why does his little actions have to come across as adorable to me? (Lol... I use 'my' and 'me' as I'm the only one among Jen and Gary who thinks he's cute XD )

.... And I'm supposed to be pushing all thoughts of him into the farthest and littlest corner of my mind, as well as continuing the attempts to ignore his existence. I would be getting a grade 'C' or 'D' for my efforts.

But then again, when I manage not to be distracted by him when our classes are placed in the same exam venue, the paper tends to turn out quite alright =p So... can I be in the same venue as him for finals? XD

Anyway, grandmother's 80th birthday dinner at Nanking Court (vegetarian restaurant at SS2) was................. odd. Some guests from Malacca brought along more family members/friends then expected (hint: invited) so we family members had to sacrifice by making do with whatever tables the restaurant had (which in this case was away from the banquet area) as well as not being able to have the same scrumptious dinner the 'official' tables had.

This was because the menu for grandma's dinner was created specially by the head chef/owner using specially imported ingredients ahead of the banquet, so they couldn't really whip up two more of the same sets for the extra tables.

I was kinda looking forward to all the different types of mushrooms [my favourite!! =) ] incorporated into the birthday dinner menu, as well as the vegetarian 'monk jump over the wall', but oh well.... even my uncle who was paying for the dinner joined my table XD And the set dinner we ordered from the restaurant's standard menu was quite delicious ^^

At the end of the day, what was most important was that my grandmother had a ball of a time, and her guests were happy with the dinner, right? =)

I got to meet up with the babysitter who took care of me when I was young at the dinner as well! ^^ She moved to Malacca some time ago, and is in the same prayer group as my grandmother. Hehe... Grandmother's Malaccan friends actually chartered a bus to carry them from Malacca to PJ for the dinner =)

Oh... and thank goodness everyone enjoyed the cake =p Hey, it took quite a bit of effort to get all three tiers of the cake safely to the restaurant on time XD First, R.T. Pastry at SS15 didn't have a box big enough for the third tier of the cake (which was a 3kg Chantilly cake) ... so we had to borrow a yellow plastic box tray from them. And... believe it or not... they did not have the cake stand ready for us as well.

In all, we waited at least 1 hour (!!) for them to prepare the cakes as well as find, clean and decorate the cake stand.

On to F1! Today's Japanese Grand Prix at the Fuji International Speedway was a near farce =p For the first time in F history, the first 18 laps or so of the race was actually benind the safety car. Reason for this? It had been raining for 36 hours at the track, and the rain clouds continued to have the time of their lives by emptying their contents on the track. it was madness! Visibility was horrible for the drivers.... and Alonso crashed!! ^^

Although this effectively means Lewis Hamilton's lead in the Driver's Championship has been further cemented with only 2 races to go.... we wouldn't want he fat-headed prat Alonso to win the World Championship two years in a row, would we? Mind you, this is out of concern for Alonso (yeah right XD )... as goodness knows if his head will fit into his helmet next season if he sweeps the World Championship once again =p Gary, you're with me on this, right? And Auli would be happy too since Hamilton still has his lead.

I'm sure the Finnish are happy as well. Congratulations to Finland on the 2-3 finish. Although I do wish 2nd place had gone to Kimi in the Ferrari instead of Heikki Kovaleinen in the Renault... I'm glad it's Heikki and not Alonso who took second. Pity on Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel though. They could have placed 2nd and 3rd respectively had they not taken each other out. Poor Sebastian Vettel looked like he was crying = s It would have been marvelous for him had he been on the podium, being only 20 and a rookie to boot. But I'm sure a podium finish for him is just a matter of time ^^ So take heart, Vettel.

P/S: I may be flying to Melbourne again after finals in November, but the trip's not confirmed yet. Not sure if I want to go though. It'll be for 3 weeks and I may have to miss out on collecting my results personally.

Friday, September 28, 2007

[Watching: Attention Please! ^^ ]

Minna-san, I think I've found one of my favourite doramas this year. I tried searching for Yamada Taro Monogatari, but since no streaming site had the complete series uploaded, I ended up watching Attention Please! ... and... so far it seems like a great series!

Hehe... Aya Ueto is so kawaii in it, and Ryo-tan is in it too! Nah, I didn't choose to watch the series because Ryo was in it (like how I always choose doramas with JE idols in them XD ), but because the plot sounded interesting and the theme song's by Kaela Kimura =p

The show's about Misaki Youko, a tomboyish and unconventional Cabin Attendant (Flight Stewardess) trainee. Ryo plays an aircraft mechanic/engineer (is that what you call them?) who (so far) seems like he would rather be a pilot.

Anyway, still watching now. More on this sugoku series later.

Ja ne!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Only Econs to go! But that's actually the paper I'm most tensed up about

Tomorrow, after 10.40, I get to:

  • Prepare for Grandma's 80th birthday dinner
  • Watch Jdoramas! (Yamada Taro Monogatari [high on my list ^^ ], Hotaru no Hikari, and perhaps HanaKimi =p ... but I'm so outdated, watching Summer doramas when it's almost the start of the Autumn dorama season XD )
  • Rewatch Never Ending Wonderful Story
But for now... Economics beckons.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I heard this song the other day, about how it's good sometimes when God doesn't answer your prayers, as he has something better in store for you... and although I'm a Theravada Buddhist and technically speaking, there is(are) no god(s) in Theravada Buddhism... I'm starting to appreciate that message.

... Because ...

... my package from Hong Kong arrived yesterday! Yup yup, when I got home from accounting exam... I caught sight of it, in a padded, grey water-proof envelope on my shoe cabinet. Immediately suspecting it was my long-awaited package, I peered closer... and there it was, printed neatly on the label... Adelina Tan Eee Lin XD

It was worth not having my Never Ending Wonderful Story arrive earlier, just to be able to get it after falling sick on Monday and after Accounting exam (tough paper, but I tried my near-best considering I was ill on Monday night and wasn't feeling well while attempting the paper, but there goes my B16 and possible A17)

Well, I'll post pics, but later k? When trials are all over, and maybe not here, but on Vox ^^

Anyway, I've seen it - the glorious 2 DVD NEWS bonanza going by the moniker Never Ending Wonderful Story!! And.... *ta-da* I looooooove it to death life (because I love life! *gets stoned* =p )

Reviews perhaps coming up as well. Depends on whether Adele can stop laughing over the funny bits in the DVD and how lazy I am.

Quick comments:

  • As usual, they had some pretty fuggly outfits but Yamapi looks good in darn much everything, and in nothing as well *thinking of the onsen scene* XD Notable exceptions are the ones they wore for Hoshi wo Mezashite, Snow Express, Love Addiction (Kei-chan solo... I'm bias XD and I like guys who look good in casual suits) and Miso Soup (Tegoshi and Massu duet)
  • I want Tegoshi's stylist!! XD
Earliest version of NEWS, with all 9 initial members (and also Adele's fav line-up) Tegoshi is third from the left, top row.

Tegoshi now ^^ Love the hair. He looked good throughout the DVD as well.

  • The solos! Massu's was pure crack the funniest, with Pumpkin. Yamapi (Gomen ne, Juliet) and Kei-chan's were hot, Shige's was sexy with the sofa and all (but outfit was a little mismatched XD ), Teshi's (Stars) was sweet and I didn't really like Ryo's (Code) =p
  • The modified version of Dreams (towards the end of disc 2) was really touching, with the lyrics changed to incorporate NEWS into it. The members and fans at the concert were crying, and Adele wanted to cry as well. It's good to have NEWS back after their hiatus ^^

  • Kei-chan and Shige look good in glasses ^^
  • I've never really noticed it, but Kei's front tooth (bottom row) is crooked. Cute! ^^
  • Kei-chan and Shige can go really nuts in their hotel room (documentary in Kagoshima XD )
  • One day, if I continue being a Japanese pop culture fan, I might start spouting Engrish (love, in Engrish - rabu; happy birthday, in Engrish - ha pi buff dae [or something along those lines XD ] and 'chu' and 'kissu [kiss]' and 'starto [start]', and 'charm-pi-on [champion]' and 'be heat revolution [lol, I always thought it was bi-ig revolution =p ]' and many, many more XD )
I am so envious of the Taiwanese who get to see NEWS live in Taipei in October.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

[Listening: Saimon San no Rakuen on 98.8 ^^ ]

I'm stuffed XD If you're ever craving for Chinese food/dim sum, or happen to be around the Jaya33 area, do give Oriental Pavilion a try ^^

Oh, and another revelation today. I've discovered that to some extent, I've finally found my KAT-TUN footing. Haha... well, I've been in denial for awhile that I'm actually growing fond of this JE group, but ever since their debut (and I bet not getting an overdose of them on SC helped lots XD ) I've found a lot to like about some of KAT-TUN's songs.

And to think I used to groan every time I heard KAT-TUN's name XD

Oh, and somehow, I've associated my new Guess bag with KAT-TUN =p I guess it's because my bag's kinda bling-bling, and when I think of bling-bling I'll think of KAT-TUN (since they try so hard to be the bad-ass group of JE XD ) and to a further extent, I'll think of KAT-TUN's Real Face.

Actually, I only made the connection today, when I heard Real Face playing on Saimon San no Rakuen and my eyes caught sight of my bag XD

When trials are over, perhaps I'll do a pic-spam post that'll kill any dial-up connection ^^

DATE: November 24, 2007

That's the tentative date for DBSK's Malaysian concert!! It's after finals!! Anyone wants to go with me? XD Haha... perhaps I should just skip prom and save the money to get the best ticket instead =p Nah, just kidding =p

But does anyone want to go with me? ^^ I'll have to go and ask Gary when he's leaving. Hope it's after the 24th and hope that if he goes, and SuJu's there, he'll get water splashed on him again by SuJu XD

P/P/S: Do check out the PV for Wheesung's first single 'Love is Delicious' off his new album. It'll make you feel happy ^^

Saturday, September 22, 2007

[Now playing: Dong Bang Shin Ki - 'O' - Jung.Ban.Hap
via FoxyTunes ]
[Mood: I want to go see DBSK!! ^^ ]

It's funny isn't it? How you thought you disliked a song, but upon listening to it again (well, albeit a better quality version)... it hits you - 'Wow, I like this!'.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I didn't know if I would be going to DBSK's concert when they come to KL later in the year since I didn't even like the title track of the concert's theme/series, but I take that back now.

Fact is, I think I must have heard a very LQ version of O-Jung.Ban.Hap. because now that I've heard a clear, crisp version of the song, I looooove it's uber catchyness! XD

It's an old PV, released a year ago, but since I thought I didn't like the song until a few minutes ago... I just checked the PV out. This one's fan-subbed with English subtitles, and... the lyrics are quite deep and meaningful.

The part at the start where Micky goes "Yo U-Know (Yunho), let's try some noisy beat(sic)" totally cracks me up XD

And... is it just me but does anyone else think that they look better when they first started out? Haha... maybe it's just because I like them looking boyish and innocent, especially Max and Hero. Erm... Hero with blond hair's a little weird in my opinion, and I prefer the old Max where he did not sport avant-garde hair in PVs.

Dance-wise, the guys do a great energy-packed dance in the PV, but it does come off as somewhat weird. Well, perhaps not really weird, but definitely dramatic and avant-garde. Hmm... perhaps avant-garde is one of the themes of the PV =p

Anyway, I can't wait to catch the 5 guys in KL again! =p

So, Gary!!!! I hope you won't be leaving for you-know-where (hehe... I think I better not write it down in case it's a secret =p ) until DBSK's concert is over, so that you can go with me ^^ or that someone will go with me. And *hoping* that finals will be over by then. Ohh... and hope SuJu (or at least some of the sub-groups) are the guest performers again.

DBSK + SuJu would be a total blast! =) but does anyone else think that Girl's Generation or Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace have a higher chance of being brought along? )=
Suggestion of a way to spend the day after a draining Math exam: Shop for 7 hours and 28 mins.

Well, as all SAM-ians know... yesterday which is also known as Friday to you and me XD was the start of trials, and the first paper to kick start the whole "*groan* oh gosh.... Nooo!!!" affair was Math. As SSABSA seems to think students do better in Math EARLY in the morning which is actually true in my case =p and since we're following South Australian exam times... the paper ended at 10.10 am.

And... I took the taxi home for the first time yesterday! Lol, I bet some people *likeaaronyipjunhoeandgaryang* XD are going to think I'm spoilt... but it's just that it was the first time I took a taxi without first calling for one, or without a guy with me as 'bodyguard'. So it was a little scary, as this was just like getting into any random taxi and hoping for the best.

Anyway, upon getting home and having a quick breakfast, we (as in mum, aunt, me and bro) drove down to KLCC for Isetan pre-sale.

It was pandemonium. And to an extent, FUN pandemonium. But... word of advice, never go for a pre-sale with a tired almost-two-year-old =p

The sale was very good, and we mostly spent time on the bags and shoes floor. And I got the Guess bag I was admiring at Parkson some time ago ^^

It's this very chic shopping bag-ish sized bag, with a layer of transparent pvc-ish material on the outside, with the main storage area made of this nice denim-ish material. And there's this cute lock thing at the front as well.

Originally, it was around RM 300+ but after discount, we got it at around RM 185. Mum bought 2 other bags from Guess as well, in preparation for the trip to attend my cousin's wedding in Melbourne next year.

Bags-wise, mum and aunt bought a few more bags from Renoma and Roberta di Camerino.

And shoes! I got this gorgeous pair of Balenciaga gold and black heels which may possibly be my prom shoes. Also, a pretty blue pair of heels to go with jeans and a white pair to wear to college.

It WAS tiring though. My ankles and knees felt so achingly sore afterwards. But another highlight was seeing KL in the evening. It just gives off this very surreal and elegant feel, especially seeing the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers alighted, and the streets of KL strung with twinkling lights.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

[Mood: Caught up in exam fever ]

Yessss... trials are just around the corner... and for ALL subjects, my trial marks are gonna be extremely crucial. Let's do a subject-by-subject analysis.

Accounting Studies: I need to get 6/10% in order to reach B16 for internal. I know... it's not an A17, but considering that I was initially looking at Cs and was expecting high C/low B... to cut a long story short... I've got to get that 6% XD

Economics: Erm... actually, now that the total score is around 100 marks, I'm not sure what percentage I'll need to get A17. But let's just say it should also be higher than 6/10%... and as it's my 2nd best subject... I better get 7% or more

Math, IT and English: These 3 subjects are the grey area ones. In other words, I'm not quite sure where I stand.

Suffice to say, I MUST get as high an A as possible for English. Or else....... >_< Actually, it'll be pretty pathetically amusing to observe me if and when I don't get that A for English after all

For Math, it's 'try to grab as many points as possible'. I guess we're currently looking at D9 or 10 for internal? Yes, it's obvious I can't do Math for nuts =_=

Ms Sue says that I MUST score A-ish marks in IT trials. Hopefully that'll give me a high B and possibly, just possibly, a low A for internal. Actually, I don't really know where I stand in terms of internal assessment for IT. Where are my projects' marks, Ms Sue??

Just for the sake of making me feel better, here's what I want to do after trials. and before starting the whole punishing study regime for finals

  • Watch Never Ending Wonderful Story (assuming it's arrived by then, as it better be should =p )
  • Catch up on NEWS... erm... news XD
  • Watch anime and read shoujo manga ^^
  • Step 1, 2 , 3... I bet there's a dance I'll want to learn up after watching Never Ending Wonderful Story
  • Rewatch Never Ending Wonderful Story? it IS a 2 DVD-disk long concert+documentary which will take a whole lot of time to watch, let alone rewatch XD
It's been 5 days since my Never Ending Wonderful Story was shipped out of Hong Kong.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Type of girl Kei-chan likes... (I'm getting too old for this kind of silly stuff XD )


-You like ramen. (I looove ramen... I heard your family makes my fav ramen really well =p )
-You will wake me up in the morning. (Definitely... I'm a morning person XD )
-Youll make breakfast. (Yessss!)
-Youll eat breakfast with me. (why ever not??!! )
-Youll see me off at the door. (ditto)
-You have your own hobbies. (You bet XD )
-Youll send me lots of e-mails. (I'll use lots of those cute icons too ^^ )
-Youll go out with me. (I'll be crazy not to =p )
-Youll let me talk about my job. (Mmmhmm)
-Youll give me courage to do my job. (I hope )
-Youll tell me what I can improve about my job. (Your acting, kei-chan)
-Youll cry with me (Yup yup... provided it's not some overly sampat thing)
-Youll laugh with me. (ditto... but I do laugh over lots of things, so then again... )
-You have no problems with silences. (I'm glad YOU don't have a problem with silences either)
-Youll go shopping with me. (uh-huh)
-Youll pick out my clothes. (Mmmhmm)
-Youll wear something couple-y. (If it's not tooooo awfully cringe-worthy)
-Youll eat a lot. (I do eat a lo ^^ )
-Youll understand what my job is. (as long as you don't hit on one of those sweet young idols)
-You like hot tea. (I'm a green tea addict XD )
-You have no problems eating garlic. (Erm... actually, I do >_< )
-You like white rice. (white rice's okay I guess)
-You hate tomatoes. (We-ell... I do dislike fresh tomatoes )
-Youll help me wash my car.
-Youve got nice eyes.
-You like the ocean. (I love it ^^ )
-You like the mountains. (I like the scenery =p )
-You can make rice balls.
-You like people with single eyelids. (Erm... if their name is Keiichiro Koyama XD )
-You dont mind having to wake me up twice (Nope, not at all =p )

Hahaha... once in awhile, it's therapeutic to be a silly delusional fangirl XD
Hehe... when browsing my 'Who's viewed You' list today on friendster... I saw a pic of this guy who's name was familiar and who looked familiar too.

My curiosity piqued, I went to his profile, all the while thinking "this guy looks and sounds(name) very familiar... I'm sure I've known him before".

Suddenly, it dawned on me. I went all "It's the guy I had quite a big crush on in form 4!!"

Adele's such an o baka XD It's just that I haven't really thought about him in awhile, and he looks somewhat different now better looking and more Japanese-y definitely XD

And I actually don't know him apart from having been in the same school and Chinese class before XD You see, I've got this thing with guys I don't know that well but just come across often.

Most of the guys I've had crushes on, and even both my ex-bfs before I got to know them better, are guys I rarely speak to. I can't quite define this tendency of mine too, but I guess I'm attracted to the mystery of it all?

So anyway, this guy was in the same after school Chinese class (my BC teacher gabung-ed the classes she taught for the 'ke wai/outside class timetable' BC lessons) and I thought he was kinda cute in the kinda dorky way XD

I guess it's kinda nice when you 'meet again' people you used to (kind of) know and it brings back some pretty fond memories =p

Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Bang's 'Lie' is soooooooo super-duper major awesome!

Hehe... 'Lie' is from Korean hip-hop boy group Big Bang's come-back 1st mini album 'Always', and it's also their latest single. Plus... it was written wholly by Big Bang member G-Dragon ^^ I wonder if the song's for his ex that was stalked by fans?

I just looove the "I'm sorry but I love you" part of the chorus as it's so uber catchy! and it kinda brings back memories since I've used that line before XD

Anyway, the MV is great too! It's so sweet what G-Dragon's character did for his girlfriend. And.. haha... T.O.P, SeungRi and DaeSung are looking HOT! XD

'Lie' live perf =)

Oh, and my Never Ending Wonderful Story is finally on the way! Due to some complications with the billing address that has finally been sorted out (I had to photocopy and then fax a copy of my mum's credit card to Hong Kong)... and YesAsia shipped my order out today at noon! XD

P/S: It's confirmed that DBSK/TVXQ/TVfXQ/Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki (gosh... why do they have so many names? >_< ) will be making a stop in Malaysia (probably in December since Bangkok is around then too, but date for KL's not confirmed yet so don't quote me on this XD ) as part of their 2nd Asian Tour! Malaysian fans rejoice!*throws confetti* ^^ but Adele doesn't know if she's still enough of a fan to want to go since the 'O' album isn't her favourite *runs away* XD

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[Mood : Underslept? As in the opposite of sleeping too much? XD ]

To have slightly more than 2 hours of sleep in 2 days, and still be able to function relatively well is... really good, me thinks (syok sendiri-ing XD ) Except that now... all I want to do is sleep, sleep and have more sleep. And I'm not even the type that likes to catch forty winks! XD

Oh well, I've still got an IT skill test to complete.

And... OMG! I've got to get 46/60 for my Economics trial exam in order to have a 'safer' chance of getting an A in the subject. Currently, I just missed falling into the 'A' bracket... so I've got to work harder. Not to mention the fact that I usually freeze up during important examinations, which really isn't gonna help towards getting those 46 points.

Oh, and I'm in the same group for Math DI as Tat Ren and Dong Yang. Haha... well, I guess it'll be interesting... but there could be a slight disadvantage (or might even be an advantage XD ) as we only number 3 while some other teams have 4.

Now, IT skill test beckons...

P/S: What I owe my teachers:

  • IT skill test & trial exam 2006
  • English hw
  • Accouting Report, Trial 2006
  • Two economics essay from Econs 2006 trial paper
  • I bet there's more only that I can't recall now
Now playing: MONGOL 800 - PART TIME JOB SONG
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

[Listening : Beautiful Girl - Sean Kingston ]
[Mood : Grrr.... *sharpens claws* ]

My server (or something like that) is down... which means NO Internet conenction. This is probably the WORST time to NOT have an Internet Connection since my IT project is not done. And goodness knows what happened to my group mate who's supposed to do the flash stuff and things that my old FrontPage can't do (which is basically almost all the designing stuff).

Gaah!! Everyone's finished or almost finished with theirs while I slug it out at my aunt's house, leeching her connection and trying to figure what I'll need to save for later use. And having an old version of FrontPage (since I'm fossil-ised enough to NOT have a DVD drive) while having utilized the newer version's features at college is NOT FUN!

Yes, I'm in a very bad mood. NOT having an Internet connection complicates things a lot. This means that laaaate tomorrow night (well, call it eaaarly Monday mornign if you prefer), when I'm working on my website and losing sleep (which I'm sure I'll be doing at the rate things are progressing) if I need to get something from the Net, or send/receive stuff to andfrom my group mate... I can't. Which translates to doom.

And I can't even release stress by having a quick room escape game fix >_<

PS: Not everything's bad. I received a comment on Vox today in romanized Japanese. From a fellow Koyama fan. Hehe... somehow, I feel strangely honoured that someone from Japan would leave me a comment in Japanese. That someone in japan would even read all my senseless JE ramblings XD

A nice, sweet comment too... from what I can understand of the message after applying my limited knowledge of Japanese. And she even gave me a 'this is good' (in Japanese too, of course XD). That someone would care toleave me a message even though I don't blog in her native language makes me happy ^^ NEWS fans unite! XD I REALLY should update my Vox more often and do my job as administrator/founder of the JE and NEWS communities there.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I took the plunge. Haha... Yes, my very first time shopping online ^^ But YesAsia's renowned among East Asian goods 'connoisseurs' and stuff, so it should be alright.

Expected delivery date? 21st September. The very first day of trials. Oh well, Adele... you can (although it's more like MUST) resist the temptation to watch the DVD until trials are safely over with! XD

Never Ending Wonderful Story... I'm waiting! ^^
Hmm... Gary figures I won't like the jumping about part of those DDR-like dance machines... but I think I just might, since he doesn't know that I actually like dancing and do practice on my own XD

Hey... I'm not square k? =p

I get my exercise from dancing, hula-hooping and doing stretching exercises to grow taller and become more flexible.

Yes my dear stalkers XDreaders, your's truly likes dancing. And I used to somewhat salsa as well, although I've forgotten all but the most basic salsa moves.

Ja! ^^

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I think I'm seeing stars. From staring too long at the computer screen, not to mention all those harmful rays emitting from that innocuous looking contraption. Well, I certainly am a little more enlightened about poverty in Uganda, Sudan and Zambia. And it's not even my question for economics. Sadly, mine is a long way from completion (I don't have the energy and brainpower to stay up past 2am today)... and I'm kind of playing Russian Roulette and banking on the fact that with 9 others before me, it won't be my turn to present my answers later in the day.

Actually, scrape that. I'm pleading hard that with 7 more people before ANY of my group members will be called upon to present... my whole group will get away tomorrow. Muahahaha. Zeus, I hope this sincerest wish of mine reaches you. Haha... well, you can tell I've been devouring mythology XD

Anyhooo... time for this zombie-fied chocolate-coated ichigo (haha... you know I'm zombie-fied and/or stressed when I'm zoinked enough to start referring to myself as a strawberry =p ) to lie herself down on her field of green grass (bed, of course... what did you think? XD )

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yay! I get to place my order for Never Ending Wonderful Story middle of next week! Yup, I've been given the go-ahead by my mum!

But, this means I probably won't be getting Arashi Around Asia anytime soon (Adele wants!! >_< )

So effectively, I chose NEWS over Arashi. And the fact that I didn't ask dad to scour Singapore for Arashi Around Asia or Arashi's new album Time on my behalf is because... I'm saving that request for NEWS' new album (whenever it is that they'll be releasing one)

Anyway, here's the CM for Never Ending Wonderful Story:
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