Sunday, June 24, 2007

[Mood : Pensive ]
[Listneing : Fight Song - Arashi ]

That is what Adele is going to watch next! ^^ Haha, yup... Proposal Daisakusen! =p Actually, it's still ongoing in Japan, with the last episode airing on Monday. But thanks to great subbers, uploaders and crunchyroll... I'm currently streaming the first episode XD

It's a Yamapi dorama, and his first romance role in awhile. His schedule was really hectic while filming it as NEWS was holding their Spring concert in various parts of Japan, and he even fell sick. So even though it's not as good as NwP and I read that some reviewers in Japan didn't quite like it... I'm gonna watch, enjoy and appreciate Yamapi's efforts. Besides, his acting supposedly improved in this series. That's so sugoii, ya? ^^

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