Tuesday, June 19, 2007

[Mood : Inspired XD ]
[Watching : Nobuta wo Produce Ep. 2 ]

I really, really like NwP! ^^ It's really a very great show ne! The acting's good, the plot's very well fleshed out, and the dialogs (judging from subs) are very well written. But seriously, I can't stress enough that the acting's GOOD! XD

Hehe... Yamapi (Akira), Kame (Shuuji) and Yuto Nakajima (Koji, Shuuji's younger brother) really impressed me, considering that they're Johnny's. Ne, Yamapi's acting used to be really stiff as well, and he 'let go' so much for his role as Akira. Horikita Maki's great as Nobuko as well! She's extremely convincing and there's chemistry between her, Yamapi and Kame. And Yuto Nakajima is adorable as Shuuji's kid brother =p

As Adele wants to direct something someday (muahahahaha) XD, I did notice that the directing and camera angles in NwP's also very good! ^^

One thing I like a lot about J doramas is that they tend to emphasize more on inspirational themes instead of on teary love affairs. Nevertheless, I find that I do tear up when watching J doramas even though deaths, accidents, heartbreaks, etc aren't portrayed as dramatically but rather in a more subtle manner.

Hehe... sorry guys, so much of NwP in my posts lately. Well, another 10 more episodes to go! ^^

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