Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm going to have to take drastic measures and become an insomniac until the wee hours of Monday morning in an attempt (and hopefully not a futile one) to complete my IT database project on time. Right now, it's just about killing me while I try to figure out how in the world of Shige (because he's a genius by JE standards) am I suppose to tie in my sales amount with my stock amount and produce a few neat lines that resemble 'Profit: [Blah]*[Blah]' and not have a dire situation of GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Yup, my sanity is pretty far gone at this stage.

THANK ALL THE GOODNESS I'VE EVER DONE that Alice Academy is a mere half hour away. Half an hour with Mikan and friends might remind me that I'm not the only nut case around XD And shortly after that is Fushigi Yugi. The fact that it's about getting sucked into a book on ancient China, having your best friend hate you, have two absolutely gorgeous guys (including an emperor who looks prettier than you) after your affections (of course, you only love one of them and it's definitely not the vain emperor Hotohori but your very own warrior Tamahome), and from becoming an average not-so-bright schoolgirl to a maiden of something-or-other and possibly the only hope of the country you're protecting does make you realize that hey, perhaps an imbecile database that seems keen to malfunction on you is not at all that bad.

So tata for now, while I fight back the guilt (or not) of spending time unproductively in front of a box (TV) instead of another more intelligent box (the computer). Adieus, mi amigos! And pray with me that my IT project is gonna turn out all right by Monday, preferably with as much sleep as I can get. Repeat after me, daijobou ne! Ganbatte! Fight! XD

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