Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chris a.k.a. Jung Hyung-rok of Battle singing DBSK's Magic Castle. This further cements the fact that his voice is really good, and probably the best in Battle XD

I think this was his audition video to get into the 'Let's CokePLAY Battle Shinhwa' contest, although I'm not too sure about that. It does look very much like a home video. Haha... once again, he looks like a dork but a very lovable one =p

Although Chris does sound a little shaky while singing some parts of the song, most notably the higher pitched notes (DBSK has quite a high vocal range XD ), his rendition of magic Castle is good considering that he was most likely only 14/15 or 16.

I wonder if he likes Love Psychedelico? There's a poster of the band on the wardrobe door XD Love Psychedelico's a Japanese band comprising of two members, and they sing in a mixture of English and Japanese. I'm not really a fan of them, but it's cool if Chris listens to Japanese music ^^

EDIT: I think I'm getting an overdose of Battle XD Gina Choi (another finalist of the Battle Shinhwa com) and Chis are cousins, and I can name at least three of their relations... Hana Choi (Gina's sister), supposedly Brian from Fly to the Sky (an awesome duo/group), this cousin who has a Xanga... and I've seen enough pre and post fame pics of Chris and Gina, and their extended family, to last for a while =p

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