Sunday, June 10, 2007

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I'm turning into a KAT-TUN fan XD Haha... well, not really, but I am finding out that they have some pretty decent songs among all that trash. Gomen ne, KAT-TUN fans, but I really dislike some of their songs. Besides, I heard lots of Johnny's classics through them when they were still Jr's and performed covers of their senpais famous songs on Shounen Club. Gosh, I can't seem to escape from turning my blogs into a Japanese pop culture playground, can I? =p

Oh, Adele is also hooked on the 'Prince of Enka' Kiyoshi Hikawa's Kiyoshi no Soran Bushi. *gasp* Enka?! XD For the uninitiated, enka is traditional sounding Japanese music (think of all those old Chinese songs your parents/grandparents like to listen to) that usually middle aged people listen to. However, a few years ago, Hikawa-san came along and was a breath of much needed fresh air to the enka genre. Due to his young and modern image, his enka songs managed to become mainstream and are well received by the 20-something demographic. Sugoii, right? His story of determination and perseverance is quite inspirational as well ^^

He's hot XD

Haha... the first time I saw him, I went all 'He looks like Toma Ikuta of JE!!' =p Compare for yourself and see. The picture posted above and below are of two different guys.

Toma Ikuta of JE. Doesn't he look like Hikawa-san? ^^

Anyway, the song reminds me of a festival as it sounds really festive and there are those traditional instruments as well. Adele really loves the sound of Japanese drums XD Castanets are also featured in this song. Btw, Soran is Hokkaido's traditional fishing folksong, and Soran Bushi is Hokkaido's traditional fisherman's dance. So Kiyoshi no Soran Bushi essentially means Kiyoshi's Soran Bushi. More information here.



ソーランソーラン ハイハイ

消えて吹っ飛ぶ モヤモヤは
雨で泥濘(ぬかる)む 道なき道も
表通りへ いつか出る
晴れりゃお日様 笑顔をみせる
曇りゃ三日月 エェ顔かくす ヤサエー
エンヤーサーノー ドッコイショ
夢の中なら 肩抱きしめて
好きとはっきり 言えたのに
あの娘可愛いい もぎたてリンゴ
まぶしすぎるよ 片えくぼ
聞いてください エェお月さま ヤサエー
エンヤーサーノー ドッコイショ
ソーランソーラン ハイハイ

雪も流氷(こおり)も 春くりゃ溶ける
夜が明ければ 朝が来る
背筋(せすじ)伸ばせば 遠くが見える
見えりゃ広がる 人生が
涙ひとつぶ 男のいのち
負けて泣くより エェ勝って泣け ヤサエー
エンヤーサーノー ドッコイショ

Hehe... the lines in bold are the best (and catchiest) part of the song XD In Romanji, it's roughly 'Yaren Soran Soran Soran Soran Soran Hai Hai' =p Real fun to sing along to ^^

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