Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Yay! I've finished NwP! Nobuta Power! XD It's truly a very good series, and it's obvious why it dominated the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards. I really like both Shuuji and Akira, and the interaction between Akira and Nobuta. Yamapi's expressions as Akira are soooo cute! Hehe... the way he says and acts Akira SHOCK, Akira Beam, Akira Down, Nobuta Power.... CHUU NYUU!, and Shu-u-ji kun is really adorable ^^

The show's really unpredictable too, and full of twists and surprises thrown in. And it did something Adele loves... it made me cry and smile at the same time ^^ Yasashi! =)

Really wanna watch Kurosagi and Proposal Daisakusen too, but since they're not available on CR, I might go for Bambino or Dragon Zakura. Or I'll just watch Kamikaze Girls (movie) + Be With You which Pei Zhe lent me... and watch NwP all over again XD

Problem with Bambino is that it's still ongoing in Japan (or just ended, not too sure) with only 7 out of 10 episodes on CR, and only 6 are subbed. I'm not a really big fan of MatsuJun, so I don't think I wanna watch an unsubbed version ne. Dragon Zakura has Yamapi and Teppei Koike, and it sounds interesting.

Hehe... if I can't decide, I can go study or read.... or just watch Water Boys 2 again. That's another show I saw on TV and like very much ^^

Anyway, ja ne! Kon! XD

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