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Haha... I don't know what's happening to me, getting all sentimental and stuff XD More than twice now I've teared up while watching anime. Yup, anime. And I normally rarely cry while watching TV. The fist time was Alice Academy. The part where Mr Narumi hands Mikan the letter from her grandfather was so tuching that I couldn't help tear-ing up along with the characeters.

[L>R]Hotaru, Mikan, Natsume and Ruka of Alice Academy ^^

The second time was Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. Granted, that wasn't really something new since it that happened a few years ago too when I watched the original Gensomaden Saiyuki. The Saiyuki series is simply such a touching mix of brawn, humour and raw emotions. Sanzo and co. at times make me laugh out loud at their antics, while at other times they just touch a nerve in me that triggers the tears.

[L>R]Sanzo, Hakkai, Goku and Gyojyo

Hakkai and Sanzo because they're Adele's favs XD

They're one of my all time fav cast of characters (^_~)

And for two episodes in a row, Fushigi Yugi made my eyes moisten. First of all was when Miaka caught the mysterious illness and the only way to save her was (supposedly) to kill her and then resuscitate her. The noble and kind hearted Hotohori volunteered to do it, but in the end he was unable to because he loves Miaka so much. That scene was really touching.

Emperor Hotohori and Miaka. He's such a bishie ^^

Later on, Mitsukake (one of the 7 celestial warrior of Suzaku) had to heal/kill his sweetheart Shoka as she was possessed by a demon. The sad part was that she had already died the year before from the mysterious illness, but she couldn't rest in peace as she had passed away before getting to see Mistukake once more. Thus, she continued to roam the village possessed by the demon.

Mitsukake and Shoka =)

So sad and touching ne. I think what made me cry was due more to the interaction between the characters and the dialogs, rather than the actual concept of the plot. It was also really sad that Miaka couldn't be with Tamahome since he was being held hostage in Kutou.

They make such a cute couple... awww ^^

Miaka and her 7 Celestial Warriors. btw, they're all guys except Miaka XD

On a lighter note, chapter 10 of Rockin' Heaven is really sweet ^^ Sawa finally confessed to Ran! To cut a long story short, they found themselves alone at the beach and Sawa asked Ran who was the girl he likes. Ran instead asked her who was the one that she likes. And Sawa said 'I love you'. Haha, yeah... it's typical shoujo manga fare but Rockin' Heaven has so many bishies and the art is so pretty, though less shading would be nice XD

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