Sunday, June 24, 2007

[Fav Phrase : Hallelujah Chance XD ]
[Watching : Proposal Daisakusen Ep 1 Part 2 ^^ ]


I'm in love with this site XD It's the English version of Japanese Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion brand Metamorpose's webbie. The website design is motto kawaii, and quite a few of the fashion designs are lovely ^^

But the prices... suicide ne!

I've love Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Sweet Lolita styles as well since hearing of Kamikaze Girls, but their prices are even worse than Metamorphose ne! =_= A dress is thousand plus, and bags a few hundred. My mum's designer Balenciaga bag cost less than some of BTSSB's.

Sigh... Lolita fashion sure is an expensive hobby XD

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