Thursday, July 02, 2009

I first got to know of this contest through my friend Bernie, a dear ex-classmate of mine, as her design is one of those in competition currently. (entry #26, it's real cute and cheeky, typical Bernie ^^ )

However, apart from being a bag print design contest, this is essentially a breast cancer awareness movement from gin & Jacqie, supported by Emmagem and various other corporate sponsors.

Sadly, as a young women myself, and having lost an aunt 5 years ago to breast cancer, I'm one of those people who do not take enough measures to be proactive against the big C.

I've seen the devastating effects with my own eyes - mastectomy, loss of confidence, hair loss and overall weak health, among other complications caused by breast cancer.

Yet, all these thoughts are pushed aside by the assumption that breast cancer is a middle-age concern. It doesn't happen to a 19 year old.

However, each step now is a step forward to protect the future self of the 19 year old. Plus, I've got other female relatives whom I can't bear to see them go through the pain and turmoil of breast cancer, or any other form of cancer.

Thus, I really appreciate the the contest website has links to breast cancer awareness sites, as well as true stories from cancer survivors and caregivers.

Having the design contest is a push in the right direction, as it promotes breast cancer awareness among youths who will grow up to be the next generation of survivors and warriors against the life-claiming disease.

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