Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Strawberry.Bytes

To be honest, I couldn't really decide what to include in this edition's Weekend S.B., but after some thought... this week's theme is Dave Days' parodies! ^^

Q: What are parodies?
A: In this case, parodies poke fun - or comment on - an original piece of music.

Q: Who is Dave Days@davedays?
A: He's a (cute XD ) amateur comedian/musician on YouTube, who sings and also does - funny! - parodies.

Q: Why is Dave Days gaining momentum on YouTube?
A: Dave is acknowledged by his fanbase for his humour, love of Miley Cyrus, distinctive green shirt, (some say) good looks, singing voice, and his bond with another YouTube amateur comedian - Chris Carter@iamchrisc, who regularly appears in his videos.

Q: Which Dave Days parodies should I watch?
A: Adele personally likes...

Miley Cyrus - 7 Things Parody

To fully appreciate the song, get lyrics here

Beyonce - If I Were A Girl Parody

Lyrics here

Like what you see/hear? :)

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