Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raise your hands, fellow hallyu fans who agree with me that Lee Jun Ki is one of the sexiest Koreans on the face of the Earth XD

This guy sings (quite decently XD ), acts (love his acting ^^ ) and manages to look prettier than the gals. His character in 'My Girl' was so sweet as well. If I were Joo Rin (female lead character in My Girl), I'll jump at the chance to go out with Jun Ki's character XD

Not convinced? =p Well, pictures speak louder than words. So here goes:

Hehe... there's cute Jun Ki, cool Jun Ki, killer-stare Jun Ki, dreamy Jun Ki, don't-I-look-adorable Jun Ki and 'love' Jun Ki =p

Anyway, I guess this qualifies as my long overdue pic spam post as well? ^^

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