Monday, October 08, 2007

Ah... I messed up again. I probably didn't seem very interested, I bet. Giving out all the wrong signs. Aaaargh!

But... it's absurd, isn't it, how someone can make you feel both so happy as well as crushed and anxious? I saw him today. Once again, when I least expected it. Well, Adele was a very glum girl today as both on Friday as well as this morning, I didn't get to see him.

Fortunately (or perhaps he planned it to be so, but I'm not jumping to conclusions and risk being labeled as perasan) ... I caught a glimpse of him as I was walking to wait for my mode of transport home.

He was there with his friend (I think they go back together) but at that time, silly me thought "Oh, so I'll get to see more of him later" and (curse my heels) I had to navigate my way through the parked cars as well the gratings covering the many drains in SS15 and I was shy as well, so I didn't really pay him much attention.

But.......... well, things don't always turn out the way you think it would ne.......... and I did NOT get to see more of him later.

Sigh.... that's always the problem with me. I hesitate 90% of the time when it comes to the guys I like. And even if I suspect the guy might feel the same way about me, I always have an argument ready to convince myself that he doesn't, and that I'm making a big fool out of myself.

Oh well........ pleeease kwr gun vw ib rgw vya rinieeiq niebubf?

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