Monday, October 22, 2007

[Listening : Savannah Woman - Wheesung (Groovy! ^^ ) ]
[Mood: Stressed ]

Whee! I seem to have some after finals plans. Tentatively, I'll be catching up with Bee (yes girl, it's been ages since we last spoke to each other let alone meet) and with the Samad gang XD

Anyway, I know my blog is kinda perpetually devoid of piccus (I'm trying my hand at annoyingly kawaii spelling XD ) - especially of the personal variant - so here are some.

At Auli's Raya open house. Bernie, Wye Luun, Ayub Hadi (only part of him though =p ), Nurin, moi, and Gary. Pic's very somewhat dark, but you can still make us out... I hope XD

Click Click (a.k.a. sorry, but I just love posing in my kebaya)

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