Friday, September 28, 2007

[Watching: Attention Please! ^^ ]

Minna-san, I think I've found one of my favourite doramas this year. I tried searching for Yamada Taro Monogatari, but since no streaming site had the complete series uploaded, I ended up watching Attention Please! ... and... so far it seems like a great series!

Hehe... Aya Ueto is so kawaii in it, and Ryo-tan is in it too! Nah, I didn't choose to watch the series because Ryo was in it (like how I always choose doramas with JE idols in them XD ), but because the plot sounded interesting and the theme song's by Kaela Kimura =p

The show's about Misaki Youko, a tomboyish and unconventional Cabin Attendant (Flight Stewardess) trainee. Ryo plays an aircraft mechanic/engineer (is that what you call them?) who (so far) seems like he would rather be a pilot.

Anyway, still watching now. More on this sugoku series later.

Ja ne!

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