Sunday, September 23, 2007

[Listening: Saimon San no Rakuen on 98.8 ^^ ]

I'm stuffed XD If you're ever craving for Chinese food/dim sum, or happen to be around the Jaya33 area, do give Oriental Pavilion a try ^^

Oh, and another revelation today. I've discovered that to some extent, I've finally found my KAT-TUN footing. Haha... well, I've been in denial for awhile that I'm actually growing fond of this JE group, but ever since their debut (and I bet not getting an overdose of them on SC helped lots XD ) I've found a lot to like about some of KAT-TUN's songs.

And to think I used to groan every time I heard KAT-TUN's name XD

Oh, and somehow, I've associated my new Guess bag with KAT-TUN =p I guess it's because my bag's kinda bling-bling, and when I think of bling-bling I'll think of KAT-TUN (since they try so hard to be the bad-ass group of JE XD ) and to a further extent, I'll think of KAT-TUN's Real Face.

Actually, I only made the connection today, when I heard Real Face playing on Saimon San no Rakuen and my eyes caught sight of my bag XD

When trials are over, perhaps I'll do a pic-spam post that'll kill any dial-up connection ^^

DATE: November 24, 2007

That's the tentative date for DBSK's Malaysian concert!! It's after finals!! Anyone wants to go with me? XD Haha... perhaps I should just skip prom and save the money to get the best ticket instead =p Nah, just kidding =p

But does anyone want to go with me? ^^ I'll have to go and ask Gary when he's leaving. Hope it's after the 24th and hope that if he goes, and SuJu's there, he'll get water splashed on him again by SuJu XD

P/P/S: Do check out the PV for Wheesung's first single 'Love is Delicious' off his new album. It'll make you feel happy ^^

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