Monday, August 06, 2007

Aah... the decisive moment in life when you will have to decide on your next course of action regarding tertiary education.

So many choices, and yet so many limiting factors right? I 'm pretty much undecided on what I actually want to major in.. and even which institutes of higher education I'll apply for. But by hook or by crook, I've got to at least have a solid blueprint of my educational future by this Friday as *ta-da*... this Saturday is Taylor's Placement Day (or something like that) and my dad has (un)fortunately made a date with me to visit college on that day.

Actually, I DO know what I want to pursue *coughfilmstudies&ancienthistorycough* but since it's been vetoed by my concerned parents... that leaves:

Law (since I like to debate, argue and find loopholes XD )
Business Administration (so I can one day have my all-in-one Japanese concept store - Happy Berry - and cozy cafe ^^ )
Mass Comm (journalism perhaps? Or PR, although I write better than I speak =p )
English (but this is really one of the last options adey)

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