Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sorry... didn't mean to make back to back posts... but.... just had to after discovering something XD

There's going to be major fangirling, so be warned *wink*

Well, you know you're out of tune with the world of JE (esp Johnny's Jr.) when you see a new unit that apparently everyone in JE fandom is talking about and all you can do is stare blankly at the surnames of half the group members, trying to dig deeper into your memory to recall if you've ever heard of them before...

Turns out that I have (recognized the kanji for their names) but... but... I can't say I've ever paid much attention to most of them. Hey!Say!7! (Johnny's has a penchant for weird name ne, but this is in my opinion one of the better ones XD ) is Nakajima Yuto, Takaki Yuya, Arioka Daiki, Chinen Yuuri and Yamada Ryosuke's new Johnny's Jr unit and there has been much speculation that they could be debuting sooner or later. Why? First of all, there's been an unusually large amount of attention showered on them, and they've released a single (but not a debut single) as their songs Hey!Say! and BON BON are the OP and ED for the Lovely Complex anime.

They might not be the first to have a non-debut single (Yax3 did that in 2002, and they've yet to debut) but Johnny's might have big plans for them from what I've read. Yuto's already a rising star in JE with impressive credentials, and his performance in Nobuta wo Produce was really good... so he's probably one of the current forerunners for a major debut. Besides, now with KAT-TUN having debuted, it's anyone's guess whether one of the current units will be given their debut or will Johnny's shuffle the members of the various units to form a new debut group (like they did with NEWS).

So far, I would say that H!S!7 do have the looks, their vocals by Johnny's standards are not bad and they're around the age (13/14-17 years) where Johnny's might seriously consider grooming them for debut. If they do though, it'll cause as much uproar as when NEWS debuted because it'll mean the end for some Jr units (K.K.Kity and 4Tops after NEWS debuted). Personally, which Jr unit gets to debut doesn't really affect me that much anymore as.... I'm starting to feel too old for Johnny's Jr. Even in H!S!7... there are only 2 members above the age of 16. The whole point of the name Hey!Say! 7 is that all members were born in the Heisei era (1990 onwards) and the unit was formed in 2007. 17 and 16 is still alright to me, but when a Jr's younger than 14... you start to feel like a pedophile XD

Anyway, pics time ^^

Chinen Yuuri (2nd from left) has.... grown XD Haha... the last time I saw him he still had a cute baby-face. Yuto as well, looks more mature now =]

Chinen, Yamada, Nakajima, Takaki, Arioka. All of them look pretty cute here esp Takaki, and except Arioka =p

And... well, the single is typical genki Johnny's that's why JE fangirls like JE in the first place... and perhaps even more so since the voices of some of the younger ones have yet to break (notably in I wo Kure), but Adele loves the single ^^

I really have to go watch Lovely Complex ^^ Hehe... first TegoMasu did great OP (Kiss ~ Keaerimichi no Love Song) and ED (Kimi+Boku=Love?) themes for it, and now there's Hey!Say! and BON BON. There's been somewhat of a switch though. Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song was a slower, more laid-back OP while Hey!Say! starts things off fast, and ends the series on a slower & sweeter note with BON BON. But as with TegoMasu, I actually prefer the ED theme.

Lol... it's like they decided to re-use the sets and props from Shuuji to Akira's Seishun Amigo, and merge it with NewS Nippon's space-ship/white bubble concept XD There's some bad choreographing thrown in as well. But the MV's quite cute since they all look so chibi in it except Takaki who's quite tall. Definitely reminds me a lot of News Nippon and Seishun Amigo though =)

Further reading:!_Say!_7 (pretty entertaining read =p ) funny comments towards the end ^^ )

P/S : Adele can finally have her little sips of wine (i'm a good girl =p usually it's just little sips, unless it's like at Aunty Joyce's party and I had three different types) and not feel guilty in a few days' time.... Muahaha... not that I'm going to turn all Drew Barrymore and become alcoholic la XD

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