Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whee! This Friday's episode of Music Station was great! I (kinda) hate to say this, but I really do think I'm becoming a KAT-TUN fan? XD

performance on MS totally blew me away. I have to admit that their latest single Yorokobi no Uta is infectiously catchy.

Back to the perf, is it just me or is Junno trying extremely hard to be all wild and rocker-ish? The rather sadly funny thing is he still looks so sweet and good guy-ish that his attempts are somewhat comical. I know, I'm so mean, but the more I scrutinize KAT-TUN, the more it dawns on me that... Junno is in the wrong Johnny's group. And OMG! Ueda could pass of as a girl! The uninitiated could easily wrongly assume the group has 3 girls in it - Ueda, Jin and Kame =p

Anyway, I really like the way they incorporated trains into Yorokobi no Uta. Question? look and sound good as well, kudos to them! JE's resident band's really coming along quite nicely. Overall, it's was a good performance despite Junno's over-enthusiastic rocker antics,and in a way he does look quite adorable (but annoying) jumping around ^_~

Oh, and I caught a short preview of next week's show and guess what? Kanjani 8 *squeal* are on it XD Hehehe... their costume is seriously ugly though, even by JE standards. Well, it isn't as bad as the bright red lunatic asylum clown's uniform Arashi wore at their concerts not too long ago, but it's pretty much as horrid. I'll try focusing solely on their heads when it's time to tune in to their perf on the coming episode of MS XD

Namie Amuro's performance of Hide and Seek on HEY!x3 ^^ As usual, her style is stunning, especially the jodhpurs and boots look. The clip is low quality so it's not really noticeable that she's actually dancing and strutting around in insanely high heels. I think they're easily at least 4 inches! Anyone who can dance wearing such shoes deserve at least an iota of acknowledgment =p

P/S: Kyohei Kaneko's (ex-FLAME) album Rise has some really great songs on it! He's kind of disappeared off the radar for International fans ever since he left FLAME, the Vision Factory produced boyband he gained fame with. Undeniably, he's gifted with a soothing voice which suits the smooth R&B/Hip-Hop style he adopts. Personally, I've really like Kyohei's voice since FLAME-days, especially when he made Truly into such a hauntingly beautiful song. Doesn't hurt that he reminds me of se7en as well ^^

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